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Web Application 101: Secrets to Build Scalable Web Apps

By Joey Ricard - September 15, 2021


Tips to build high performing and scalable web applications - Klizo Solutions

Building a scalable and high-performance web application development is challenging because there are so many factors to consider. The success of your application can seem like a dream come true, but the app might not hold the resources to deliver a great user experience as it grows in popularity. 

But the good news is that you can avoid common pitfalls that lead to a poor user experience and wasted resources by following the best practices that we are going to cover in this article. 

So, read below to find what you can do to ensure your web app performs well. It is time to end poor performance on your web applications and start building out applications that will keep customers coming back for more.


Top 10 practices to build better web applications


web application development- Klizo Solutions


#1 Analyze requirements


Find out the function of your web app and how it would look. Ensure that the requirements are filled. And once you get the idea of the full scope of the requirements, you can move forward towards the remaining web app development process. You can include stakeholders and your team in this phase to boost the process.


#2 Use a feasible tech stack


Whether your company uses WAMP/LAMP stacks, XAMPP, or other web server platforms, you should use a technology stack that your company finds feasible. Use a hardware-based load balancer if you want to ensure compatibility. Also, make sure that the app works efficiently for your users too. There are plenty of plug-ins available if you use a database other than MySQL. 


#3 Feasible code architecture


You should know by now that deciding how to structure your application is a critical part of developing a maintainable and scalable codebase. It includes analyzing the functionality that your app provides and how users interact with it. You could either choose a vertical or a horizontal scaling architecture. Or you can choose the one that can scale both horizontally and vertically.


#4 App scalability should be your prime focus


The meaning of scalability is to design your app in a manner that handles the highest levels of traffic. Your web app performance will degrade if you block access to the database during high usage, so ensure that your application remains available during these times.

You need to build an app that can scale to meet customer demands and enhance its performance without increasing complexity.


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#5 Use the best security practices


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You might already know, there is not a single way to achieve total security because there are multiple unforeseen circumstances that can occur at any time. But there are some methods you can implement to reduce the chance of running into security issues of your web app. 

The front line of defense against threat actors or hackers is a good firewall. You might already know that a fireball prevents/block anyone outside your firm from accessing the application. Another essential security practice is configuring the user directory so your web app can check for and update the user information in real-time.


#6 Best development team delivers the best outcome


Web app development - Klizo Solutions


Ensure that your organization’s development team is suitable and possesses the skill sets necessary to carry out the project. If you do not have an expert team of app developers, then hire one.

These teams will support your applications and fix all the bugs that may arise. Your development team is the best if they are self-sufficient and able to manage their tasks and increased workloads. You can think of outsourcing your app development project also. 


#7 Follow standards, coding guidelines, and conventions


Best conventions and coding standards will transform your code and make them easier to maintain and more readable. There are multiple guidelines and coding conventions that you can use. They may include the ones published by the CodeIgniter Framework or PHP WhatsApp Foundation. Trust me when I say that these are worth following because they include best practices that ensure your code is easy to maintain and read.


#8 Think like the user


You should not think about how your app looks and works, but you should always consider how users will use your app. For example, if you built an app with a contact form, think about what you want users to do. Like when they use your app for making new contracts, transferring the existing ones, and vice versa.


#9 Network Infrastructure Optimization for Application Performance


As several servers share a single low-latency network, the network layer gets overlooked in virtualized setups. However, it is critical to review and optimize the network settings in this context for performance.

Data can be cached across servers using network-aware database systems like Memcached or Redis. As traffic gets pushed across the web to travel around the caches, the data might become stale. Or it might even cause a network bottleneck.

You can keep track of what is being cached and avoid traffic bottlenecks by setting these caching systems to use as much memory as possible (and removing superfluous interfaces).


#10 Concentrate on Application Testing


It is time to test the web application after development is complete. You can use mock users to test how well your application operates when there is a lot of traffic. You may accomplish this with a load testing tool like, which allows you to test and explore your application under a realistic load pattern and simulate various scenarios.

Assume you are testing a legacy or existing application. In this case, you should utilize a legacy testing tool like JMeter to ensure that the application functions well across all implementations. Keep in mind that if your software is not scalable, the increased traffic may cause real-user performance to suffer. 


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Wrapping Up


Let’s be honest! It is not super easy to create high-performance web applications. There are several approaches to this, but the most important thing is understanding your data and the process you wish to optimize. It is possible to create a high-performance web application, but you need to understand how data is stored and maintained. And you also need to be aware of the frequent reasons that can cause performance issues.

Finding developers in your company who are interested in increasing the performance of their applications is a great place to start. Another place to begin is to ask yourself, “What does the customer want?” This question will assist you in resolving your specific issue and allocating your funds to have the most impact. Validating your app idea before developing it will help you understand the market demands. 

Klizo Solutions will offer you the most feasible solutions and support for your web application requirements. 

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