Guide 101: Apple’s New iOS 14 Features, Release Date, Compatible Devices List

By Klizos Contributor - August 31, 2020


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Apple is all set to introduce and bring iOS 14 in the limelight this year. Are you feeling pumped up? 

Well, why won’t you be! After all, Apple’s yearly update to their iOS software is something that everyone eagerly awaits. 

Be it enhancements like tweaking the interface or patching security bugs or simply introducing numerous amazing features for free, Apple’s iOS updates take the user experience of an Apple product to a whole new level.

So, what’s new in iOS 14 features? What are the enhancements in its feature set? Find out every detail here. 


Tentative iOS 14 Release Date

iOS 14 features

Image Credit: Apple

You are thrilled for sure to see the latest iOS 14 features on iPhones and iPods, true. Well, you have to wait a few more days to experience it though. As announced by Apple in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the iOS 14 features and enhancements are going to be available this Fall.

Though the iOS beta version for developers is already out in the market since 22nd June, which is indeed good news for any iOS app development agency or iOS app developers. The final iOS 14 updated version will be available for everyone in September. 


The Long-Awaited iOS 14 Features

The iOS 14 update which is believed to be Apple’s biggest update to date, is not only about new major features but also about many amazing enhancements of existing features and fine adjustments. Here’s a sneak peek into the upcoming features just for you.



iOS 14 features widgets

Image Credit: Apple

Widgets are not anything new on iOS. But till now, they have always been in the Today screen in the form of full-width boxes in a vertical list. With iOS 14, the widget experience is going to completely change. And the change is not for just better but for something even greater.

Here is how much overhauling the widget experience can be:

  • New widgets will have more info than before.
  • They will be available in a bunch of new sizes.
  • They can be easily dragged onto the home screen from the ‘Today’ view.
  • The presence of ‘Smart Stack’ will let you swipe through all the commonly used widgets.
  • ‘Smart Stack’ will also show the widgets that the user is likely to require. Isn’t it cool! 


Siri Interface

iOS 14 features-Siri Interface

Image Credit: Apple

It’s time to bid adieu to the full-screen takeover by Siri, Apple’s smart assistant. Wait, don’t be emotional, because the new Siri interface can be a lot more fun. With iOS 14, Siri is going to have certain enhancements such as:

  • Triggering Siri in iOS 14 will show a colorful Siri ‘blob’ or icon right at the bottom of your screen.
  • Results fetched by Siri will appear in the form of rich notification right at the top of your display.
  • The improvised Siri will remember previous queries or tasks.
  •  In iOS 14, Siri will be more conversational than ever.



iOS 14 features - messages


The iOS 14 will add some major features to Messages which is already believed to be one of the crucial apps that Apple has in its arsenal.

  • Pinning up as much as nine conversations will be possible right at the top of your chat feed.
  • You will now be able to see the images of everyone who is there in a group conversation.
  • Replying to messages in-line will be there too. This chat thread option is undoubtedly great in maintaining context.
  • With iOS 14, you can even set Messages to notify you only when you are mentioned which is excellent.


App Library

iOS 14 features - app library

Image Credit: Apple

Except for the minor changes over time, the home screen that was introduced on the original iPhone for the first time, never really had any major modification. The untouched home screen is all about a place for downloaded apps and square grids for launching any app. But with iOS 14, Apple’s home screen will get a new App Library which focuses on improving home screen customization.

  • No need to delete or hide an app; now you can remove an app from your home screen and put it into the App Library.
  • Moving an app to the App Library will require only a right-most screen swipe.
  • The App Library will sort all the removed apps by their category; while the search bar at the top will let you find all the installed apps arranged in alphabetical order.


App Clips

iOS 14 features - app clips

Image Credit: Apple

This new App Clip feature that Apple is planning to launch in their iOS 14, targets to erase the complexities of using certain commerce apps. Yes, this functionality will let you use apps without downloading the entire app or hefty files.  Usually, a user has to download a complete app, then sign in proceed with entering eth payment information to use it. But with app clips, you will be able to use certain features of an app without downloading them from the App Store.

With App Clip, you will also be able to download a full app; no need to go to the App Store anymore.


Picture in Picture

iOS 14 features - picture-in-picture

Image Credit: Apple

The picture-in-picture feature was primarily available on iPads. However, with iOS 14, this functionality is not only going to be a lot better but also is coming to iPhones. 

  • Now with picture-in-picture, you will be able to use any app while watching a video.
  • Even when you are in the middle of a movie or tv show, you will be able to reply to your messages without having to stop the video.
  • While on a FaceTime call, you will be able to swipe back to your home screen where the video you were watching will be in a small box.
  • Moving the video box around or swiping it off to the side into a tiny tab can also be possible.


Privacy & Security

To expose and block more trackers from the iOS level, Apple often introduces security measure updates. We all know how concerned Apple has always been about its user privacy. So, iOS 14 is expected to bring some pretty impressive security and privacy features, which are:

  • All apps must first have to obtain user permission before they start to track a user.
  • No more sharing your exact location with apps; now the upcoming privacy and security feature will allow you to share only your approximate location.
  • There will be a lot more transparency on when an app uses your phone’s camera and microphone.
  • More smart notifications will be there every time the microphone, clipboard, or camera will be used by any app.
  • Safari is getting more secure.  On the Safari web browser, now you will be able to see all the ad trackers that are attached to you while you are browsing the web.
  • The App Store will also show you all the privacy details of an app before you download it.


Other Enhancements and Features

iOS 14 features - carplay

Image Credit: Apple

Well, there’s more! Apple’s iOS 14 will bring along some other changes and enhancements as well. Here is a quick look at some of those:

  • There will be the Emoji search within your keyboard.
  • FaceTime eye correction will likely return.
  • There will be more automated smart home controls.
  • A standardized version of digital car keys will be there (for a compatible car only).
  • Maps will be getting some improvements too.
  • Better character customization will be there for Memoji with 20 new head-wear and hairstyles.
  • A new translate app will also be there that will not only support 11 languages but also work offline.


iOS 14 Compatible Device List


iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE (1st generation)
iPhone SE (2nd generation)
iPod touch (7th generation)


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