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AI SEO: 10 Ways AI Can Make Your SEO Better

By Joey Ricard - April 6, 2023


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Do you know AI has already become a big part of how search engines rank websites on their SERPs?

Well, say hello to AI SEO, a perfect match from digital heaven that can maximize your SEO efforts!

Whether you have a website or an eCommerce site, you aim to rank higher on the SERPs and engage more people, right? You want your digital presence to be visible to a maximum number of people and look authoritative and reliable enough to gain customer trust.

To achieve all these, you must do your SEO right. And to do your SEO right in today’s AI-driven world, you must combine AI with SEO. 

AI SEO means the application of AI technologies to improve your website’s SEO strategy and boost its ranking on the SERPs. Check out the top ten ways AI SEO can boost your SEO score like never before!


1. Keyword Research

Keywords play a crucial role in SEO! Users use these to search for what they need on search engines.

Target the right keywords, maintain the right keyword balance, and there is no stopping you from growing your website!


But doing it all on your own can be pretty challenging and may lead to a waste of your valuable time! And that’s where AI comes in!

With AI SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, Semrush Keyword Magic Tool, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc., you can easily and quickly identify the most relevant, trending, and popular keywords and get enough data to determine how to use them in your target content to make your SEO campaigns effective!


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Powered by AI, these SEO tools for keyword research can help you rank your website in Google. These tools analyze and understand the patterns of huge data sets and present you with the best keywords your target audience might use!

2. Content Generation And Optimization

Relevant and compelling content always plays a significant role in helping you rank your website in Google.

And creating such content gets super easy when you put AI SEO into play, as the latest AI content creation tools accurately predict what questions, keywords, and phrases users can use to search.

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Take ChatGPT, Surfer SEO, Jasper AI, and as examples. These AI-powered content generation tools generate SEO-focused content on any topic in seconds! These tools can help you save a great amount of time you would have otherwise spent researching, writing, and optimizing your content for search engines.

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Plus, these AI SEO content creation tools also help to optimize your existing content (content that you already have) for the search engines and make it more relevant by suggesting the ideal content length or which search terms you need to include in your content after analyzing the user behavior, their search queries, and content performance data.

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3. Text & Voice Search

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While people are trying to exploit the search system and manipulate their poor content by stuffing keywords in them to boost ranking, thanks to AI SEO, that doesn’t work.

AI-powered algorithms analyze every search query to understand the intent behind them and deliver more accurate and relevant results to users. And this encourages businesses to put more effort into improving the quality of pages and their content to rank higher.

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Plus, the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) for smart devices has opened up a whole new SEO scene for voice search, where crafting conversational content is the only way to make your SEO respond to voice search! 

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Thanks to technology, there are AI tools for SEO like Hemingway Editor, Frase, and Grammarly that you can use to quickly create conversational content or check the type of questions users ask through voice search.

4. Hyper-Personalization

Hyper-personalization means tailoring your content, products, or services in such a way that it meets the specific needs and preferences of every individual customer. 

And AI can be extremely helpful in achieving this!

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Doing your SEO using AI can analyze user behavior, personalize search results and offer product/service recommendations tailored to the individual needs and preferences of a user, increasing the chances of higher engagement and conversions.

For example, AI can analyze a user’s search history, location, and other data and provide personalized search results relevant to his unique interests and needs.

AI can even analyze a user’s behavior on your website in real-time and present dynamically personalized content to boost engagement, customer loyalty, and overall SEO performance.

5. Predictive Analytics

We know AI can analyze data from the past, past performance metrics, and trends to predict future trends. Now, imagine utilizing this power of AI to boost your SEO and make your SEO strategies future-ready!

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If you think you can’t harness the predictive power of AI on your own, opt for a professional search engine optimization service powered by AI to become aware of future trends and their outcome and identify the areas where you need improvement.

As a business, having access to such information gives you an edge and helps you optimize your SEO strategies in the best way possible.

6. Competition Analysis

To improve your SEO and boost your search ranking, you must make your SEO efforts better than your competitors. And doing so requires you to visualize data and trends.

Thanks to AI SEO services, doing a competition gets easier, faster, more accurate, and more reliable.

SERP tracking AI tools like SpyFu, Crayon, and Owletter analyze your competitors by letting you visualize huge amounts of data and pull out trends at a speed that makes the data instantly actionable as you can see what is happening, what your competitors are up to and what the impact is!

When you know the competition you are up against well, discover the SEO strategies replicating which can work for you, spot the gaps you can take advantage of, and determine how much each action impacts, your AI SEO gets undefeatable.

7. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to all the factors that can be taken care of on your website to improve its visibility and relevance to the search engines and boost its position in the SERPs.

Ignore it, and search engines may not crawl and index your website effectively, impacting your ranking negatively, making your website “disappear” from the search results for relevant keywords, and pushing you towards missing out on potential traffic and customers.

However, using AI in SEO can prevent this nightmare of yours!

AI can help detect technical issues such as duplicate content, broken links, poor content optimization, meta description and title tags, and other on-page optimization problems that human eyes may overlook! 

Plus, AI in SEO can also provide solutions to improve your website performance.

8. Local SEO

Local SEO works like a charm to help your business(especially those with a physical location and focus on a particular geographical area) stand out where you offer your services by focusing your products or services on that specific location.

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It helps to present your products and services in front of local buyers and drive more traffic to your business through location-specific lead generation.

And to do it flawlessly, what can be better than AI SEO tools that implement localized updates and carry out real-time tracking to make your business more viewable locally?

AI SEO tools like Google Analytics, Semrush, Hubspot, and Yext help you

  • Make your local SEO more optimized and effective
  • Promote your services more effectively to local prospective customers
  • Improve your listings by sending accurate listings to search engines
  • Monitor online reviews and track local search rankings
  • Optimize your company’s Google My Business profile

9. SEO Scaling

Doing your SEO right involves so many different stages and steps. And doing them all by yourself feels daunting, especially once your business starts to grow!

So why not take the help of AI SEO services or tools to automate processes and steps whenever possible?

Along with performing data analysis, keyword research, and content generation, you can use AI SEO tools to automate many monotonous tasks, such as scheduling your social media posts, receiving automated website reports after specified intervals, etc.

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Plus, you can use AI SEO tools to identify high-quality backlinks and analyze the competitor link profiles to craft a solid link-building strategy.

10. Improved User Experience

Every website wants to make the users return! And it’s not possible without making sure that the experience they have on your website is a fantastic one. 

So yes, UX is a crucial part of your SEO strategy! After all, it is a known fact that search engines love websites that contain such content and offer such experiences to the users that make them stay longer.

And the best part is that you can ensure a superb website experience for the visitors with the help of using AI in SEO.

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Along with all that we mentioned above about AI improving your SEO, AI can help you give your visitors additional support. You can let AI chatbots handle your user queries which will save a lot of your valuable time and boost the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Also, you can use AI to suggest your visitors with relevant content or posts as per their interest in your website.


Whether you are ready or not, AI SEO, the future of search engine optimization, is here. And it will continue influencing how search engines curate their SERPS!

Now the question is, are you ready for the future and AI changing how businesses operate online? If not, then make sure you are by getting the best AI SEO service to integrate AI into your SEO efforts ASAP!

Remember, following the basic SEO strategies is not enough anymore!

With AI taking over every sector, and industry, time to match the pace with it and implement AI in your SEO plans!

Confused about whether using AI in SEO will work for you? Can’t determine what AI solution you need to make your SEO better? Talk to our SEO executives now! They will help you get the most suitable AI solutions for your business!


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