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Best Company in Kolkata for Software Developers

By Joey Ricard - December 21, 2021


Best Company in Kolkata for Software Developers

We will cover how Klizo Solutions is the best company in kolkata for software developers. What makes a good company for software developers? How do you identify a professional software development company versus small development shops?

We will help you identify the right company to either hire software developers, or even the right company to start your software development career. 


“How do I identify a good software development company?” – When finding the right development team, ask more than the technical questions.


There are plenty of companies in India that will take your money, make promises of delivering you some software, website, or mobile app; but sometimes you have to ask other questions to find the right development partner. Klizo Solutions is a company that focuses on making the best software developers in Kolkata India.

 Are they product focused at all? 

What is the longest project they have worked on? 

Can you have a conversation with one of the directors or founders? 

A lot of outsource companies that are developing apps may just “burn and churn” and not truly focus on the products they produce. We actually enjoy focusing on developing our own products. This means we take pride in our work. 

Some of our clients have projects that we have worked on for over 3 years. Companies that have long standing relationships that are productive for their clients, and their clients are growing, are development companies that you can also talk to. Those long term relationships speak for themselves.

Lots of development companies in India seem to have a large disconnect between the development teams and the directors. If the founder truly is passionate about building software and enjoys working with the team, he or she would enjoy getting on a call with you. If the founder is passionate, it can help to truly develop the idea and software product you are trying to create.


“Where should a software developer start?” – The path to becoming a software guru is not a fast journey.


I understand, you may be thinking “I am new to software development, and I am new to the industry. I am a fresher, and in India, I am trying to find a software development company to work at so that I can get experience and grow into a senior developer.” Well, starting out is hard. Finding the right team is hard. Growing with the right company is hard as well. We are here to help you with that.

If you are starting your career, working in person gives you so much more opportunity to grow as an individual. 

Work From Home (WFH) versus Work From Office (WFO), the ability to work in an office and properly collaborate with other team members and grow as a person is big when you are programming and need help understanding API Documentation, SDKs, or new frameworks. The ability to work with senior developers and get the proper technical guidance is important. 

Companies like ours are not working out of Google Sheets, we use real enterprise tools. Get coffee with someone at the company, and pick their brain. See if they can help you get an interview with the company. See if they can tell you what technical stacks they are developing in. Ask them what tools they use, what skills you can learn to be better qualified for the job. 

At our company we use tools like Slack for online collaboration in teams. We use Google Suite for managing documents, email, basic in house applications. Most larger enterprise companies use large scale tools like Jira which is used for agile development. They would also use tools like Git to manage source control and code repositories. Klizo Solutions uses BitBucket, Jira, Slack, Google Tools, AWS, data pipelines, and has a DevOps team to help coordinate the development environments.

What development style should you use? Klizo Solutions actually focuses on an Agile development structure. We use Kanban Boards, we hold daily or weekly meetings and scrums. The scrums help to build out timelines for tasks, clarity for issues, team support for bottle necks or resistance that may come up. Our process allows us to help mold even the most seasoned developers into high quality talent that are more than qualified at some of the largest NGOs in the world. Our developers leave for jobs they could only dream of before they joined our company. 

Is leaving our company good? That all depends on the developers goals, personal and professional. As a company we are proud of the talent we have molded and created through our high level of expectations as the best software development company in Kolkata, but there is a secret to working here; The best things come to those who put in the time and build value in the company. 


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“What makes Klizo Solutions the Best Development Company In Kolkata?” – The secret that some know about our company.


We were founded by a serial entrepreneur from America, Joey Ricard. Joey has spent over 15 years working throughout India with many startups. Over the years, he partnered with one of the highest qualified female directors in Kolkata, Supriya Patra. Supriya has spent years perfecting her training and teaching others how to become leaders in the software development space. She has hired hundreds of high level developers, mobile developers, and software engineers in Kolkata and remotely in India. 

Because of the duality of these two directors, the energy that is created in the company is something that spills into the teams, their products, and the code. 

Klizo Solutions provides services of software development to limited clients, and only through an interview process. Most of the development and focus is applied to the products they create in-house. 

They don’t do it for the dollars. They do it for the value. 

Their ideals and dreams have rubbed off on the team and have had them focused on producing value first products. This allows us as a company to build things that solve problems and helps our software developers truly code things with passion. 

The best software developers in Kolkata enjoy building “things” that build value and prove their skills. The best companies that develop amazing software products convert their internal projects into big wins for the company. When the company wins big, the employees win big. We are focused on building amazing talent in Kolkata, and building an amazing team of engineers that love software development and want to grow and focus on that.

Our company Klizo Solutions currently has over 50 employees and is rated 5 stars on Glass Door by our team. We are are rated 4.7 stars on Google Reviews. We have multiple clients that have worked with us for over a year. Some clients even after their development work is done will take on other services with us. The value our team gets from working together is far more than just a salary. We have some amazing software being developed, and when it launches, you will hear about it!


Connect with us! Let’s chat about how we can help.

If you want to know more about all the services we do, reach out and contact us! We can connect you with one of the founders and it would probably help you understand some more of the amazing things we can do for you.  You still need to think about it? maybe read the article 13 Reasons Why to Hire Indian Software Development Companies.

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

Klizo Solutions was founded by Joseph Ricard, a serial entrepreneur from America who has spent over ten years working in India, developing innovative tech solutions, building good teams, and admirable processes. And today, he has a team of over 50 super-talented people with him and various high-level technologies developed in multiple frameworks to his credit.