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Top 12 UX Design Trends You Need To Know In 2022

By Joey Ricard - May 24, 2022


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The ultimate purpose of UX design is to improve the user experience by making it as smoother, seamless, and positive as possible and catering to the users’ demands.

A user experience design helps provide the users with the best experience while taking care of the changing and growing expectations of the users. Do you know that around 33% of bad user experience results in the users never coming back to the brand again?

So you see, knowing and incorporating the latest UX trends is crucial if you want to save yourself from failing to fulfill user expectations. But do you know what design trends should be on your radar this year? No???

Then, keep on reading this article as we, a trusted UI UX design company, will discuss the latest UX trends in 2022 that you need to know!


12 UX Design Trends To Look Out For In 2022


#1. Advanced Micro-Interactions

The digital purpose of a design is communication. A digital design can accomplish a literal back and forth interaction and feedback. When users select an action, like clicking on a button that causes the page to respond, it is referred to as micro-interactions. The purpose of micro-interactions is to foster a feeling of tactile satisfaction.

In 2022, micro-interactions are getting more macro as designers are intensifying them through extreme page transitions and animations.

And this results in a UX that responds to input in increasingly dazzling and creative ways, maximizing the users’ connection with the page.


#2. AR & VR

Enhanced digital reality is on the horizon! Don’t you think it will impact UX design standards? Of course, it will! And that is why more and more brands will opt for offering a more immersive digital experience to the users through AR and VR. 

Facebook has already announced its plans of how it will take the digital experience of its users to another level through AR, VR, and ER (Extended Reality)!


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AR and VR have the power to boost engagement and change the way users interact with products. For example, when used in an eCommerce app based on fashion, it lets users try on clothes virtually without leaving their homes. A UX design along with a good UI design integrated with technologies such as these will provide a more convenient user experience and retain their attention for a longer period. So, to create the best possible customer interaction experience, designs led by augmented and virtual reality will surely be a trend in 2022 and beyond.


#3. Personalized Experience

Offering a personalized user experience through design is something that will never go out of trend. Given the abundant amount of data that users can now access on the web, your website and app must personalize the experience for each user. 

Personalization focuses on factors like demographics, behavioral data, localization, etc. Implement it in your design, and you will create a personalized user journey and experience to what a user needs, wants, and expects. Show recommendations from Netflix, shopping suggestions on Instagram, or Shopify are examples of the hyper-personalization users prefer today.


As the technologies have advanced, the goal is no longer only to offer an improved customer experience but to create a meaningful one. Hence the way the personalized user experience is getting more and more intensified over the years, creating a design that offers a personalized experience to the users will only get more attention than ever.


#4. Mobile-First Design

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have switched to mobile phones as their primary device for online data consumption. As mobiles are more easily accessible and personal, they are almost like an extension of oneself.

A few years back, people used to design their websites and applications around computer functionalities. But now, the design concept for websites and apps is created based on mobile interfaces. Ask any user experience design agency. They will all say that having a mobile responsive web design is a must today!


#5. Digital Health

The pandemic has instigated new digital health opportunities, including wearables, telemedicine, and AI in the health sector. And looking ahead to upcoming years, we can expect these behaviors to continue to trend.

Not only this, but we have also observed some impressive self-monitoring apps that are being applied to wearables, providing instant data visualizations on steps, sleep, heart rate, and even blood pressure. These complex functionalities empower users to be more responsible for their health and guide them on how to make lifestyle changes.

Statistics show that the healthcare AI software, hardware, and services market will surpass $35 billion worldwide by 2025. AI will empower everything, from precision medicine to drug discovery, genomics, and medical imaging. For example, doctors can prescribe personalized treatment plans for cancer patients according to their genetic makeup and lifestyle using AI-based pattern recognition.


#6. 3D Visuals & Animations

That one common target that all UX design trends share is to create a more engaging user experience. And this implies the use of exciting and inventive visuals made in immersive 3D and animations.


3d 3D Visuals & Animations


When it comes to adding a flair to the user interface design of a website or app, animations and 3D visuals are not new. But that does not mean you can ignore the role it has to play in UX. Both 3D designs and animations help boost the overall user engagement and experience.


#7. Escapism

You would agree that mapping a user’s journey is a significant step in any software design. 

In 2022, that journey will look more scenic as UX design has embarked on a virtual vacation. We are talking about UX designers making exotic locations and wanderlust lifestyles the centerpiece of their layouts, instilling a sense of escapism in viewers!


#8. Microcopy & UX writing

Many companies have changed their communication style through the content of their websites and apps. They aim to make it less formal and keep it as close to a casual dialogue as possible, making the users feel more comfortable.

Microcopy has become a new profession for UX designers, and more and more companies are opening up to adding a little humor into the conversation. Microcopy can help users navigate flawlessly and comprehend functionality. It is likely to give rise to brand engagements through the tone of voice.

On the other hand, UX writers are focusing on delightful informative microcopy and ways to balance brand personality with precision.


#9. Cursor Interaction

A cursor plays a significant role as a web design tool by letting the users and the interface interact with one another. And the growing preference for the refined utilization of this particular web design element has made it a part of the user experience design trends in 2022!

Yes, the advanced cursor interaction will play a vital role in providing an innovative user experience. And as a result, there will be fewer buttons and more actions replaced by a cursor.


UX trends 2022
Source: wixstatic


Over the past few years, cursors have evolved in size and shape. But in 2022, the cursor will play a much bigger role in yielding a clean and trendy user experience as a sophisticated design element.


#10. Revolution In The Behavioral Design

In a competitive and oversaturated market, keeping your customers engaged with your product or service needs a deeper understanding of their intrinsic needs. Understanding what makes the users itch, tick, and react, is the key to increasing product engagement and retention.

This year, too, we can expect a greater demand for behavioral design to drain customer attention, reinforce social circles, improve health, entertain the uninspired state of mind, encourage self-fulfillment, and keep people on the right path for a better future. Remember, behavioral design is indeed a set of techniques for persuasion, but it should not be confused with coercion.


#11. Widespread Voice Commands 

Voice interfaces and virtual assistants are emerging technologies, influencing how users interact and search for information and perform their daily tasks, and vice versa.


Voice command app
Source: procore


Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, among other companies, have already implemented VUI ( Voice User Interface) to offer users the best experience. And that is why there has been a surge in personal assistant apps lately. So, this year too, be ready to see many websites and apps adapting to voice-activated search with the traditional search option!


#12. Dark Mode

Dark mode or dark theme is more than is way more than a different UI design or aesthetic. While it is less straining to the eyes as per Microsoft, according to Google, dark mode helps save battery life. But when it comes to user experience, dark mode is a preference of the majority due to the minimalistic visual look it offers. And as dark mode becomes a standard in 2022, be ready to see more apps, websites, and products giving users the option to switch to it.


Start Incorporating These UX Design Trends Now!

Yes, we are looking forward to more innovative and immersive experiences that may come in the future and are not listed here. But for now, incorporating the UI UX design trends of 2022 can do enough for your digital presence and products.

Given the different ways user experiences are evolving meaningfully, now is an exciting time for paying attention to your UX design as it can benefit both your business and the users. 

So, do you want to introduce adventure and excitement to your pages/apps and make them look fresh and more responsive through these trends? Then, get in touch with us right away!

As a reputed UI UX company, we have a UI/UX design specialist team who can give your products a pixel-perfect design in no time. Just reach out to us and tell us your big plan for the future, and we will make sure that it becomes a reality!

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