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eCommerce Website Development During COVID-19

By Joey Ricard - August 28, 2020


eCommerce website development during Covid-19

Believe it or not but Covid-19 has left no industry untouched. More or less almost every industry globally has been hit pretty much severely from the Covid blow. But the same cannot be said for eCommerce as this particular business model has not only exploded but witnessed record spikes in sales during the Covid pandemic. 

Keeping the social distancing factor in mind, online sales have surged. And more and more businesses are showing great eagerness to reach their customers online, i.e. through eCommerce website development services. 

It may sound a bit odd, but Covid-19 has indeed created a great opportunity for business owners to capitalize on eCommerce. 


New Opportunities in The Ecommerce Space


eCommerce website development during covid-19 2


The fear of contracting the coronavirus through in-store shopping has led people to opt for online shopping which resulted in many opportunities for businesses in the eCommerce landscape. 

It’s not only we who are saying this, but market studies across the world are pointing to this fact too. For example:


  • While the global retail market is expected to drop by 5.7% due to the Covid outbreak; the online shopping of clothing is already 76.7% up.
  • The growth for grocery shopping has continued since the outbreak of the pandemic. From May to June alone, online grocery sales have increased by almost 9%. 
  • For handcrafted or homemade goods, like masks, the sales have increased by 91% since during the first six months of 2020.


Getting back at the many eCommerce opportunities that Covid-19 has resulted in, below are some of the major ones:


The Development of New Markets


Those who previously never opted for online shopping have adopted online shopping as a measure to prevent the risks of Covid contraction and further Covid spread. And it’s indeed good news for online retailers. 


The Increase in Online Shopping


During the early stages of the COVID outbreak, the utter necessity of avoiding all outside contacts has resulted in increased online shopping. Yes, whether it’s grocery items or any non-grocery item, around a 42% increase in overall online shopping has been witnessed already. Even the desire for trying new brands online is being observed in consumers.


The Dependency on Online Shopping


As a result of social distancing measures, more and more people are trusting and developing complete reliance on online purchasing. 

Though in many areas, relaxations on physical distancing have been witnessed, but no one knows what the future holds. Hence, the dependency that people are developing on online shopping is believed to stay even though social distancing would be no longer a necessity. 


Changes in The Consumer Attitude


eCommerce website development during covid-19


Covid has drastically changed the shopping behavior of people. Be it what they buy, or how they buy or when they buy, as a result of people avoiding public places and non-essential businesses ordered to close down, online shopping and bulk-buying have become the customer’s present shopping preference.

If you think that these overnight changes in shopping behavior in consumers have happened based on only generation gaps; then you might be wrong.  Because the consumer attitude also has changed depending on gender.

For example, the percentage of men and women about how much they are spending on products and experiences has also changed dramatically post Covid-outbreak. According to recent reports, more men are preferring frequent online shopping than women. Yes, where around 24% of men are more frequently shopping online; when it comes to women the percentage is only 18%. 


online shopping


To avoid in-store shopping the number of male consumers has gone higher than female consumers. Even men have been found to opt for subscription services, curbside pickup, and buy-online-pickup-in-store options more than women. For example, where 22% of men are opting for curbside pickup and 31 % for BOPIS to avoid in-store environments, only 15% of women choosing curbside pickup and 28% BOPIS. 


Various Challenges in The Ecommerce Space


The eCommerce growth that has propelled due to the Covid outbreak, comes with some challenges as well. Considering the changes in the consumer attitude and expectations and the changing business environment, the eCommerce space is likely to face some challenges such as:


  • Sudden huge increase in demands for online goods.
  • More people looking for more suitable payment options.
  • With new players coming in, intense competition to hold the eCommerce ground.
  • Increased risks of online fraudulent activities.
  • And not to forget, managing the huge website traffic.


Ways of Dealing with Probable Ecommerce Challenges


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The challenges that the Covid outbreak has created for businesses looking forward to venturing into the eCommerce space can be prevented and dealt with with the help of professional eCommerce website development services. The better your eCommerce site or store will be built; the greater will be its chances of overcoming the challenges. 

The need to minimize outdoor contact as much as possible has made more and more people go for online purchasing of almost everything, be it essential stuff or everyday items. 

Here are some of the features that an eCommerce store must have to enjoy the benefits out of the opportunities created by the Covid-19 outbreak.


  • Easily accessible by everyone
  • Must offer a seamless user experience
  • A secure and smooth checkout process
  • Multiple safe payment gateways
  • Fast loading and responsive
  • Make sure, your eCommerce site is capable of taking the load of increased traffic.
  • Your eCommerce site must offer the necessary user data protection.
  • It needs to have relevant content, impressive eCommerce website design, and the right business message to stand out in the crowd.


Remember, the accelerated online shopping environment that Covid-19 has created can only be dominated by those who focus on creating a functional, relevant, and customer-centric eCommerce website.


The Role of Klizo Solutions in eCommerce Website Development


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At Klizo Solutions, we house a team of skilled and experienced eCommerce web development experts that can assist you to deliver a seamless and user-friendly online shopping experience to your customers. 

We have got a rich industry experience in developing eCommerce websites and applications. We can merge your brand imaginations with our solid tech stack to build your dream online store. 

Our team is expert in building

  • B2B, B2C, and SaaS eCommerce solutions
  • Custom modules and plugins
  • Third-party APIs
  • Customized eCommerce applications
  • POS (Point of Sale) solutions and more.


Being one of the best eCommerce website development companies, we design and develop eCommerce websites to convert your visitors into customers. We can help you with UI, UX, web and mobile application development, quality assurance, and ongoing optimization of the product. 

Our eCommerce website design experts have experience in building intriguing eCommerce solutions for diverse industries that include the Cannabis and Hemp industry as well. 


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So, to build your eCommerce website or to revamp your existing online store, connect with us, a reputed eCommerce website development company, and get to create a remarkable digital presence in the market.

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Joey Ricard

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