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11 Applications Of ChatGPT Bot That Will Make You Say Ooh-La-La

By Joey Ricard - January 5, 2023


11 Applications Of ChatGPT Bot That Will Make You Say Ooh-La-La 1

ChatGPT bot has been in the news for the past few weeks now! People are going gaga over using this fantastic AI-based chatbot. 

Launched by OpenAI, a newly developed AI research and deployment company that aims to create simplified AI solutions for the benefit of all humanity, ChatGPT is a chatbot specializing in dialogue that provides real-time information to complex user prompts.

Exploring the abilities of this language-processing tool is making us anticipate a revolution in how we experience the internet, search and access information.

Within five days after its release, ChatGPT crossed over 1 million users and left people wanting more! Is it not impressive already? After all, other releases like Netflix, Twitter, and even Facebook took years to months to reach 1 million users!

And in this article today, we will shed some light on the many cool things that ChatGPT can do and explore the opportunities OpenAI and ChatGPT present for your business!


Gives Answers To Questions Like Google

ChatGPT Bot has become so popular that some experts compared it with Google, saying it can dethrone Google as everyone’s go-to web search platform. Some of them are going to the extent of calling it the “Google Killer.” And there is indeed a reason for it! 

In between coding and fixing bugs, ChatGPT can answer everything instantly. The language processing of ChatGPT is so good that it analyzes the user input and shares the answer within seconds. 

Plus, the Large Language Model (LLM) that ChatGPT runs on is one of the most powerful autocomplete technologies in the world. It carries on conversations based on the facts, sentences, and dialogue samples it is fed voraciously. 

Just like Google, ChatGPT Bot does not understand what it serves up. Instead of being truthful, both Google and ChatGPT’s models strategize to be plausible or presumably relevant.

Chat GPT

Writes Ideas For Parties And Decorations

We all get stuck trying to come up with exciting and unique party ideas. Sometimes we even rile up our brains looking for inspiration about house decoration. But with OpenAI and ChatGPT, you can get exciting and innovative party ideas in a moment.

Just ask the chatbot to share some party and house decoration themes, and it will make your jaw drop by giving you ideas that could have taken hours to think of by yourself! 

For instance, we asked the AI bot to suggest some ideas for Christmas. And this is what we got!


Does Coding

Whether you are a techie or a noob trying to learn new programming languages, ChatGPT Bot can surprise you big time once you know that OpenAI solves coding problems!

ChatGPT can now write code for a specific problem. Just ask the chatbot to complete the task, no matter how complex your request is, and it will give you a response within seconds. 

For example, when we asked ChatGPT to make an HTTP request in Javascript, it took hardly a few seconds to write the code!

Additionally, you can ask the bot to develop a code in a specific programming language, and it will not disappoint you.

To make you believe what we are saying, we have asked the bot to write code that can check the prime number in Python. And the result is accurate AF!


Debugs Code

Finding bugs in codes is a hassle for sure. It tests your patience and eats up your valuable time. But what if we tell you with OpenAI and ChatGPT, you can easily find those annoying bugs and fix your codes within a few seconds? 

Yes, you heard it right! One of the main features of this chatbot is that it helps debug codes and spots potential vulnerabilities that might impact your project in the future. 

So, go ahead! Command the bot to check a piece of code for you and fix it! Here is an example of how ChatGPT can help you debug your codes!

ChatGPT Bot

Functions As A Linux Terminal 

One of the coolest things about ChatGPT programming is that you can use it as a Linux terminal. 

You can easily create files by putting in the relevant prompts and instructions. Plus, you can even write and execute the codes within the terminal. 

To enjoy such mind-blowing features, put in a dedicated instruction, and the chatbot will follow it accordingly.

ChatGpt Bot

Makes You Laugh Out Loud/ Tells Jokes

Along with helping you carry out serious tasks, ChatGPT has a hilarious side, too! It can generate funny content, create funny tones and even tell jokes.

Yes, ChatGPT Bot lets you create witty content, sets a tone that engages readers, and tickles their funny bones. 

ChatGPT Twit

You have to agree that AI-based solutions are actually pretty awesome as ChatGPT here can even explain the jokes it tells on request.

Here’s an example of how witty the ChatGPT bot can be.


Acts As A Virtual Cloud

ChatGPT acts as a connection between complex prompts and cloud-based language processing outputs. The platform is basically a virtual cloud!

The demand for cloud computing is increasing rapidly, and people are getting used to such software to find solutions to their problems. So ChatGPT Bot is building a bridge to assist the users through the data it stores.

We think it’s pretty cool and fun! It can put together a language processing system to answer all sorts of questions within seconds.

ChatGPT bot

Explains Things in a Particular Style 

We all like some fun at work. And it seems ChatGPT can help you with that, too! 

Just command the chatbot to explain a subject in a specific style, and it will fulfill your wishes. 

Hence, we asked ChatGPT Bot to explain JavaScript using American slang to see how this AI bot works. And guess what! The output we got totally entertained us! 

ChatGPT bot uses

Writes Marketing Plans 

If you are stuck with creating a marketing plan and all the ideas look common, give ChatGPT a try. The bot comes up with creative ideas to fill up your content calendar. 

It gives you essential pointers that can be useful while developing a marketing plan for your business. 

We commanded the chatbot to create a marketing plan for December. And we like how the AI bot explained the steps.

Marketing plan with ChatGPT

Provides Accurate Answers To Assignment And Homework

ChatGPT Bot can guide you and deliver correct answers, whether it is for your homework or monthly assignments. This advanced AI chatbot is one of those AI-based solutions that let you get all the necessary answers through simple commands.

When we asked the bot to show some journal entries, it gave the correct answers, and not only that, it shared an explanation about the entries as well!

Accurate Answers To Assignment

Writes Music 

We got super impressed when we tried writing songs with the help of ChatGPT. We think ChatGPT Bot can make anything possible now!

We asked the bot to write a song on a random topic, and the result we got was, no doubt, decent.

Plus, the bot does not stop there. It also shares chords for the song to help you compose it.

Here goes an example of the music we created with it.

Writes Music with ChatGPT

A Bonus Application: Use It As Your Whatsapp Companion

Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. Now we cannot imagine starting a day without checking our WhatsApp notifications.

OpenAI took this opportunity and integrated its ChatGPT bot within WhatsApp. 

Now you can easily use ChatGPT as your companion and chat with it whenever you feel bored! It will entertain you with funny jokes, enlighten you with interesting facts, and impress you with its language processing capabilities.

Use It As Your Whatsapp Companion

Limitations Of The Hottest Platform 

ChatGPT is trained to understand human inputs using the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) model. However, the data collection setup of the bot is slightly different. It makes ChatGPT Bot limited in terms of sharing factual data. 

Although it is a mind-boggling revelation in the tech industry, the ChatGPT bot has its fair share of limitations!

  • ChatGPT sometimes provides misleading, nonsensical, and incorrect information. 
  • ChatGPT is sensitive when it comes to tweaking information. It only rephrases the question when it fails to provide a correct answer. 
  • Sometimes this AI-based chatbot shares biased answers by overusing specific phrases. 
  • It also fails to ask clarifying questions about the input and instead tries to guess what the user intends. 
  • It sometimes exhibits biased content, which can influence harmful or violent behaviors.

These issues that ChatGPT Bot has are serious. It will take some time for the ChatGPT bot to become a jack of all trades!


Wrapping Up

After knowing the cool things you can do by using ChatGPT, are you not excited to use this chatbot right away? Damn, you must be!

After all, it lets you do all kinds of mind-blowing stuff like writing a script for a short movie, writing code, debugging those codes with apt solutions, extracting data from text, writing an essay for your final year, and the list goes on!

However, before you totally depend on it for coding or content generation, be aware that it has its share of challenges. You might get biased and even incorrect answers from the ChatGPT bot. We know it’s “scarily brilliant”. But it is not perfect yet! 

So, while we wait for the ChatGPT Bot 4 model, let us consider this AI tool a huge step towards a more tech-driven era and continue exploring and using it wherever it can help!

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