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7 Reasons To Build An MVP While Creating An App

By Joey Ricard - December 8, 2020


7 Reasons To Build An MVP While Creating An App 1

Do you know while creating an app opting for an MVP first can provide you with several advantages?

Yes, to stay ahead of the competitors, deciding to develop a mobile application for the business enterprise you have is itself a great idea. Just trying the Minimum Viable Product or to build an MVP first makes your mobile app development idea even greater. 

Want to know about what is MVP in app development or what exactly the process does that successful mobile applications like Instagram, Uber, Spotify, etc. have tried and tested the MVP process first?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place. As they say, great minds think alike; it’s time for you to sync your thinking with what the mobile app development industry has already started to embrace.

Here’s everything that you need to know to understand the significance and importance of MVP.


What is an MVP?


Reasons to build an mvp while creating an app 1

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Wondering what the MVP app development meaning is? Well, MVP or Minimum Viable Product helps in determining whether your business app will be successful in the market or not. More like an asset to business enterprises, MVP is a sample product of the business app that lets you evaluate the risks before you actually launch your full-fledged app in the market.

In simpler words, an MVP mobile app serves as the basic architecture of any mobile app and lets the developers test the app idea with the customers. Since an MVP contains the most essential and prominent features of the app that you might think to be necessary; it lets you receive feedback on those features from potential users and analyze which segments need further improvements.

MVP can be released to a limited number of audience as well as into the market directly. In case users aren’t happy with the MVP features, it’s easy for you to know that your app idea needs refurbishment.


Why Should You Build an MVP while Creating an App?


With the competition between apps to survive and dominate the market getting stiffer day by day; it’s important to build an MVP for your app and be sure of its success and acceptance by the audience. 

Having an MVP simply helps you to be sure whether your app idea is unique and appealing enough to the target audience. Thanks to MVP that you can get into the app market in the shortest way possible, reach your audience, and have real user experience to assess the project.

To understand the MVP app development meaning, let’s take a detailed dig into the importance of having an MVP during app building. You can check out the following infographic on MVP benefits in app development. We’ve discussed all the points in detail below. 


MVP Benefits - Reasons to build an MVP while creating an app


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MVP Benefits


#1 MVP promises high ROI and minimal risk


A complete project i.e a fully developed app is a result of years of hard work and development. Being created over a long period, a fully developed app naturally involves a higher cost that is spread over time. 

And changing even a small thing in a full-fledged app is not only just time-consuming or more complex, but costs a lot. And if for some reason the completed app fails to fetch results as expected, all your investments made on it can go down the drain.

However, with MVP neither such long-term investments are required nor making some alterations here and there calls for huge expenses. You can say that MVP is a low-risk app sample that guarantees exponential results through the final development of the app. 

Since businesses get detailed information regarding what to modify and where to make the changes from the MVP, they can make a more informed decision regarding investing in the app. MVP being not as expensive as developing an app is, even if something goes wrong in MVP, you don’t risk much compared to an app rejected by the audience posts it’s launch.


#2 MVP prompts the right investment decisions


Spending a huge amount of money on something the future of which is unpredictable to you is never a good idea. Especially when you’re a start-up with a limited resource to spend, it’s never a wise idea to spend too much just to get into the mobile app development game. Therefore, before you start spending money on developing the app, you gotta be sure about its success. And how will you be sure about that? The answer is the MVP.

A game-changer in the mobile app development market, MVP is the shortest and cheapest way to be sure what to expect when your app goes live. Giving you a quick impression about the outcome of your app idea, MVP simply helps you with making the right investment decisions. Not only can you save yourself spending too much on an app the MVP of which shows a doomed future, but you can also keep the revenue generated from the launch of the app for future updates when the MVP turns out to be a success.


#3 MVP allows early business testing


Making changes during the early stages of app development is always cost-effective and less time consuming than on an app that is completely developed. But you can’t launch an app in its early incomplete stage, can you?

But guess what MVP allows you the opportunity to test the salient features of your app while it’s still at an early stage and lets you make necessary changes in your app according to the user response.

You can think of MVP as a sample product that shows the very basic functionalities of the application to be built. Before you proceed with the final development process, MVP gives you an idea about how the final product will look or work. Once you approve the MVP post the early testing of your app through it, then proceeding with the main development process is easier and also, cost-effective and time-efficient.


#4 Helps to come up with an improved product


The importance of MVP in developing a polished and improved product is undeniable. Because if any changes are needed, that can be done on the MVP. Once the MVP of a mobile app is launched, the ratings and reviews given by the users help in the betterment of the final product i.e.the mobile app. 

When users find an app to be uninteresting, being gullible, they instantly switch to other similar apps. An MVP helps you to understand where your app feature lacks and improve it in a way so that the end product interests the users. So, indirectly MVP also helps in retaining users. And this is probably why usually adopting the MVP-first approach is feasible when creating an app.

The famous accommodation rental app Airbnb can be a flawlessly developed and perfect mobile app MVP example.


#5 MVP makes it easier to gather funds/investments


Developing a product often needs investments from others. Do you think your partners or clients would invest in a product the future of which is unknown to them? No, they won’t. 

But they would definitely like to invest in something that shows a promising outcome and huge market acceptance. Well, the credit goes to MVP for curving out a clear road map and helping investors get an idea of what to expect from the final app.

An app that shows huge potential through its MVP to bring a good return on investments is more likely to receive funds/investments for its materialization.

Some of the best minimum viable product examples are Dropbox, Zappos, Twitter, Groupon, Amazon, etc.


#6 Assists with assessing user preferences


Have you ever imagined what happens to your app when many of its features aren’t appreciated by the users after its launch? Well, reforming your app as per the user preferences post its launch can be a complex and expensive endeavor. But, that’s not the case with MVP.

MVP lets you assess what users like or what they don’t and incorporate those updates accordingly in your final product during its early development stage, long before its launch.

Yes, often the presence of too many features in an app confuses and turns off users. Through building an MVP you can find out whether your target audience prefers an ocean of features or avoid getting lost in it.

Developing an app with only those features that users like and enjoy using can help in better user response. The minimum viable product template helps you to become sure about what your app template should consist of.


#7 Helps the end-product survive the app market


Not all the apps that are launched in the market succeed in surviving the competition and sustaining for long. While some apps simply vanished from the market right after being introduced to the audience; some lead quite a shorter life than what is expected. 

When apps aren’t designed as per the interests of the target audience, users do not adapt to it which makes the future of the app full of uncertainties. Therefore, checking how the users are reacting to the app features through the app’s MVP before the app’s launch turns out to be extremely helpful.

Letting you introduce a sample version of your actual app quickly to the market, MVP simply helps in omitting the features that are of no interest to the audience. Yes, it saves your end product from having unnecessary features of no use through a quick market exposure.

Facebook is a popular MVP app example that says a lot about how leading brands are relying on MVP to craft their success story.


How Klizo Solutions can help?


Need help with launching an MVP for your business before you actually go live with your mobile app version?

After all, when with MVP you can predict the future of an app or see how the audience favors it before launching it in real, why not go ahead with it! 


To build an MVP contact Klizo Solutions


And that’s where we, Klizo Solution, come in with our knowledge and skills to build an MVP that can help you determine whether your app idea is competitive enough or not or has got the potential to survive the pressure from other apps in the market or not.

Are you a startup who needs an app to give the leading enterprises a run for their apps’ popularity? Or an established business entity who can’t take the risk of their app to turn out unsuccessful? Then we are just a call away from helping you plan, develop, and execute web app MVP and ensure the success of your app.

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