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10 Trending Technologies Transforming The World Around You In 2023

By Joey Ricard - May 18, 2023


trending technologies

Redefining possibilities and opening up endless new opportunities, technology has become so intertwined with our day-to-day lives.

And as a tech futurist, it’s our duty to look ahead and bring you the latest news of the latest and recent trends in technology and their advancements that can shape the future!

And that’s why in this article today, we have listed some of the latest trending technologies that are full of potential to shape the world around us, transform industries and enhance business processes in 2023 and beyond!

Here, you will get to know everything about the latest trending technologies to determine which techs you’ll need to adopt right away!

So, without wasting another second, let’s dive into the realm of current technology trends!


AI Is Everywhere

In the last few years, AI has been the talk of the town and one of the trending technologies! And this year also, especially after the massive rise and popularity of generative AI models, AI has become one of the latest technology trends. Even as much as that, not adapting AI can determine the fate of your business, whether it will live or die!

In 2022, 37% of companies and organizations were already using AI. In 2023 AI is likely to become more widely adopted in most organizations! After all, AI enables more intelligent services and products, contactless delivery and shopping, maximized SEO efforts, and augmented jobs across industries. 

Thanks to the AI-as-a-Service and No code AI, more and more businesses will leverage AI power to enhance and refine their business processes, analyze data, step up their customer support game, get smart solutions to their tricky problems, and make smarter business decisions.

10 Trending Technologies Transforming The World Around You In 2023 1

Not the mention, the rise of AI agents and the AI language models like ChatGPT are already boosting business productivity and efficiency through their coding, content writing, and task execution assistance. And with each passing day, these language models are getting more refined, and they are likely to pave the path for further AI advancements and the worldwide adoption of generative AI tools like GPT 4, Lensa AI, Midjourney, DALL-E, etc. 


Advancements In Metaverse

Do you know that by 2030, the metaverse is likely to add around $5 trillion to the global economy? And it’s indeed a piece of trending tech news!!

While more and more companies have already started using metaverse technologies like AR and VR for employee onboarding and training, improving products, and collaborating with consumers, parts of metaverse are likely to become a reality in 2023 and one of the trending technologies.

 trending technologies
Gaming in a metaverse environment

Plus, extended reality (all technologies that stimulate reality, such as AR, VR, and MR) is getting massively popular among gamers, the retail sector, the education sector, medical specialists, luxury, and modeling. Consultancy giants like Accenture have already created “Nth Floor”, a metaverse for conducting online training and employee onboarding. Nvidia and Microsoft are also developing metaverse platforms for digital collaboration.

new technology inventions

Though it’s a long way to witness the hybrid digital universe, a new upcoming technology that will merge virtual and physical reality like never before, 2023 seems to lay the foundation for it and become the year defining the direction of its growth in the next decade!


Progress Of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the next-gen of the internet, where we can do more things with our data and digital assets as users can interact with decentralized applications (DApps) that run on peer-to-peer networks without intermediaries. As one of the latest technology trends 2023, it promises to empower users with more control, privacy, and ownership of their data and digital assets, enabling new forms of collaboration and innovation. 

So, be ready to witness the significant progress of blockchain technology now that more companies are creating more decentralized products and services and exploring the possibilities and benefits this new paradigm has to offer!

top 10 technology trends

Web 3.0 uses blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and decentralized storage and identity solutions to make everything more secure, transparent, and innovative. These technologies allow users to create, exchange, and participate in the creation and governance of DApps and communities.

Web 3.0 is not only a technological revolution. As one of the latest information technology trends, it is also a social and cultural revolution since it can transform various sectors and domains such as finance, media, art, gaming, education, health care, and more!

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Green Technology

We all know that we must put a brake on carbon emissions to tackle the increasing carbon crisis. What if we tell you this year is likely to continue the progress toward sustainable and green tech solutions and turn them into one of the most trending technologies of 2023??

Yes, while we will witness more advancements in the development of decentralized power grids boosting distributed energy generation, the progress around green hydrogen (a clean-burning source of energy) will continue to ensure zero greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, European energy companies like RWE and Shell are building green pipelines from wind firms in the North Sea. This year, nine countries have pledged to turn the North Sea into Europe’s biggest green power plant.

Renewable energy power grid architecture
Renewable energy power grid architecture

For example, European energy companies like RWE and Shell are building green pipelines from wind firms in the North Sea. This year, nine countries have pledged to turn the North Sea into Europe’s biggest green power plant.

top new technologies

And more decentralized energy initiatives are being taken to democratize power and decrease carbon emissions! Even the growing adaptation of electric vehicles in 2023 and houses using solar or renewable energies shows our determination to ensure a sustainable tech-driven future!

Gene Editing

They say nothing is constant but change. And here we are in a tech-driven world where we can modify anything, from materials to plants to humans, by changing their genetic code, another one of the trending technologies!

Courtesy of nanotechnology, we can now create materials with new properties, such as resisting water and healing themselves.

trending tech news

CRISPR-Cas9, a genome editing tool, is a technology that has been used for some time. But in 2023, it will become faster and more powerful to let us “edit nature” by changing DNA. Gene editing can fix DNA errors, prevent food allergies, improve crop health, or even alter human features like eye and hair color.

Plus, with genomics, we can unlock the secrets of your genetic code and use it to improve your well-being and prevent problems before they arise. We can even use genomics to modify plants, animals, and materials to create new possibilities and solutions. Imagine having crops that are more nutritious and resilient, animals that are healthier and happier, and materials that are smarter and stronger!

Quantum Computing

Would you like a computer that can solve problems a trillion times faster than the best ones we have today? That’s what quantum computing, one of the latest technology trends, promises to do! And the world is racing to master this technological leap.

top new technologies
Google Quantum Computer

Quantum computing uses tiny particles(qubits) that can exist in two states at once, giving the computers incredible power and speed. It can help make faster and smarter decisions and save time and money.

For example, the multinational corporation IBM already has 20 quantum computers around the world that customers can access through the cloud. Goldman Sachs, a global investment bank, uses quantum computing to improve its financial services.

top new technologies

Yes, quantum computing is a game-changer for the world of technology. And in 2023, more countries are investing in this trending technology to ace the race of developing quantum computing at scale.

Humanized Robots & Automation

Robots are becoming more capable and versatile each year! In 2023, it won’t be wrong to expect a world where robots look like humans and can do all kinds of tasks for us. Humanized robots are one of the top 10 technology trends after all!

From helping us with the house chores like lifting heavy objects or watering the plants to serving drinks at bars, caring for the elderlies, working in factories and warehouses, and greeting guests at events – they can now do it all!

One of the companies leading the way in creating human-like robots is Tesla. In 2022, Tesla unveiled two prototypes of the Optimus humanoid robot, likely to be available for orders in the next few years. According to reports, the Optimus robot can perform simple tasks that humans may find repetitive, dull, or dangerous.

Optimus by Tesla
Optimus by Tesla

Plus, AI robots are faster and more consistent than humans. They can mimic human actions on computers, like navigating systems, extracting data, performing defined actions, and more, which makes them an ideal choice for automating back-office processes.

For example, Walmart uses software robots to digitize documents and streamline its internal service processes. This technology is called robotic process automation (RPA), using which software robots are built, deployed, and managed. And considering the rise of automation in all major industries, no doubt RPA, as one of the recent trends in technology, will soon completely transform how businesses operate.

Industrial Cloud

The industrial revolution led to the emergence of the industrial cloud, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of manufacturers and industrial environments. Yes, cloud computing is another of the latest emerging and trending technologies. Industry cloud platforms help businesses manage workloads, data, and compliance more effectively.

Industrial Cloud

The industrial cloud is transforming the manufacturing industry with its ability to optimize operational efficiency, execute real-time data analysis, improve collaboration and scalability, enhance asset management, etc.

Take MindSphere, the industrial cloud-based platform, as an example that enables organizations to collect, utilize and analyze data from their industrial processes and assets.

Plus, cloud-based solutions offer businesses fast, reliable, and affordable services that meet the demands of the modern world. According to reports, in 2023, more businesses will use cloud services from leading providers and cloud platforms tailored to their specific needs. 


Another buzzword 2023 that is taking the world by storm is datafication. It is one of the many trending technologies of 2023 that refers to the process of transforming everything into digital data that can be analyzed, monitored, and of course, tracked. 

After all, when data becomes a valuable asset and no longer remains as a bunch of random figures and numbers, it becomes powerful enough to shape the future of organizations and industries.


With the influx of data growing exponentially from various sources, in 2023, we will see this cutting-edge tech turning data and information into valuable insights for faster and smarter decision-making. One of the finest and existing examples of this tech is CRM systems that help organizations boost efficiency and enhance performance.

3D Printing & Digital Twin

3D printing and digital twin are two trending technologies connecting and bringing the digital and virtual worlds closer than ever! And these techs will continue to be in trend in 2023 and beyond!

While a digital twin is a virtual model designed to reflect a physical object accurately; 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) refers to the process of creating three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file.

3D Printing & Digital Twin
3D Printing

From jewelry to toys, prosthetics, and organs, using 3D printing, you can create physical objects from digital mode instantly! And from designers to engineers, more people are using digital twin technology to recreate physical objects inside the virtual world. In 2023, we will see more applications of these trending technologies as industries like car manufacturing, precision healthcare, machinery, and factories will adopt these.

Digital twin model of a manufacturing model
Digital twin model of a manufacturing model

For example, to observe how a car changes during races, Formula 1 teams collect transmitted data like weather conditions, track temperatures, etc., from the sensors. Then they stream the collected data to digital twins of the car engine and other components to analyze the scenario and make changes instantly! They also use 3D printing tech to manufacture the car parts based on their testing results, cool right?

Credit: DELL

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We can’t be more sure that these current technology trends will revolutionize industries, lives, and the world around us. 

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