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Top 10 SEO practices to skyrocket your Google Ranking in 2023

By Joey Ricard - March 16, 2023


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With Google processing more than 8.5 billion searches/day, one thing is clear, your potential customers are looking for products and services online!!

All you need to do is ensure your website ranks on the first page, preferably on top, to attract the maximum potential leads to your business!

But how to compete with the top-ranking websites offering similar services like yours??? 

Simple, by making your website fully SEO optimized!

And how can you do that?

Simple again, by following the best SEO practices 2023 either by yourself or with the help of the best SEO services provider in USA!

Following the best SEO practices 2023 can help you to

  • Boost the visibility of your website
  • Drive more qualified leads to your website
  • Ensure a competitive ranking on the search engine result pages

Wondering what are the top SEO practices you need to follow for 2023?

Though SEO is an ever-evolving strategy, we have created the SEO best practices checklist for you to keep in mind when developing and designing your website.

Without any further delay, let’s hop in!

best SEO practices 2023

#1 Research & Deploy The Right Keywords

Everyone knows keywords are super important for SEO. Yet, most of them often end up ignoring them!

Why? Because they either underestimate or fail to understand the significance of this best SEO practice!

When you use keywords that best represent your business niche and create content around the right and relevant keywords, you get closer to fueling your SEO ranking.

best SEO practices 2023


But note that overusing keywords or keyword stuffing can hurt your SEO efforts by making your content look spammy and lowering your website’s credibility with search engines. 

So we suggest leaving this tricky yet crucial-for-SEO-ranking job to the experts of a professional SEO services company!


#2 Create Original & Unique Content

Using unique and original content on your website is the best SEO practice to rank in US market!

Content is very important to display relevancy. If you have only a few words and elements on your website, you cannot compete with websites full of high-quality content!

We agree that more is not always better than high-quality content. But what if you can find a perfect balance between the two?

To excel in using content as one of the best SEO practices 2023, 

  • Your content must align with the user intent.
  • It must resonate with visitors and be clear with search engines.
  • It must be well-optimized and well-tailored to your users’ needs.
  • It must be high-quality and helpful enough to make the users feel satisfied.


best SEO practice 2023


And now that the usage of AI-generated content writing tools is increasing (ChatGPT, HelloScribe), you must ensure not to lose the originality or user-centeredness of your content while trying to relish the time-saving factor of the AI integration.

Creating content that is helpful and engaging is indeed easier said than done! So, don’t hesitate to connect with the best SEO services provider in the USA to make your content and, thus, your website stand out and drive engagement.

#3 Increase The Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website is one of the crucial ranking signals you cannot ignore!

As per the latest stats, 82% of consumers have agreed that slow page speeds impact their purchasing decisions! If the loading time of a mobile site exceeds three seconds, it loses 53% of its users. Plus, one in every four visitors abandons a website if it takes more than four seconds to load!

If you’re seeking an exponential increase in your website traffic and engagement, paying attention to the SEO for websites by taking care of their little details is crucial! So act quickly and get help from the best SEO services provider in USA to ensure your website loads fast on all devices!

A fast-loading website with high performance always gets preferred by the search algorithms and the users. It also serves as one of the SEO best practices for ecommerce sites to boost sales.

best SEO practice 2023


A faster loading speed of your site, whether you’re doing SEO for your business website or SEO for eCommerce, can bestow you

  • Higher search engine ranking
  • Better user experience
  • Lower bounce rate and higher conversion
  • Increased page views
  • Improved crawlability
  • Competitive advantage
  • More accurate and reliable analytics data

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#4 Optimize Images

Images do not just make your content attractive and engaging. They also play a significant role in eCommerce search engine optimization and making your website SEO successful.

Now, when you optimize your website images, i.e., reduce their file size without compromising their quality, it lets you boost the speed of your website, even for a few milliseconds. (Every second counts, right!) 

Not only that, it makes your content easy to find and easy to read for search engines. Just label your images accurately with metadata, and search engine scholars can easily read them and understand the context of the page content.

Some of the best ways to optimize images are as follows:

  • Select the correct image file format
  • Optimize the image names
  • Give Alt Text for all images
  • Select the right image-dimensions
  • Compress your images before loading them on the website
  • Lazy-load images and videos

Since in most web pages, images consist around 75% of total page weight and 39% of users stop engaging with content if it takes too long to load, is not it obvious why image optimization makes sense in this age of fast-and-instant?


#5 Optimize Meta Description, Title & URL

Another of the best SEO practices 2023 to get on top of the search engine rankings is optimizing your page description(Meta-description) and page title (Meta title) with targeted and descriptive keywords.

Plus, optimizing your page URL can help give your target audience a clear idea about what your web page content is about, and how you construct your URL impacts your SEO.

An ideal URL is usually concise, keyword-optimized, and logically constructed and facilitates informational navigation while briefing the search engine bots about the content of that particular page.


best SEO practice 2023


Meta descriptions, page titles, and URLs help a searcher know what he will see if he clicks the link. They are one of the ecommerce SEO best practices to beat competitors. Optimizing them as per the user search intent gives the search engine bots a quick overview of your page while offering the users an insight into the page contents of your website.

Here are some tips to follow to utilize this best SEO practice 2023 for your improving your website ranking:

  • Keep your meta title/page title within 50 to 60 characters (including the spaces)
  • Keep your meta-description within 180 characters, preferably within 150-160 characters
  • Describe the intent of your web page clearly through your meta titles and meta descriptions 
  • Make the meta title short and catchy and the meta descriptions informative and relevant

Remember, the meta title, page description, and URL are the first few things users see once the search engines deliver the relevant search results. While they directly help users to know about your content, they indirectly help to inform the users what your business is about. 

Hence, we highly recommend you connect with the best SEO services provider in USA who can do these things perfectly for your website!

best SEO practice 2023


Plus, you are competing with numerous search results for the same query where you have to make the users click on your link over your competitors. So make sure you optimize them the way the top SEO services would do to catch the attention of the searchers instantly!


#6 Make Efforts To Earn Featured Snippets

Featured snippets rule the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) and let you a way of appearing on top of the SERPs. It does make sense why experts consider them the best SEO practices 2023!

The featured snippets are “highlighted answer boxes”, which appear at the top of pages for most searches. They are pulled from indexed websites and contain links back to those websites. 

Did you manage to earn a featured snippet by chance? Well, congratulations, it means your SEO efforts are right on-spot!

But if you are still struggling to earn one, here are some ways to increase your chances of landing a featured snippet!

  • Identify the high-priority queries
  • Optimize your content for the snippets and the meta descriptions
  • Pay attention to formatting (Use bullet points, numbered lists, and infographics)
  • Answer question-based searches directly
  • Make your content provide complete answers 
  • Analyze competitor snippets and the patterns of their featured snippets
  • Provide unique value, insights, and perspective to differentiate your content


best SEO practice 2023


With 50% of the US population using voice search features regularly and 71% of consumers preferring to conduct search queries by voice instead of typing, we must tell you that voice search heavily features snippets. Use them wisely, and you can extend your reach beyond imagination!


#7 Build Quality Backlinks 

Ever wondered why businesses do almost anything to have as many backlinks as possible on their websites? 

Well, in SEO, earning backlinks, that too, from reliable and reputed websites is more crucial than one can imagine, making it one of the key and best SEO practices 2023!

Backlinks are a key element in building a domain reputation/site authority in its respective niche. 

Plus, backlinks are a major ranking factor for search engines, as they indicate to search engines that other websites consider your content valuable and authoritative. The more quality backlinks your website has, the higher your chances of ranking on top of the SERPs.

When trying to build quality and effective backlinks, keep in mind a few things, such as:

  • Avoid using sponsored links
  • Do not resort to link building via spamming
  • Avoid backlinks from websites that are not indexed
  • Make sure the backlinks are from topically relevant sites
  • Avoid toxic links as they do more harm than any good
  • Make sure all the backlinks that your use on your site are of high quality
  • Perform competitive analysis to identify new backlink opportunities and check what your competitors are doing

The way, doing digital marketing all by yourself is challenging without the help of the best SEO services provider in USA who can do it for you; in the same way, it is impossible to craft effective SEO Strategies without building high-quality links to your site from other trustworthy and reputable websites.


#8 Use Internal Linking

Say hello to another of the best SEO practices 2023, internal linking!

Internal linking, linking one page of your website to another page, helps to increase web traffic and reduce the bounce rate. Using internal linking wisely lets Google and other search engines understand your website and rank it better!

Google not only considers the time spent on your page but your entire website when ranking it. So, when internal linking can make your users stay longer on your website, why not do so?

best SEO practice 2023



Crawlers/bots discover content by following links through pages and judging how relevant the content is to a search query. So basically, internal linking makes the search engines better understand the hierarchy of information on your site and see how well you have let your visitors access it.

Plus, internal linking signals the search engine that your content is high quality! So, don’t be afraid to embrace this best SEO trend 2023! Link useful pages on your site where it is necessary and feels natural!

If you lack a dedicated team to do the work or are at a loss where to start things, connect with a professional SEO services company to make your website SEO failproof!


#9 Take Care of Technical SEO 

The term technical SEO refers to server and website optimizations. It involves improving the technical aspects of your website and making it easily crawlable, faster, and more understandable to search engines.

professional SEO services company

The purpose of technical SEO as one of the best SEO practices 2023 is to help search engine spiders crawl and index your website better and more effectively. 

Some essential elements associated with technical SEO are:

  • Creating an SEO-friendly website structure to explain your website content
  • Submitting your sitemap to Google to ensure easy navigation for the users
  • Obtaining an SSL certificate to establish authority and credibility in Google’s eyes

Technical SEO helps search engines like Google to know that your website is of high value. So, take care of your technical SEO and prompt the search engines to rank your website higher!


#10 Conduct Regular SEO Audit

Doing regular SEO audits, last but not least, is one of the best SEO practices 2023 that you must not ignore at any cost!

No matter how many SEO tactics you use, how will you know you have done them right? How will you know they are performing as you expected them to unless you check their performance? 

It is to help you have a clear idea about where your SEO efforts are going is where SEO audit comes in as one of the topmost effective and best SEO practices 2023!

Search engines examine almost 200 ranking signals to rank your website for a given search query. A high-quality SEO audit from a professional SEO services company can review which parts and elements of your website need improvement and which are working fine.


professional SEO services company


In short, regular SEO audits can help you find and detect every error related to your website. 

You know how the smallest mistakes on web pages can negatively impact your content quality and user experience, right? Then why not run periodic audits on your website if it can make each web page free of silly mistakes?

Plus, this best SEO practice 2023 lets you track the progress of the keywords you are using and assess the competition by discovering the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors. So, whether you do it manually or use SEO auditing tools, make sure you do it to improve your website and its performance.


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Are You Following The Best SEO Practices 2023?

SEO practices are guidelines to achieve a better ranking position on search engines! But they are never consistent and keep changing as the search engine algorithms change.

The only way to achieve top rank for your website and boost your business reach is by keeping a tab on the latest best SEO practices 2023 and deploying them on your website.

Are you looking for professional SEO assistance? Then don’t hesitate to connect with Klizo Solutions, the best SEO services provider in USA!

Understand that SEO is not an option! In 2023, it is a necessity for online businesses to stay relevant, survive, and succeed. If you think just having a website is enough and people will come to it automatically, they won’t! Your website must follow the best SEO practices 2023 to pop on the first page and be visible to your target audience!

At Klizo, a professional SEO services company, we have the team, tools, and expertise to enhance your existing website as per the latest SEO best practices and help you grow your website traffic steadily with effective digital marketing strategies. So, get in touch with us now!

Do you want us to write such detailed write-ups on other SEO-related topics? Then, please let us know the same in the comments!

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