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Why Independent Third-Party QA Testing Is Important

By Joey Ricard - December 24, 2020


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Does your software run flawlessly? 

It’s important because if it doesn’t, your business will be at risk of losing both your existing and potential future customers.

Now, how to ensure your software performs smoothly?

Well, simply by opting for an independent third-party QA testing. Quality Assurance or usually called QA testing is essential to ensure the smooth performance of your software. In case you’re wondering why QA testing from an independent third-party? Then this article is exactly for you.




So, why do you need third-party QA testing?


No matter whether you already have an in-house testing team or not, here are some solid reasons depicting that hiring an independent third-party QA testing team would add great value to both, your software and business. You will get a clear idea of what independent testing is all about. Here’s a quick sneak peek at what we are going to discuss below in detail. 


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#1 It provides you the skills, expertise, and experience you want


As a responsible business, wanting top-notch QA testing service is no crime! 

Testing a software rigorously and assuring that it is of the best quality, requires a certain level of skillsets. Even if you have your own in-house QA testing team, they may not be as well-equipped, skilled, and experienced as it needs to be to achieve the desired success in quality assurance. 

And that makes third party testing your best option to ensure that testing the quality, performance, and functionality of your software never gets compromised. Independent testing service providers have experienced human resources with the required skillset who specialize in load testing, manual testing, security testing, automated testing, and more.

So, when you hire a professional, experienced, and client certified QA testing service provider, like us, you get a team that is well-versed with the latest technological trends, best testing strategies, and the QA best practices. 

Trusting a third-party quality assurance service vendor means handing over the responsibility of determining the life-cycle of software to people who are better-equipped and capable of doing the job with the best testing resources. 


#2 It reduces acquisition and life-cycle costs; ensures easy scalability


This is certainly the next big reason why more and more businesses are outsourcing their entire QA testing process to third-party QA service providers. Businesses can skip the entire daunting process of advertising for qualified QA testing candidates, hiring them, training them to make them ready to perform QA testing properly. And not only that, but businesses also get to save money on both acquisition expenses and life-cycle costs. 


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When you hire a third-party independent testing team, you can immediately decommission their services or stop utilizing their services once the QA testing of your project is completed successfully. Or you can only hire them before large new build releases. 

Also, when you opt for professional and quality third-party independent testing from the very beginning of your software development stage, it helps you to pinpoint and fix the issues that your product might face in the long run. 

Thanks to the rigorous testing cycles that every time your product runs into a functional or nonfunctional issue, you can solve it, instead of your customers finding it, posting the issues in review boards, and causing negative impacts on the company. Not doing adequate QA can cost you money!


#3 It helps you focus on your business more


Doing QA testing properly requires a lot of effort, time, and attention. One of the independent testing benefits is when you hire a third-party team, it’s them who do the heavy-lifting for you.

From software testing to performing the QA testing and testing automation, the independent third-party testing team takes care of it all, allowing you to concentrate more on the core business processes. 

Instead of worrying over QA testing, you can spend more time on planning how to market your product to the right audience more effectively and generate maximum revenue. Once hired, it is the third-party QA testing team that will be concerned about ensuring the high quality of your product or ensuring your software application doesn’t fail to perform as expected. 


#4 Does a cook certify his own dishes? 


Are you aware of the very basic ethics of software testing? A developer never should certify his own codes. Obviously, a good developer would try to write bug-free codes. But testing software as per the market standard requires a different skillset. 

There’s a popular saying that a chef should never certify the dish he makes. Reason? Because there’s always a chance that it might not be an unbiased one. And the same reason goes for software testing as well. If you, with your team, have developed the software, neither you nor anyone from your development team should be the one certifying it.

Isn’t it obvious that there’s a solid reason that companies outsource the QA testing part to third-party! You never know when you or your team who created a software might end up being biased in their approach when it comes to testing the same software. A biased view and approach can never detect the flaws and glitches present in the software. Remove the bias!

For the market success of the software, identifying its flows is crucial. And an independent testing agency can certainly do without any hesitation as it’s their very purpose. 


#5 It makes the entire QA testing process more disciplined


It may sound funny, but don’t we all behave extra careful instantly the moment we realize we are being watched? Believe it or not, humans become careful or attentive instantly when they are told that their work will be reviewed. 

Take yourself for example. When you’re driving and know that there are cameras or speed checkers along the way or police at the signals, you’ll think twice before rash driving or putting your foot on the accelerator.

Similarly, when you or your team know that the software they are developing will be independently tested for bugs and flaws, they will naturally practice extra discipline in developing it.


#6 It keeps the results independent, unbiased, and uninfluenced


When you rely on your in-house QA testing, do the testers directly report to the software development manager?

Well, then beware, it is the worst thing that can happen to your project. It’s suicidal for your software development project. Because at the end of the day your QA testers report the issues or bugs to the very team who is developing the software, there’s very little chance that you’ll get the best from your QA engineers or QA leads.

The mindset of an independent QA testing team is a lot different than your in-house testers. Unless a tester is free from the inhibitions that are holding him back from honestly testing and analyzing a product, he cannot freely look for more discrepancies or defects in a software application. And that’s exactly why independent testing team is required.

An independent QA tester can find more errors compared to those testers who work in the programming team that is developing the software.


#7 It offers an impartial assessment report


Want impartiality in the QA test results of your software? Then don’t ask why is independent testing important! Third-party software testing simply ensures that there is no partiality reflected on the work. 

From data to metrics, and reports, nothing is cooked up but completely correct and honest analysis. Isn’t the very purpose of QA testing to tell you about the exact quality of your code? 

Well, with independent software testing you get a fair and impartial assessment regarding the quality of your code, how well-designed it is, whether it performs and behaves as expected or not, and whether it has any critical vulnerability or not.

And after the QA testing of any bug gets leaked during the production of the software or the code quality seems to be not up to the mark, it will be the third-party QA testing service provider who will be accountable for it and not you.


#8 It boosts the quality of your final product


Last but not the least, opting for third party testing companies is essential because third-party testing improves and objectively ensures the best quality of your software. Yes, an effective QA testing process must be in place to ensure your software meets the higher quality standards. And when it is a third-party party QA testing team, no chance of any quality compromise is there.

Yes, in-house QA testing teams might compromise the development of a product by prioritizing the requirements of the development firm, but not a third-party QA testing service provider. Working for the same organization under the same roof often makes the in-house QA team align the quality goals to that of the company and not the customers. But a professional QA firm always lines up the quality goals to that of the audience.

An independent testing team always gives priority to developing products that meet the requirements of the customers, such as their goal, expectation from the product, and quality needs rather than the development firm. 


How Klizo Solutions Adds Value To Your Business?


When it’s the software we are talking about, know that even a tiny glitch in it can result in utter chaos. But the risk of chaos can be eliminated by outsourcing QA testing to a third-party like Klizo Solutions, which can eliminate any functionality issue or glitch in your software and ensure delivering the best of your product.

We, Klizo Solutions, are here to serve you as an unbiased and reliable partner that ensures you release your best quality products in the market. Our years of experience in quality assurance and testing mobile apps, desktop software, web applications, and websites makes us a premier choice for independent third-party QA testing.

Want to learn more about our services or what we do? Give us a call or simply drop us a line

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

Klizo Solutions was founded by Joseph Ricard, a serial entrepreneur from America who has spent over ten years working in India, developing innovative tech solutions, building good teams, and admirable processes. And today, he has a team of over 50 super-talented people with him and various high-level technologies developed in multiple frameworks to his credit.