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Outstanding B2B Customer Experience: 7 Ways You Can Achieve It

By Joey Ricard - September 23, 2022


b2b customer experience

Gone are the days when customer experience used to be critical only for the B2C industries! In 2022, ensuring a positive customer experience is crucial also for the B2B space!

As a B2B company, when you stay on top of your customer needs, you deliver a fantastic B2B customer experience; it helps you stand out from your competitors and creates a base of satisfied, happy, and thus loyal customers.

In today’s changing market environment, B2B customer experience management serves as an essential tool for B2B firms to outrank their products and services from others and incur better Rates of Investment (ROI).

So are you a B2B firm that understands that ensuring a great b2b customer experience is the key to success these days but clueless about how you can achieve this?

Then this article is for you! Here we have discussed some easy yet super effective ways to ensure quality B2B CX that has become the biggest factor for getting customers for b2b organizations and ensuring humongous growth!


What Makes Customer Experience Important In B2B?

Do you know that as per the b2b customer experience statistics by Statista, most B2B organizations have reported customer experience as the primary differentiator for them in the global marketplace?

But sadly, 51% of the B2B brands do not have a clear CX strategy, something crucial for shaping the future of their B2B business by engaging and retaining clients! After all, even Sherlock needed clients to be the jack of his trade!

Especially at a time like this, when customer loyalty is hard to achieve, when you know that ensuring a solid customer experience is the key to success, why not go for it?

Remember, an impressive B2B customer service experience can drive sales and encourage customers to spend more money on your products/services. One of the best b2b companies with the best customer experience can be Apple (considering its B2B aspects), which provides optimum customer satisfaction at every step! Plus, there are also other b2b customer experience examples like HubSpot, FedEx, Bell Canada, etc.


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How To Take The B2B Customer Experience Journey To The Next Level!

Now that the competition between B2B brands has gotten as intense as that of Roger Federer v/s Rafael Nadal, check out the best practices you can implement to outperform the competitors, connect with the target audience, provide better customer value propositions, and enhance brand awareness!


Prioritize Customer Experience

First and foremost, make the B2B customer experience your priority! If you consider it of secondary importance, you can never really master it! Focus on creating customer-centric business strategies and channel all your efforts towards ensuring a nice B2B customer experience.

Be it phone calls or web ads, email marketing campaigns, or billboards – all have something to contribute towards shaping and improving the perception and experience of your customers. So prioritize creating a customer-centric vision and maintain it throughout every step and process of your B2B organization.


Build a Solid B2B CX Team

Delivering a solid B2B customer experience requires a well-trained team who will understand customer demands, expectations, and behaviors. Though B2B is way different than B2C, still, having a dedicated CX team can help you achieve better ROI. 

Such dedicated teams usually include a CX manager who will identify the flaws of the operations to make the experience of your business buyers seamless. A Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) will understand customer emotions by analyzing their voices.

Lastly, process associates can be the icing on the cake as they can help you to implement the most suitable and apt B2B customer experience strategies across the organization. Yes, the process may sound demanding, but the benefits are worth it!


Customer experience is crucial for endorsing your brand value and boosting sales. Learn more about how you can improve your B2B customer experience!


Optimize Your Website

A website is a vital point for the B2B customer journey CX. We can help you create a stellar website with our professional web designing and development service if you haven’t created it yet! After all, it is the ultimate digital storefront for your B2B business!

But in case you already have an online presence, don’t you think it should be thoroughly optimized? So that your customers can easily navigate your website regardless of any limitations! Websites with usability and accessibility issues always take a toll on sales. 

So, optimize its usability and accessibility right now by following all the website accessibility guidelines and taking care of necessary usability measures.


Resolve CX Issues Fast

Have you ever resolved a customer issue before your customer even sees it or realizes it? If yes, then well done! Being proactive in resolving customer issues is one of the most effective ways of creating a positive B2B customer experience and boosting customer loyalty.

Monitoring where the clients are in their b2b customer journey, preparing for the probable roadblocks ahead, and resolving the CX-related issues beforehand helps to navigate away from the approaching pain points in advance and ensure a positive client experience.


Deliver Personalized Experiences

As customers, we expect consumer brands to know about our preferences, right? Well, the same goes for the B2B businesses too!

The B2B customers today expect a more personalized and humanized experience with the B2B firms they are buying a service/product from, as it reduces complexities and helps the customers make the right decision.

So you see, to craft a positive and satisfying B2B customer experience, you must learn to anticipate customer expectations. Some of the best ways to do that are by building relationships, analyzing operational data, and using the latest tools and technologies like AI to gather and map data from every interaction with every customer.


Connect With Customers In Real-Time

Reports show that 80% of business buyers these days expect B2B companies to interact and respond in real-time. Whether it is questions, queries, or complaints, B2B customers want instant responses. 

Especially in B2B sales, customers have higher expectations than B2C consumers. And to meet their expectations, nothing can come in more handy than the Live Chat option on your website and social media! 

While Live Chat works great as a quick channel for real-time communication with B2B customers, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram work excellently in providing clients with a speedy response. As per one 2020 LinkedIn State of Sales report, 75% of B2B buyers get influenced by social media.


Create A Customer Feedback Loop

Every B2B company is different from the others. Naturally, their target audience is also different from one another. You must be aware of the specific needs of your target customer base to deliver an ideal b2b customer experience and compete with the other B2B businesses operating in your niche. 

So how can you do that? Well, you can always compare what you are offering and how you are offering it against your competitors. But the best way to find out what customers think about your business and what needs to be improved is by creating a customer feedback loop for collecting, analyzing, and distributing the customer feedback.


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Final Thought

Ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction is not every B2B organization’s cup of tea!

Even though a B2B organization delivers great products and services, the customers may still choose its competitors over it if it fails to create a winning B2B customer experience!

As a reliable and reputed B2B organization, we, Klizo Solutions, know the importance of ensuring a solid CX these days and always try to ensure that every product/service we offer fulfills our client’s expectations. 

We have years of experience in creating a variety of amazing B2B solutions that have not only made a place in the minds of our target audience but also won their hearts!

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

Klizo Solutions was founded by Joseph Ricard, a serial entrepreneur from America who has spent over ten years working in India, developing innovative tech solutions, building good teams, and admirable processes. And today, he has a team of over 50 super-talented people with him and various high-level technologies developed in multiple frameworks to his credit.