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Advancing The Real Estate Business With AI Chatbots

By Joey Ricard - May 10, 2022


AI Chatbot

Many people get in touch with real estate businesses or agencies daily. But not all of them qualify as leads who are potential buyers. As a result, most of the staff working in the real estate industry waste a lot of time answering the same questions again and again!

Plus, there is a high chance that people will only ask questions, feed their curiosity, and leave. Half of them are not even looking to invest in real estate! That is where the AI chatbots or AI-powered real estate chatbots come to the rescue. They help real estate businesses filter out potential leads while improving engagement and increasing sales.

Over the years, chatbots have been through a complete revolution. Now they are incorporated into almost every field. Whether you realize it or not, chatbots are quite a big part of our everyday lives. From Skype to Facebook Messenger- we use it all the time. While some chatbots help us plan and schedule our daily lives, some help us have fun.

But in the real estate sector, a real estate bot can do a lot more than you can imagine. Let us find that out here!


Chatbots Winning Over Different Industries

The implementation of chatbots in industries like eCommerce, healthcare, hospitality, etc., has brought significant improvements, especially in terms of client engagement and ROI. Data analysis and insights can be at their peak with the help of chatbots. These can help companies make decisions based on their statistical analysis of sales, trends, marketing, new launches, how a product/service is doing in the market, etc.

However, the concept of AI chatbots does not fit right with every field. They have not been of much use in some industries, which led some people to declare them as nothing but a fad. But, if used in the right way and in the right place, chatbots can be the new way of doing business. One such industry is real estate. Let us see how incorporating a real estate AI chatbot can help the industry fetch better business and benefits!




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The Reality of AI Chatbots In The Real Estate Industry

The amalgamation of real estate and technology, in the form of AI chatbots in real estate, has proven to be a blessing for the real estate industry. Whether it is an agent, investor, or a potential buyer- a chatbot can assist them in curing their curiosity while saving time and money at the same time. Here is an example of how a real estate chatbot can convert possible leads from grounded beans into a fresh cup of coffee in no time!

Suppose a visitor is eager to move to a new area and is looking for information. And on the opposite side, an owner is trying to sell his place in the same area. In both these situations, either side needs a fast response. However, when dealing with an agent or developer in charge of listings and making sales reach marketing targets, etc., finding information that will meet the customer requirements can be very time-consuming.

In all seriousness, turning a potential lead into an authentic sale from scratch is not only time-consuming but also uncertain. You have no idea whether you will be successful or not! As a result, you need to grab as many leads as you can, to avoid failure and ensure a stable conduit of your business on time. And because most sellers and buyers are doing their business online, it becomes frugal to integrate AI in real estate in the form of personalized chatbots to create a natural and effective sales funnel. 


The Perks Of Having AI Chatbots In Real Estate

Let us look at some of the benefits of chatbots in real estate and how they can help the real estate industry to advance:


Prompt Responses

A chatbot can help deliver instant replies to the client queries via any messaging platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. According to reports, Chatbots can help save up to 30% of customer support costs. At the same time, clients do not have to wait for answers. Plus, no more filling out the long and tedious paperwork to access information about a property. The chatbot in real estate has transformed the process of selling, buying, or renting property by converting lengthy, undeviating forms into interactive sessions.


Lead Generation

AI chatbots automate a lot of real estate sale processes. And by doing so, they ensure that they drive growth even when the company shuts its lights off for the evening! By answering the queries, engaging with the website visitors, and connecting the clients with the agents when needed, chatbots grab the client’s attention at the right moment to boost lead generation.


Lead Conversion

In this digital world, leads get converted from their online presence. Therefore, one cannot simply break up with all the traffic they have gained, as it can hamper their business. And this is where chatbots kick in and help collect all those online leads, beginning the process of converting leads into clients.

By offering a highly relevant and personalized experience, AI chatbots boost conversion. A real estate messenger bot increases the chances of connecting a potential renter/buyer with a property that meets their requirement and encourages them to take action right away, boosting sales! On the contrary, when your real estate website has no chatbot, users may face difficulty in finding what they are looking for easily. As a result, users may move on to your competitor’s site, something a real estate business never wants.


24*7 Availability

The real estate agents are available only for a certain amount of time, and your clients might not get them whenever they want. But chatbots are available 24*7 and can provide the clients with any information at any time of the day. It can also help speed up the response rate and answer almost 80% of regular queries


Answering FAQs

Often, a chunk of customer queries to a real estate business turn out to be simple questions, the answers of which are usually on the FAQ page of the website or in the property listings. But many times, people neither bother to go through the listed FAQs nor are website-savvy enough to check the FAQ page. In such scenarios, chatbots, a way of using artificial intelligence in real estate, work great in answering routine questions, no matter how many times people ask them.


Customized Offers

Every client is different from the previous one, and their requirements vary, too, when it comes to looking for a property. Now, chatbots provide each individual with a set of questions that helps each client get a more customized experience.


Filter Better Leads

We already mentioned that not all the queries qualify for potential leads. And this can lead to the wastage of time and effort. But AI chatbots can filter out the unnecessary and select only those who qualify as potential clients by analyzing the user behavior. Therefore, we can say that when a real estate business partners with technology and implements AI chatterbots, the brokers communicate with only the qualified leads, giving their service to those who need it the most.


Computerized Scheduling

Imagine a lead is qualified as a potential client by the chatbot. Now, the AI chatbot can also help schedule a home tour automatically. If an individual wants a more intricate conversation, then chatbots can help them introduce themselves to an agent. Remember, chatbots are not here to replace the agents or brokers! They are here to simplify their work so that the agents/brokers can give their attention to those who qualify as leads!


Implicit Follow-Ups

Customers these days want a seamless and smooth experience from the companies they engage with. They feel encouraged when they get real-time replies to their queries and expect customized suggestions or recommendations from the brand, even a follow-up! And guess what, you can enable chatbots to send automated and timely follow-up responses to their clients via their choice of medium- be it email, text, or social media.


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Wrapping Up

Implementing AI-enabled chatbots in real estate is a smart and successful business idea as this generation is all about high-tech systems! AI chatbots are becoming a priority to cater to the services and qualify for the competitive real estate market. 

Do you want to step up your game and join the revolutionary bandwagon of AI chatbots for your real estate business? If yes, then hit us up at Klizo Solutions today. No need to choose from random real estate chatbot templates, as our team can help you develop the coolest chatbots ever as per your needs!

After all, if implementing an AI-enabled real estate chatbot can transform your whole game, then why not!!

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Joey Ricard

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