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13 Reasons Why Hire Indian Software Development Companies

By Joey Ricard - September 20, 2021


13 reasons why businesses hire indian software development companies- Klizo Solutions

Driven by bleeding-edge tech, businesses are always in search of innovative software. In 2021, businesses all over the world are looking into outsourcing to a reliable software development company.

As we know, IT outsourcing is a budget-friendly approach. It helps businesses focus on their core competencies and let them stay on top of their competition while scaling their businesses. 

According to a study, app development has been the most frequently outsourced IT function in 2021. More than 65% of businesses outsource at least a part of their app development.

As soon as businesses decide to choose an outsourcing partner, the first question that comes to their mind is, “Is India the best country to outsource software development services?” Among the countries worldwide, India is one of the best outsourcing destinations for software development. Now you may wonder why India! Here is the answer to that.


Business benefits of outsourcing to Indian software development companies


Indian developers are talented and reliable. These talents are always in search of the right opportunities to get exposure. Hiring Indian developers improves the efficiency of your business work process, which increases the revenue with minimum investment. 

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of the European and US businesses ranked India as their desired spot to outsource software development.


#1 Pool of talent

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India has remained at the top when it comes to its vast pool of skilled and talented human resources. In India, approximately 3.1 million students are being added to the workforce every year. It has even compelled big companies like Google to develop a new R&D (Research and Development) Center in this country. 

Billions of dollars worth of companies like CISCO, Oracle, and HP have chosen India for outsourcing because of the ease in availing talented resources and obtaining expected results in quick turnaround times.


#2 More time to focus on business


Outsourcing software development to Indian companies allows you to utilize time and resources to focus on your core business activities. These include sales, accounting, marketing, etc. 

Conduct proper research and find a reliable Indian development company that suits your business needs. It will serve to streamline your business operations, improve efficiency and productivity. 


#3 Proficiency in English


Indian developers gain a higher level of education to communicate effectively over all mediums of interactions. Regardless of the geographical hurdles, top-quality developers of India always find themselves occupied with the bulk of work coming their way. It is also a fact that many companies choose an offshore software development company based on language compatibility.


#4 Indian developers are cost-effective 


By hiring Indian developers, businesses can decrease their IT spending by 30%. Do you know the IT hub of India (which is Bangalore) is 150% cheaper than the overall cost of living in California? To conclude the point, hiring Indian developers means hiring a well-educated and talented pool of developers without denting your costing analysis.


#5 Good attitude towards work

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Do you know, more than 1.5 million engineers are produced in India every year? 

These engineers have the solid technical knowledge and possess the right attitude to work. Developers of India are not simply hardworking, but they work smartly too. 

They smartly work their way into the projects to ensure they innovate and give their extra in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). When developers possess this attitude, companies find themselves in a profitable position.


#6 Benefits of time-zone differences


Because of the time difference between other countries and India, software companies of India can work around the clock. As a result, they can deliver work on time. 

Businesses need projects to get completed before the deadline. If they don’t, they will not have time to market. Hiring an Indian development company means you can live 24×7. It can be a costly proposition, so it suits best for big companies.


#7 Quality work


Clients may get attracted to Indian companies because of low prices, but clients stick to them because of good quality. It is the main reason Indian companies hold the number one slot for software development. 

A reliable Indian development company like ours focuses on delivering the goods and ensures that you get complete assistance at every stage. We guarantee that software adjusts to changing business needs.


#8 Diversity


Indian developers are known for offering multiple services. Keeping in mind their large youth population, you can find a reliable development company that specializes in:


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#9 Flexibility


It is one of the main reasons why businesses hire Indian developers. Because they provide high flexibility, you can hire experts and developers at low prices (a price within your budget).


#10 24×7 Support 


The Indian developers can deliver their services round the clock. Even if there is a difference in time zones, the Indian developers are accustomed to working around the clock. You can hire software development companies without any worries because they will work day and night to complete your project. 


#11 No additional or hidden charges


When you hire a reliable Indian development company, you can rest without worrying about hidden charges because there would be none. You get complete transparency that helps you make the right decision. 


#12 Improve time to market


As discussed, businesses need their projects to be completed before the turnaround time because it provides plenty of time for marketing and promotions. Access to experienced professionals enables fast development of ideas into concepts and delivery of your product.


#13 Stable government IT policies


The IT industry is considered one of India’s top five priority industries. The policies that the Indian government offers are favorable for outsourcing to India. The Indian government also offers several tax-related benefits to support the growth of the IT industry. 


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Wrapping up


Now you know why companies consider outsourcing to India. Businesses hire Indian software developers to witness immense growth in productivity and profits. And they also gain a competitive edge over other competitors. Ultimately, It helps to position their business to the heights of the market. 

As a reliable Indian development company, Klizo Solutions has expert developers who offer multiple services worldwide. We have helped many startups and scale-ups to transform and assist their business to grow. 

If you are looking to outsource your software development projects, contact us!


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Joey Ricard

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