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10 Flawless Apps Built with Flutter App Development

By Joey Ricard - June 28, 2022


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Does the Flutter framework send your heart aflutter? Then you are not alone! Given the popularity of this cross-platform framework, you have every reason to be excited about Flutter and interested in Flutter app development!

Cross-platform frameworks are winning over developers worldwide. Several factors are responsible for the rising popularity of such frameworks. One such framework that has been doing the rounds for quite a while is Google’s Flutter.

Whether you are new to Flutter, already have a Flutter app, or planning to develop one, having a closer look at the most popular Flutter apps of all times can help you understand what you can achieve with this framework!

But, before we get to the list of top 10 shining Flutter apps, let us know what Flutter is and why you must consider Flutter as the framework for your next project and opt for a professional Flutter app development company!


Flutter – The Developer-Friendly Framework

Flutter is an open-source app development toolkit or mobile app development framework that uses Dart programming language and a group of native widgets for creating stunning cross-platform applications.

Using Flutter, developers can create native applications for both Android and iOS, using one individual code-base. In simpler words, in Flutter, writing codes for just one app gets you two versions of that. Moreover, the framework is being constantly updated.


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Google introduced Flutter in 2017. Since then, it has been winning hearts! It also serves as the central platform for Fuchsia, a new operating system by Google that is believed to have the potential to replace Android.


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Why Opt For Flutter App Development!

The popularity of mobile apps has ignited the development of new app frameworks further. As a result, numerous cross-platform app development frameworks are being added to the constantly updating and changing app development market. Flutter is one such framework that has gained ground as an ideal tool for cross-platform app development.

Some of the major perks of using Flutter for app development are:

  • Both flutter Android and iOS apps can be built at the same time.
  • Hot-reloading of Flutter helps to increase prototyping and coding speed.
  • Flutter offers built-in support for unit testing (both Flutter and Dart).
  • Flutter is vastly optimized and offers exceptional support for Text.
  • Flutter is ideal for high-performing apps, especially when the apps grow bigger.
  • Starting the app development process with Flutter is easy, and the documentation part is very convenient too.
  • Flutter can reduce the app development time as well as the marketing time to a great extent.
  • Flutter’s speedy communication time and animation delivery at 60fps speed are also worth mentioning.
  • The UI it provides is a lot more expressive, flexible, and effective than many other frameworks.


Flutter App


You might wonder why Flutter, and not the most liked programming language in our generation Java. So check out these reasons here why you need to hire Flutter app developers!

  • Compared to Java, the amount of code one needs to write for Flutter is lesser. Plus, unlike Java, it also offers material design.
  • Java has certain shortcomings that the relatively new Flutter has managed to overcome.
  • For those who want to know whether Java is required for Flutter mobile app, no Java isn’t required as the Flutter engine contains everything needed for mobile app development.
  • When it comes to Flutter VS Java performance, it helps to improve the app start-up time by compiling native codes.

According to one developer survey, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform framework that developers from all across the globe use for app development. And now that you have known the reasons behind the rise and rise of Flutter, it is time to know about the most popular apps built with it.


The Top 10 Finest Flutter Apps

Flutter’s SDK has rich features and has helped with app development for many projects. It can simplify the mobile app development process for those still new to the framework. Here are some examples of Flutter app development so far.


Google Ads

With the mobile application version of Google ads, you can manage ad campaigns directly from your phone. It is a more compact form of the Google ads web application.


flutter for iOS
Google pay


You can track your ad output from anywhere. It also updates budgets and bids in real-time, campaign statistics, keyword editing, and allows you to contact a Google expert. The app is visually appealing and intuitive. 


Tencent Apps

Everyone knows about Tencent. It is one of the largest Chinese enterprises that operate globally. Tencent products and services are built using Flutter. We cannot name a single app because they have built multiple apps with the framework.

Some of their Flutter app examples are K12, DingDang, QiDian, AITeacher, Now Live, Mr. Translator, etc. Tencent aims to provide a seamless and unique user experience for all its products. 



Reflectly was first created in React Native. It was originally made for iOS. However, the app quickly became very popular. That is when the company decided to launch it for Android as well. But, a problem occurred, and they rewrote the app in Flutter within two months. And now we have Reflectly flutter for iOS as well as android.




Reflectly is an AI-enabled self-journaling app. It blends cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and meditation to help users deal with negative thoughts and stress and motivate them. With Reflectly, you can keep your mental health in check. It provides details about your days. You can also get feedback from self-help experts to resolve anything you are going through.


Xianyu By Alibaba

Xianyu is the second largest retail platform by the Alibaba group. The development team of the platform built an app using Flutter. It has over 50 million downloads with 10 million daily active users. 

Selecting Flutter is a time-saving option as you can conveniently build and maintain an app with a single code base. So, the group thought Flutter to be the most suitable option as the framework was ideal for scaling a robust system. Guess what, they were right!



The earlier version of the My BMW app was mainly developed for iOS. But it also had an Android version. However, there were enough differences between the two versions to make the brand look for another app solution. And as a result, we got the latest BMW app, developed based on the cross-platform Flutter framework.




And guess what, after Google, the Flutter app development team of BMW is one of the biggest ones in the world, consisting of around 300 employees! The flutter app of My BMW app runs both on Android and iOS frameworks and is available at Google Play Store or Apple App Store for anyone to download.


eBay Motors

A product of one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, the eBay Motors app is built using Flutter. It enables users to buy and sell vehicles with their smartphones. Using the app, they can scroll through the offers, bids, and advertisements for the products they like. 

The primary challenge the development team encountered was the time limit, as they had to launch the app within one year. However, the team did not want to compromise the user experience. They wanted to include features familiar to regular eBay users. That is why they decided to develop the app using Flutter, as it made perfect sense for them.


Kenken-The New York Times

Google announced in 2019 that Flutter would allow programmers to code web and desktop apps. The New York Times also declared that its KENKEN game is now available on the web around the same time. It is safe to say that it has been built with Flutter.

Collaborating with Google Flutter, the New York Times produced this beautiful puzzle app. It demonstrates cross-platform functionality with iOS, Android, Windows, and other web apps of the same code base. The Kenken puzzle is one of the most played Android apps that are Flutter-based.



Cryptograph is another one of the apps built with Flutter that offers top-notch results for tracking and monitoring the latest information about over 1600 cryptocurrencies globally. It includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, etc. The app provides you with real-time insights like exchange rate maps. It also allows users to track the history of their preferred cryptocurrency. 



10 Flawless Apps Built with Flutter App Development 1

The official Hamilton application is one of the most famous Broadway musical apps created with the Flutter framework. It was built for the large fanbase of the band to keep them updated with all music news. This Flutter app has a karaoke function, quiz games, Hamilton lottery games, exclusive slideshows, videos, etc. It also has a stunning user interface. 



KlasterMe is the first social media site developed using Flutter app development. It is a content-sharing platform that allows users to create pages, share blogs, articles, photos, polls, etc. Every creative soul in the world can share their creativity with the world. The elegant design of this Flutter app accentuates the content that users post.  


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Want Your Flutter App To Be Next On The List?

It is visible that more and more market leaders are opting for Flutter to make apps. So yes, choosing Flutter app development can be very much beneficial to your company in the long run. It will help you bring your ideas to life quicker than other frameworks.

Flutter for web apps or mobile apps is a framework that is continuously evolving. There would be a whole lot of exciting features in the future. If you want to write one code and run it on several platforms, Flutter is for you, and we are here to help you with our professional app development service!

We specialize in developing apps for all kinds of industries and are a trusted name among the leading Flutter app development companies. If you have a kickass app idea, feel free to contact us. Your app idea might be the next big thing in the market!

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

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