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Mobile Application Development Support and Management Services

By Joey Ricard - September 4, 2020



Already got a mobile app for your business? Great!

It honestly feels wonderful when you see your idea has turned into a successful business mobile app. Time, effort, monetary investment – everything is involved in this entire mobile app development process. So, it feels good when you see users are enjoying your app.

Now, for how long users are going to use your app? A few days? Or months? Or years? Do you have a definite answer to it? No, right? Also, there is the frustration of increasing app abandonment rate!




Source: Localytics


Why do users abandon a mobile app?


Well, the possible reasons can be many!


  • Maybe the application crashes frequently
  • Maybe it performs very slowly
  • Maybe there are too many ads in the app
  • The list of sign-up requirements is too long
  • Other available free applications offering the same services as your app and more.


These are some of the most common reasons why people usually abandon mobile apps. 


The Secret to a Successful App in Long-run: Mobile Application Development Support and Management


Now, surely you do not want your app to suffer from the same consequences mentioned above, right? 

This is why you need to take care of the support and managed services for your business app even after it is released on different platforms and available in the market for download. 

Yes, to ensure your app secures a good position on the chart and delivers an amazing user experience consistently, it needs support and managed services from the experts. It ensures your mobile app’s long-term success. And at Klizo Solutions, we do that for our clients. 


Key Factors in Ensuring App’s Long-term Success




See, an app becomes successful when it addresses the pain points of the end-users. Your app is supposed to offer a solution to some real user problems. This is something to be concerned about at the earlier stage of mobile app development when you validate your app idea. 

But when the app is all set and already released in the market, several other factors influence the long-term success of the application. 


Consistent App Updates


The end-users are the ones who can give you a better review of your app. So, when you have already released your app, you need to start collecting user feedback and analyzing it.

How does that help in providing consistent app updates? Well, this feedbacks will help you to take note of the points where your application lacks. Accordingly, you can push your dev team to make things better and for further enhancements. 

All these app enhancements and improvements are released through consistent app updates. The consistency in the app update process will help you to meet your users’ evolving requirements. Each update release would add some value to your application making it more advanced, reliable, and user-loving. 


Making Sure the Mobile App Supports Latest Hardware and Software


“Change is the only constant” – this proverb is true to its best when we talk about technology! 

The frequent OS update release is not a new thing for platforms like iOS or Android. Now, imagine your app failing to run seamlessly on the upgraded or updated OS version!

Would people still invest money in that app? No, right? That’s why you need to make sure your application not only supports the latest OS versions but also runs on it without getting crashed! 


Don’t Let the Bugs Bug Your Mobile App, Fix it Timely


How can you expect your users to be patient with your app when it crashes frequently! You may have ignored a minor bug initially. But you should know that a massive crash can happen as a result of an excessive number of minor bugs in the application. 

So, why give your users another reason to abandon the app, better fix the bugs timely. Even when your app is released and running flawlessly for days, you need to keep monitoring its performance. 

Also, regular and timely bug fixing can help you to avoid huge costs involved with fixing a major crash. 


How Klizo Solutions Can Add Value to Your Mobile App and Business?


Now that you know how to ensure your app’s long-term success, let us tell you how we can help you to achieve that. 

Our mobile application management services allow companies to support their mobile apps, even after the product is launched. 

We house a team of skilled mobile app developers, professional app testers for top-notch Quality Assurance, and dedicated experts to manage the code repository. 


We are experts in


  • Repository Control
  • Track app release information for different versions
  • Testing new builds before the release
  • Verify the stability of the app
  • Compatibility verification
  • Code repairs on crashes or bugs
  • Give insight reports


We understand that businesses need a dedicated team that can manage the code, ensure the app stays up-to-date. We can be a great help in doing the same by providing you with a team of professionals. 

We can either help to secure the code from the current development team, or even work along with that development team, to ensure there is more support on the project development. 

We can do a knowledge transfer with the teams, make sure our development team completely understands the logic and code, and we record and document everything so that we can help in managing the further app updates. 


Klizo Solutions - Contact Us


At Klizo Solutions, we help clients to scale their development requirements or have a larger development support team at a pocket-friendly budget compared to the cost of hiring the entire team for full-time. Thus, clients can allocate smart funding and continue to market and grow with the product itself. 

Get in touch with us for smart business development.

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

Klizo Solutions was founded by Joseph Ricard, a serial entrepreneur from America who has spent over ten years working in India, developing innovative tech solutions, building good teams, and admirable processes. And today, he has a team of over 50 super-talented people with him and various high-level technologies developed in multiple frameworks to his credit.