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7 Reasons You Must Integrate AI In Mobile App Development

By Joey Ricard - October 20, 2022


7 Reasons You Must Integrate AI In Mobile App Development 1

Do you know how many mobile apps are out there already? 

You won’t believe it, but 2.87 million apps are on Google Play Store alone!

With this many apps being available in the market, don’t you think your mobile app must have something extra special to help it sustain the constantly growing market competition and growth??

Incorporating AI in mobile app development can help you add the much-needed x-factor to your business apps!

Not sure about whether incorporating AI in developing your mobile apps can give your apps an edge over others or not? 

Then let us, a reputed AI mobile app development company, take you through the key reasons that make the application of AI for mobile app development a must in 2022 and beyond!


Personalized Experience

Considering the highly saturated mobile app market, making your app stand out is of imperative importance. And one of the best ways to do that is by offering your users a personalized experience using AI in app development.

By constantly analyzing the user behavior in the app and identifying their unique preferences, likes, and dislikes, AI lets you build solutions that can cater to each user individually.

When you offer a personalized experience to each customer, it leaves them with a long-lasting positive impression of your brand, engages them, and encourages them to return!

For example, integrating AI in mobile apps that sell services or products online can help you provide your customers with relevant recommendations that can increase the chances of purchase completion.


Digital Assistance

Users these days are fascinated with using voice assistants! And all these voice assistants that identify human voices and understand what is being said to carry out the commands are AI-powered only! 

Voice assistants offer hands-free use of smart devices. They allow the users to communicate with an app without having to click around it, especially when doing other tasks that keep their hands busy. 

So, if your mobile application features a user-friendly voice assistant that can carry out tasks according to the user request and resolve user queries fast, users are bound to love your AI mobile app. 

Plus, speech recognition is crucial for those users with disabilities. So, if your app is for everyone, then using AI in mobile apps to offer voice assistance is what truly makes the app for everyone!

And not just the users, virtual assistants can benefit your sales team in real-time by adjusting dialogue suggestions and delivering dynamic call scripts so that your sales employees can cater to every user in the most optimal way.


7 Reasons You Must Integrate AI In Mobile App Development 2


Robust Security

In this age of digitization, security is becoming one of the key points to focus on, especially for app development. 

If your app can not keep the data of your users or clients safe, it is doomed! 

Today, security is a serious concern for users, especially when using banking or online shopping apps that process sensitive information and digital transactions. Therefore, making your app as secure and reliable as possible is the only way to make the users trust and use it. 

Not to mention, integrating AI in mobile apps can help tackle this area, too!

AI processes large amounts of data at a very high speed, detects potential security threats, and alerts users. It helps to prevent cyberattacks in advance. AI and machine learning in mobile app development also keep improving app security with time as ML algorithms continue to learn from past experiences. 

AI also adds an extra level of security to the biometric authentication of your app by converting facial scans, fingerprints, and other biometric data into information that can be analyzed and matched with the database. Using facial recognition,  AI mobile apps can boost and retain customer trust.


AI in mobile app


Predictive Analysis & Automated Reasoning

No matter what industry you’re in, you must analyze the performance of your business apps to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and improve the quality of your service. 

And with AI technology in the app development business, app analytics can reach a whole new level!

From demand forecasts for your services and products to analyzing changes in user behavior, intelligent AI algorithms analyze every piece of data to ensure your app becomes as efficient as possible and gives top-notch performance always.

And that’s not it! The automated reasoning ability of AI makes mobile apps capable of solving issues through analytical and logical reasoning. For example, Uber is one of the mobile app companies that leverage the automated reasoning of AI to suggest to users the shortest possible routes to a destination in real-time, keeping the traffic conditions in consideration.

Even when it comes to predicting the time to reach a destination, giving an estimated fare, or offering stock predictions through your app, incorporating AI in mobile apps is the only way!


Chat Automation

Given the fierce competition between mobile apps, chat automation is as crucial as voice assistants. 

After all, providing your users with outstanding customer support to ensure they have a smooth experience with your apps has great importance. And to do that, you need to have one or more people on call 24/7 to solve the issues users may face or give answers to their queries without delay, which can get expensive.

That is where using AI in mobile apps (read, AI chatbots) comes to your rescue! Incorporating AI in app development, especially AI chatbots, can help reduce operational costs, save time, improve your customer service and boost customer loyalty.

Automating the chat support process, these intelligent tools in an AI mobile app can decipher customer queries, respond to them, fetch relevant information, and communicate with the users in a contextual manner 24/7.

You will be thrilled to know that AI chatbots are likely to help the banking, retail, and healthcare sectors save $11 billion annually by 2023. So, if you have not integrated AI chatbots in apps yet, connect to a reliable AI mobile app development service provider and do it now! 


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High Return On Investment

AI puts monotonous work on auto-pilot! Yes, it helps the developers focus more on creating the apps rather than investing their time in repetitive tasks like data entry, financial activities, and other back-office work.

Plus, AI technology in the app development business is the key to ensuring better resource utilization and getting more work done to boost productivity.

Its ability to learn from patterns and obtain real-time data makes AI an effective technology for performing routine tasks. A study states that companies like Alphabet and Baidu have invested $20-$30 million in AI to transform their application development operations.

Acting like humans, AI can carry out functions like collecting and transferring data from the systems to the records, updating the customers’ files with new data or changes, etc., with 100% accuracy.

So yes, AI integration in app development can ensure a quick and high return on investment through robotic process automation.


Object Detection

Last but not least! If your mobile app has something to do with leveraging visuals in any way, then image recognition, one of the many applications of AI, can help your app identify objects, locations, people, and other relevant objects.

Considering the rapid increase of data on the internet, apps with image recognition features can make the life of users easier.

For example, if your app is related to the insurance industry, integrating image recognition technology can increase the speed of claim processing and underwriting tasks. For example, AI in mobile apps can quickly and accurately assess the damages from photos and even analyze risks by scanning social media.

For apps dedicated to healthcare professionals, AI-enabled object detection or image recognition can help with better diagnosis. For example, healthcare staff can quickly scan or upload a photo of a potential anomaly, and AI algorithms can suggest a diagnosis by analyzing the picture.


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Ready To Implement AI In Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are expected to generate a whopping $935 billion in revenue by 2025!

And this promising future of AI and app development is enough to explain why you need to focus on making your mobile apps well-tailored enough to ensure it connects your target audience with your products and services instantly.

You see, the way users interact with apps is changing drastically. Hence, unless your app gives a positive user experience, there’s no hope for it to be in business for long!

And it is through the use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development that you can achieve all these and more!

If you are all set to incorporate AI in app development, contact us, an AI mobile app development company, now! We have a team of expert developers who can make intelligent and future-ready mobile apps within your budget!

Let us help you beat your competitors and stay at the top!

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