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Mobile Applications

From native applications on iOS or Android, to hybrid apps with React Native, our strength is not just in the development, but in how we build out the technology. We have some great U/X designers that will help you materialize your idea.

Facial Recognition, LPR Apps, Blockchain Integration, custom data crawling aggregators and more. Our teams have integrated some of the most advanced tech. Of course we know APIs like Facebook, Google OAuth, Firebase, Twitter, and more. Our founder created one of the biggest music apps in Italy and Asia.

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At Klizo Solutions, we have a solid team of developers. With over 40 developers on staff, we are looking to hiring more mobile developers. We have developers in Flutter, iOS, Android, and React Native.

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Most development companies produce a one time application that never has legs. We hit our target. We help you map out your idea, then we help you launch that app properly into the market. We create apps that work, and we support our clients.

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Customize your app. Secure data with fingerprints, faceIDs, or integrate dropbox, or Google Drive. No matter how crazy the idea, we can help map out the integration for it. If not, we can build the API for you as well.

Web Applications

It takes a special breed to make web applications. When building out your technology, you want to identify the best framework for the project you are working on. Developing sometimes can be the easier task.

We have built out large data intensive projects, robust custom e-commerce platforms, specialized secure payment gateways, and AI powered email engines. We have a strong development team in Laravel. We have moved from MySQL to MongoDB. All of these things we can help you walk through before you start your project.

Talk to one of our client managers, and we will help you formulate an idea around what you are trying to build. We can give you an estimate of the hours, complexity, and costs you are looking at to launch either a small web application, or a full scale SaaS product.

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Converting old web applications like ASP, Windows .net frameworks or from older versions of PHP and MySQL, to newer technologies has been our core strength.

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Facebook Applications, Chatbots, Machine Learning data insights, Email Drip tools, all examples of various web applications that can be created or integrated.

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Did you know that the highest active investments in 2019 have been in SaaS based technologies that focus on marketplaces. We have built the intellectual property for companies that have raised Series A rounds.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is about knowing your conversion rates, and pushing your energy to what converts the best. Whether its email marketing, social media marketing, or even Facebook ads. Testing the strategies, dialing in on those funnels, and lowering the acquisition costs while increasing conversions is key.

We can help build out marketing strategies, help lower your monthly ad spends, also have our social media managers post content consistently, and have our designers create clean attractive content.

We can help you build out a strategy, or even give you a part-time or full-time person to help you manage your online growth.

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Consistent content is key to keeping your audience engaged. Knowing what time they engage the most is important for posting your content around those times. Content is king.

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We combine our data compiling with digital marketing. This allows us to aggregate data and emails around targeted businesses, then with this data, we can pull more content and information to know how to target them best.

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Utilize trending data. We can pull information about content that is trending and creating engagement in industries. This allows us to quickly create or change strategies and continually move with the industry.

Virtual Hiring

Need part time or full time dedicated teams? We got you! We have over 40 staff members, and today we are even employing bookkeepers to help manage some of our clients bookkeeping. We have data scrapers, content writers, graphic designers, front end and back end developers, and project managers.

The cost of hiring a full time person in India instead of the USA can be cost efficient, but also if done right, can allow you to get things completed while others are sleeping. It takes about 90 days to properly get staff in the groove of things.

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Hiring staff through us can help to isolate risk from the US company. We have NDAs and have our staff on full-time. We help manage the access and maintain any delicate information with enterprise level security.

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We have three shifts that cover from 6am until 2am. This helps our clients get access to our team as much as possible. This also ensures we have a good communication process in place.

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With the minimum wage, and employer issues in some countries, we have found a good niche offering our staff and resources to companies. If its a startup, or a company about to scale, this is an affordable solution to fill the gap.


If you have a marketing company, and need a team to do the heavy lifting for you, we are there. If you are a startup, and you think you have a brilliant idea, but have a shoestring budget, talk to us.

Our founder has launched multiple startups, and has invested in some early stage companies. We are happy to look at the business plan or idea, and if we can either save you development money, or if we have data in that industry, we would be interested.

If it's a marketing company or advertising agency, we have worked with pleny all over the US. We can help with fast landing page launches, product designs, informational videos, email marketing strategies, and more!

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We love building technology, but we can't run every business. We look for partners that are good operations people and are organized. We would love to hear about any partnership opportunity.

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Our team delivers. Some people have more work than they know what to do with. Our team is focused on delivering quickly in the timeframes needed to complete the project. We are project oriented.

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Need to launch a project from idea to MVP, we can help you along the way. Not only can we help you to develop it, we can probably also introduce you to incubators and investors in certain industries that we have worked with before.

Our Portfolio

We do more than just web development!

Web development service

Launch Events in Cannabis for Consumption Lounges

A mobile app that allows the cannabis community to quickly and easily launch private and public events for consumption. Consumption lounges are growing rapidly.


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Full Crypto Merchant Processing Solution

Easily receive payments in over 140 different crypto currencies. This is an application that works on phones of tablets, and allows retail stores to accept digital payments.


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Cannabis Vending Machine. Age and ID Verification.

We have helped build the technology that complies with legal requirements for smart retail when it comes to the cannabis industry. ID and age verification during the payment process.


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Structured Housing

Custom Housing with Blockchain Implementation

Customizing houses that are affordable, using containers, and also storing the owner information into the blockchain. The future of scalable affordable housing.


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Cannabis Review and Verification SaaS Marketplace

A large CRM for verification of businesses in the Cannabis industry. Create and read reviews, criminal incidences, and report bad actors. Storage of compliant documentation.


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Smart Retail software for the Cannabis & Hemp Industry

From E-Commerce to Delivery Services, SeedERP provides industry brands and retailers every tool they need to grow a profitable, efficient, and compliant business.


Let Klizo Build it For You

We do more than just Web Development


With our desire for you to be successful, our creative digital geniuses will design individually branded websites.

Mobile Apps

When visitors access your website on their mobile devices we want to make it the best user experience for the visitors.


Our integrated SEO, content, and online media will create an exceptional user experience that will increase

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Web Design

The design of your business website represents your company’s brand and what you stand for.

New Technology

Our Digital and skilled Geniuses are always learning and creating new technologies for the digital world.


Our experienced Development Team are well-versed in various programming languages & we are eager

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We do more than just Web Development

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