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8 Steps You Can Follow to Validate App Ideas

By Joey Ricard - September 2, 2021


Guide 101 to validate your app idea - Klizo Solutions

Launching an app is presently one of the best ways to venture into the world of startups. And after coming up with an app idea, the next logical step is app validation. Yes, app validation helps you determine whether your app has the potential to succeed in this competitive market or not. It lets you deliver a top-notch app and also helps to meet the demands of the existing market.

But how to validate app ideas? Before you invest your hard-earned money, valuable time, and sincere effort into building an app, here are the steps to follow to validate your app. 


#1 Perform A Market Research


how to validate app ideas- market research

Doing market research is the first step of app validation, once done with inventing an app idea. The purpose of this market research will be:


  • To understand the real requirements of the target audience
  • To know more about the motivations and goals of your audience
  • To bring something new to your app idea
  • To survey to find out whether your audience would like to use your app
  • To analyze the apps of your competitors and uncover the features or points you can implement in a new way
  • To figure out how to appeal your app to the audience
  • To get a better perception of design, facilities, investment, and user persona


What you’re doing here will help you get better insights into your app idea, and in the long run, can help you with your marketing efforts.


#2 Know What’s Trending


Next, you must analyze what is trending related to your app idea. Whether it’s the use of the latest technologies in app development or the present app design trends or the user experience it provides, you need to keep yourself up-to-date with the trends. Why? Because following the trends will add more relevance to your basic app ideas.

For example, even a brilliantly designed app can fail in the market if it fails to match the present user experience expectations of the audience. Bad user interaction is the last thing today’s apps should be designed with.


#3 Create A Customer Journey Map


how to validate an app idea- customer journey map

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Validating brainstorming app ideas is something beyond only understanding your audience. It is about how a user’s journey will be like in your app. Without creating a visual portrait of your customer journey, you’ll never be able to determine fully whether your app idea will work or not.

Customer journey refers to the route to accurately direct your customers. It is a record of how users will interact with your app. Designing an effective customer journey process for your potential customers in your business app can help you properly understand your user experience and the right way to your app design process. 


#4 Develop An MVP


Don’t know what an MVP is? Or how it can help with validating your app idea post the “how to generate an app idea” phase?

MVP or minimum viable product is built for testing purposes and launched in the market, with only the basic vital features. Now, the importance of developing an MVP lies in the fact that it helps you test your app idea and lets you validate your efforts in a structured way where you can learn how users interact with the functionalities of your app. 


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#5 Browse The App Store Charts


Have you checked the apps that are in the top charts in the App store? Have you browsed through similar apps in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store?

Going through the top apps or top app categories on the app stores can give you a clear idea of which app types are in high demand and most popular. Before you go forward with turning an idea into an app, taking a look at the top charts or the featured lists can surely help you understand which apps are getting the most downloads and the type of apps people are ready to pay for.


#6 Test Your App


QA testing services by Klizo Solutions

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After “how to come up with app ideas”, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to know if your app idea is good.  And the answer is through testing, of course.

Once you know for sure that there’s scope for your app idea in the market, it’s time that you make sure you put the most intuitive and impactful version of it in the market. 

You can test the app in two ways.


  • Alpha testing– When internal employees test your product
  • Beta testing– When a limited group of external users tests your product


These two are the best ways of testing and validating your product in the market.

In terms of assessing the market validity of your app idea, testing your product with real users is of invaluable importance.


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#7 Turn Real Feedback Into Action


how to validate app ideas by customer feedback

Don’t you think when you know what the actual problem is, it becomes easier to create a solution! Well, the same goes for your app idea too. 

Asking users for feedback about your app can help you with your app validation process. When you get remarks from the users about what should be enhanced, you can improve your app ideas that haven’t been made yet. 

Conduct survey polls and ask your target users questions about the issues they are facing. In this way, you will find out what enhancements you need for the app. Accordingly, work on the technical functionalities and UX level of your app to make the experience better.  Receiving customer feedback on different key points of your app idea and processing them make your app development more appealing.


#8 Document The Vital Features


Now that you have tested your app idea and got the audience feedback, it’s time to document the vital features of your app that you’re so eager to build. So that, when you start turning your app idea into a reality, you have enough detail to make the designer or the developer understand the type of app you want to build. Some of the crucial things to note down after validating your app are:


  • Your app screen layout
  • List of screens that you want to include in your app
  • The design style you want for your app


Remember, this document will work as a bible for developing your validated app idea into an actual app.


Final Words


Your app idea can turn out to be a big hit if you can carry it off flawlessly. And to do so, instead of developing your app right away, validate your app idea first.

Feel free to contact us, Klizo Solutions, anytime. We will be happy to help you validate and also to create your app for any industry-specific domain. From Ketamine to Cannabis, real estate to eCommerce, we have served clients from diverse industries.

Don’t hesitate! Connect with Klizo Solutions today and turn your app ideas into valuable products for your target audience.

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