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6 Reasons Node JS In SaaS Development Is Getting Popular

By Joey Ricard - December 8, 2022


6 Reasons Node JS In SaaS Development Is Getting Popular 1

There are several programming languages and frameworks available for SaaS development. But of them all, Node JS in SaaS projects is probably the most suitable. At least the majority believes so!

The growing popularity of cloud computing is making more and more companies resort to SaaS (Software as a Service). For outstanding SaaS solutions, you will need the ideal tech stack where tools completely support the SaaS modules along with the other attributes of cloud computing.

Yes, the ideal tech stack for SaaS project development requires tools with a lower learning curve, easy integration features, accessible coding, and high scalability.

And NodeJS turns out to be the ideal tech that has them all! 

The efficient and robust cross-platform environment of Node JS has already made it an ideal choice for creating heavy SaaS applications like Uber and LinkedIn. Netflix and NASA.

As more and more companies are using Node JS in SaaS development, let us shed some light on the qualities of this open-source, cross-platform JavaScript server environment that are contributing to its growing popularity in SaaS products.


Availability Of Multiple Frameworks

Node JS is a typescript language that supports a variety of frameworks for development. Yes, it comes with several powerful frameworks that can be ideal for one’s SaaS projects.

For example, Express is one of the most popular web frameworks used for the backend development of software as a service. Though it can help with mobile and web app development, it is used mainly for handling complex development tasks and large-scale projects such as gaming software, enterprise applications, on-demand medical streaming apps, etc.

On the other hand, there is KOA which is more expressive and smaller than Express and is ideal for small-scale projects.

So basically, when you use Node JS in SaaS projects, there is no worrying over being limited to using only one or two frameworks, which is a major Node JS advantage.


Node js in SaaS


Outstanding Rendering Time

You are probably aware that Netflix has primarily used Java to build its streaming service. But do you know that they have opted for Node JS to boost rendering?

Several websites render on the user’s side, which means the JavaScript files require sending from the server to run the code and render the page within the browser. 

Now, when using Node JS for web applications of the saas business model, you can send the pre-rendered views to the users and make the whole experience super smooth by speeding up the loading time.

For example, imagine your saas platform being used in a super busy environment where even the slightest waiting time can piss off or frustrate the users. Here, reducing the waiting time to a minimum is required to boost customer loyalty and ensure user satisfaction which can be achieved using Node JS.

Therefore, using Node JS in SaaS projects such as these becomes the wisest choice as it ensures more efficiency and faster operations.


Easier And Wider Access To Talent Pool

Another big reason why most of the top tech companies prefer to use Node JS in SaaS projects is the availability of skilled and talented resources. 

According to the latest survey reports, JavaScript is the most used and widely popular programming language among developers. Hence, the growing eagerness and preference to work with this technology make it easier to find Node JS experts who can deliver exceptional SaaS platforms.

Since SaaS products demand heavy maintenance as customers and companies evolve and grow with time, the robust talent pool of Node JS developers can come in handy.

Plus, you can find the best Node.JS development company whom you can trust for outstanding saas solutions with very little research. So you don’t need to hire Node JS developers or train your in-house team and then end up struggling to manage everything by yourself. Just outsource your SaaS project needs to a reputed offshore SaaS Development Company like Klizo Solutions in India and get the desired results on time!

It can not just help you save money and the hassles of managing a development team of your own but also lets you focus on other important tasks.


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Super SEO Friendliness

If you remember how Node JS in SaaS lets you take care of server-side rendering and client-side rendering, it won’t be difficult to understand why it is perfect for search engine optimization. 

Yes, Node JS helps you meet search engine compliance requirements.


Node js in SaaS


Since Google bots do not always render everything properly when they visit your website/application, it is important to deliver the pre-rendered data to them to help them see what you want them to see. And that is what Node JS does!

Organic search results matter, irrespective of the industry your software as a service project belongs to. And considering the rising competition in the market for introducing a SaaS product, why not opt for Node JS when it is super SEO-friendly and can position your SaaS product in the best way possible?


Full Stack Development Support

Previously, development teams were divided into two groups, front-end developers and back-end developers, based on their preferences and skills. Though the approach was not that bad, it made communication challenging, which often made the most simple tasks consume unnecessarily long hours.

So businesses started to reject the old approach as it was hardly working out for them and switched to Node JS from Java for their back-end development, which made their teams more flexible, reduced costs and improved the development process. 

Node JS is based on Java. Hence, the client and the server can render it and use it as a full-stack technology for developing APIs, user interfaces, integration with other third-party apps, etc. 

Due to the versatility of Node Js, it has become the ideal choice for developing saas solutions and complex web applications requiring manageable code and infrastructure, fewer lines of code and files, a faster development process, and the finest performance.


Node js in SaaS


Native Support For AWS

We must not forget that Node JS offers Native support for Amazon Web Service, one of the biggest cloud hosting providers. So, when you use Node JS in SaaS development, there is no need to resort to any other cloud hosting provider that is not compatible with your SaaS project.

Once you develop your software as a service project with Node Js, you can deploy the codes into the AWS server immediately. No need to look for any other hosting solution which is pretty cool!


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Does Node JS In SaaS Interest You?/ Want To Build Your SaaS App With Node Js?

Now that you know the real reasons behind the increased use of Node JS in SaaS projects, why not hire the best Node JS development company for your SaaS requirements?

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So if you want a successful execution of your dream SaaS project using Node JS for competitive pricing and within the least required time, contact us now!

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