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6 Reasons Professional SEO Services Is A Must For Small Businesses & Startups

By Joey Ricard - March 23, 2023


professional SEO services

Attention all small businesses and startups!!

Are you tired of the SEO strategies you deploy failing you constantly? Are you desperately looking for a solution that can end all your SEO worries once and for all and help you achieve your desired SEO goals?

Well, buckle up, as we are about to unveil the ultimate solution to all your SEO struggles,” professional SEO services”!

We all know the importance of SEO in digital marketing and that the Google search engine is the top place to find your potential customers. (No doubt about it since Google processes more than 99,000 search queries/second) 

And this means there is NO WAY you can ignore SEO or procrastinate taking action on your constantly-failing SEO strategies. 

Then why not let a professional SEO company take care of it instead of doing it yourself or trusting some amateurs or freelancers with a job and keep on struggling to rank?

professional SEO services


How Does SEO Benefit Your Small Business Or Startup?

Stop wondering why SEO is important for your website! SEO is of crucial importance for all businesses online! But for small enterprises and startups, it’s extra important! Why? Well, that’s what we will get into now!

  • SEO can improve a website’s visibility on search engines. Being a long-term strategy, it helps small businesses and startups lay the foundation for future growth and success.
  • A small business/startup often lacks enough resources to invest in advertising. Availing SEO services for small businesses and startups can be the most cost-effective way of attracting customers and boosting visibility without having to spend large amounts of money on advertising campaigns.
  • Standing out from the local competition is vital for a small business or startup. It is the other local businesses from where your primary competition comes. So, doing local SEO can help your business appear on top of the search results when people search for products or services in that area.

So now you see why SEO is important for small businesses and why paying attention to SEO is a must for you! Now, let’s get to how professional SEO services can help you confront all your SEO challenges.


Why Must You Approach Professional SEO Services?

The perks of SEO for an enterprise, irrespective of its size, are limitless! 

When done right, SEO can boost the visibility and performance of your brand in the marketplace. Fail to do it right or ignore it, your business growth will be stunted, making your brand lost in oblivion in no time.

Here are the key reasons why you must opt for a professional SEO services company to get your SEO right!

professional SEO company


You Are clueless

It’s not always necessary for you to know all about SEO and how to get it right! In many cases, startups or small enterprises lack a clear idea about where to begin their SEO efforts or how to implement them to get the best results.

Plus, even if you know how to do it, the dearth of fresh and innovative ideas can often hit you hard! Doing it alone means there is no one with you to brainstorm and help you determine the best SEO approach.

So, partnering with a professional SEO company seems the wisest decision ever! Especially when you are one of those wondering where do you apply SEO! After all, backing your website and its content with good SEO increases your chances of becoming visible to your target audience and appearing on top of the results. 

When you pick the right SEO company and opt for their professional SEO services, you get a team of experienced professionals working with the latest tools, strategies, and techniques.


professional SEO company


No Time To Fail

As a small business or a startup, time is probably the most vital factor for you to ensure the growth and success of your business.

You may know your niche or what your target audience wants, but not necessarily how you can reach them or how the search engines work to rank your website! Unless you have a solid understanding of the constantly-updated algorithms of the search engines, you can’t get your SEO strategy right, which means you can’t reach your potential customers no matter how fantastic your products/services are!

But opting for professional SEO Services means deploying result-driven SEO strategies at work that may need time to show expected results but not unprofessional attempts!

There is also the limited budget factor to add to this. You neither have the time nor the budget to keep playing the let’s-find-out-which-SEO-strategy-works-the-best game! Do you?

So, naturally, you need a professional SEO company like Klizo Solutions that can do the SEO work in the best way possible, that too, within your budget.

professional SEO services


Competitive Analysis & Custom Strategies

Many businesses find it daunting to perform regular competitive analysis and make sense of it. But when you choose professional SEO services for a small business or your startup, the SEO company performs all the necessary competitive analysis. 

The SEO team or the SEO service provider sends you the final report once the thorough market analysis is done. As a cherry on top, you get a simplified version of the report that makes sense to you!

Plus, every business has a different need! What works for one can not always work for the other! You may not understand this, but professionals do!

They can create SEO strategies, keeping in mind your unique needs, and speed up the SEO fixes your business requires. For example, they can tell you which keywords work for your business niche and which don’t. They can help you identify the best sources of traffic for your business and more.

professional SEO services provider


Competitive Prices

Professional SEO services like ours come for a competitive price. But that is not the only way that opting for professional SEO services can help you save money!

By letting a professional SEO company handle your SEO, you save money by not wasting it on ineffective marketing strategies and your not-so-well SEO efforts! Yes, professional SEO services save you from making costly errors.

Plus, SEO is cheaper than influencer marketing, paid ads, and other marketing approaches. And when you connect with an affordable Professional SEO firm, you get organic traffic to your website for a fraction of what paid SEO campaigns usually cost!

professional SEO company


Understanding of the Buyer’s Journey

A buyer’s journey refers to the entire process from the moment a user becomes aware of your service or a product to the time he actually buys it and sometimes even after that.

It is the buyer’s journey through which potential customers decide on a service or product. And usually, there are three to four stages of it.

To ensure you don’t lose your potential customers to your competitors, you must make them find you at all the stages of the buyer’s journey. 

And that is where professional SEO services can make a difference! Only a professional SEO company knows how to craft an SEO strategy that can target each buyer at every stage of their journey and push them further into it.

professional SEO services



SEO is a long-term strategy! You don’t get the results of SEO overnight! It takes time for any business to see the results. So, when doing it yourself, you can get bored and feel like giving up, but a professional never does so!

Since SEO rules are changing constantly, as a business, big or small, you must continue using the best SEO practices in 2023 to make it to the top of the search results. The more updated you will be with the latest SEO practices, the more accelerated the outcomes of your SEO efforts will be, providing you with a competitive advantage. 

With professional SEO services, your SEO efforts are consistent and up-to-date enough to make your business and your SEO strategies future-proof.


What Makes Klizo Solutions One Of The Top SEO Providers In Kolkata?

Founded by a serial entrepreneur from the United States, Joseph Ricard, Klizo Solutions is a software development, digital marketing, and professional SEO company where talent and tech meet excellence and innovation! 

At Klizo, we understand that SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, we focus on understanding and then analyzing the SEO needs of our clients and take a comprehensive approach accordingly to provide customized SEO strategies and optimization to help businesses achieve their ultimate SEO goals. 

We have dedicated SEO experts working tirelessly to deliver exceptional results. Our team of experienced SEO professionals applies the latest methods, tools, and technologies to optimize websites for search engines, make them visible, and drive more leads, traffic, and sales.

With more than ten years of experience in development, marketing, and design, we cover all SEO measures that a business might need to stand out and secure a better ranking position in this super-competitive era.

Seo Service

By now, you must be wondering why we are the best since other top SEO service providers like SmartSites, Boostability, Victorious, First Page Sage, and HigherVisibility also offer these professional SEO services, right? 

Well, then here comes the catch! 

We do all that top SEO companies do. But only for the prices cheaper than what they quote! Our top-notch SEO services for super competitive prices and delivery of measurable results within the deadline make us the best professional SEO company located in Kolkata, India.


Get Our Professional SEO Services Today!

Are you seeking professional SEO services for small businesses from a reputable company you can trust but do not have the time to look for one or go through the long list of SEO service providers you get on Google?

Contact Klizo Solutions today and tell us your unique SEO needs! We are just a call away to help you grow your business, boost your online visibility, and maximize your business reach online!

Think you need more time to make the decision? Then you can check another of our articles in the meantime Top 10 SEO practices to skyrocket your Google Ranking in 2023.

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

Klizo Solutions was founded by Joseph Ricard, a serial entrepreneur from America who has spent over ten years working in India, developing innovative tech solutions, building good teams, and admirable processes. And today, he has a team of over 50 super-talented people with him and various high-level technologies developed in multiple frameworks to his credit.