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SaaS in healthcare: Know-how cloud Computing can transform the healthcare industry

By Joey Ricard - July 6, 2022

SaaS in healthcare

With the advancement of cloud computing, its scalability, agility, and usability are making industries across various sectors opt for this technology. SaaS (a cloud service model) is presently ruling the cloud computing market, especially SaaS in healthcare getting popular. SaaS-based health tech solutions are showing potential for making hospitals deliver timely and quality services.

According to the reports by Gartner, the Covid pandemic and the growth in digital services caused by it have made more industries opt for the cloud for a better digital experience. And one of the most critical sectors, healthcare, is also impacted by the rising growth of SaaS solutions such as software used for medical billing and coding, etc. 

As per studies, the demand for SaaS in healthcare industry can grow to a whopping $64.7 billion by 2025. So, in this article today, let’s find out all about how SaaS-based cloud solutions can drive the healthcare industry for the better!


Why Healthcare Industry Has Needed Something Like SaaS

The healthcare industry has long been plagued by numerous impediments. Be it the constantly increasing infrastructural and operational costs or security concerns, strict government compliances, or real-time information sharing, the list of hindrances that the healthcare sector struggles with has kept on increasing.

Plus, the healthcare industry holds an enormous amount of data. And in this data-driven age, managing data through traditional IT infrastructure results in poor data security, transparency, and accessibility. 

But cloud-based SaaS in healthcare can be a solution to all these!

In an industry where a huge amount of data gets generated every day, remote accessibility of data and its democratization is very much needed to break down the location-based access restrictions and free up the providers and patients from the data loads.

So, yes, the healthcare sector is in serious need of a transformation. And that transformation is only possible through integrating IT solutions that would allow the healthcare industry to grow and help it offer better services. SaaS-based cloud solutions are surely the answer to this dire need for improvement, advancement, and transformation.


SaaS in healthcare


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5 Ways SaaS-Based Cloud Computing Can Help The Healthcare Industry

Some of the major characteristics of SaaS are its speed, scalability, and efficiency, which today’s healthcare professionals can benefit from. Given the complex business environment of today, a seamless IT infrastructure is necessary. And that is where SaaS comes in. An advanced and low-cost alternative to the traditional expensive on-site infrastructure. Read on to know more about how beneficial SaaS in healthcare can be.


Data Security

Admit it or not, the healthcare sector is one of the easiest targets for data breaches. Any compromise with data security can lead to the leakage of thousands of critical data into the wrong hands. But reliable services of cloud computing in the healthcare industry can keep the data secured and prevent the risks of data breaches in the long run. And when cloud-based SaaS solutions offer continuous security management services with automated functionalities, data stored in the cloud becomes safest and unbreachable.


Transparency & Collaboration

Lack of transparency and forced bureaucratic processes are some of the biggest challenges healthcare professionals have to face that waste their time and effort! Plus, the information required from different administrations and departments from remote locations can be highly significant for conducting trials or even saving lives. Now with different services and solutions of software as a service in healthcare, medical professionals can collaborate smoothly, resulting in improved productivity and better results.


Agility & Scalability

Given the enormous amount of data and information getting piled up on the desks of healthcare professionals, ensuring their scalability and agility often seems the biggest challenge of all. But that might no longer be the case with SaaS-based cloud computing in healthcare.

A cloud-based SaaS solution lets healthcare professionals transfer all their data over a centralized data center and scale it as needed without worrying about adding new servers to their on-site infrastructure. And when the availability and collaboration of data are improved, you get enhanced agility, which ensures improved workflow and better business performance.


Coordinated Care

A cloud-backed SaaS in healthcare software with a centralized database repository lets the patients and the medical personnel stay in touch and interact with each other through various means. No matter the different geographical locations, SaaS solutions offering coordinated care services make medical information and patient data easily accessible whenever needed by different on-site branches or medical departments located in different geographical locations.

Plus, many patients require medical assistance remotely. So for them, a SaaS-based cloud solution means easy and quick sharing of medical data, uploading prescriptions, and keeping medical history records.



A SaaS-based cloud solution reduces the cost of maintaining data as it is a subscription-based service. Even professionals and administration can take complete ownership of some SaaS services for a particular amount of time and pay for them through various payment options such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The healthcare sector can also save on the maintenance costs of SaaS service as it is the service provider of the Saas-based health care software that takes complete responsibility for providing a seamless service.


SaaS in healthcare


Wrapping Up!

The healthcare cloud computing market, especially SaaS, is growing! Why? Because it has the power to help overcome the deep-rooted infrastructure and administrative issues faced by the healthcare industry, which heavily relies on uninterrupted interdepartmental collaboration, quality administration, and transparency. 


SaaS-based cloud solutions such as medical billing software can keep all the stakeholders of an organization connected and offer scalability, data security, and agility. Especially in those healthcare facilities that are under constant heavy pressure, SaaS can help deal with hurdles like poor infrastructure, data accessibility issues, etc.

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