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Guide 101 to AI Agent AutoGPT & Its Comparison with ChatGPT

By Joey Ricard - April 27, 2023


guide to AutoGPT

AI is evolving at an unbelievable pace!

Even the most skilled individuals and tech enthusiasts are struggling to keep up with its rapid and continuous advancements!

While some newly emerged AI tools seem more like a fad, many hold genuine value and immense potential to revolutionize how we interact and use AI.

One such real deal is AutoGPT, the first of the AI Agents!

But Why? What’s so special about AutoGPT? Is it not just another AI like Chat GPT? 

In this complete guide to AutoGPT, we will give you every detail you might need to understand the autonomous agent AutoGPT and how it differs from ChatGPT.

After all, the rise of AI Agents has taken the internet by storm already! And if you aren’t yet aware of it, you’re gonna either regret or miss out on the real AI stuff big time!

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into knowing the AI agent to whom you can tell your goals, and it does the rest!


Meet The First Of AI Agents: AutoGPT 

In short, AutoGPT is a GPT-4 experiment that can self-improve.

Posted on GitHub by developer Toran Bruce Richards (the founder of the gaming company Significant Gravitas) in March 2023, AutoGPT is an open-source Python application that uses GPT-4 to self-improve and act autonomously. (If you don’t know what GPT-4 is, it’s the latest and most advanced model of OpenAI)

AI Agent

Being able to act autonomously makes it probably one of the most powerful AI tools available presently. 

This AI Agent can carry out any task with little human intervention and can self-prompt as required. All you need to do is tell it your end goal, and this AI application will automatically self-produce every prompt required to complete your end goal.

AI Agent

Compared to AgentGPT, another AI agent on the rise, AutoGPT is more customizable and fully featured and can be integrated with other AI models as well. However, you will need an OpenAI API key to get it to work.


AutoGPT: How It Works

The autonomous AI mechanism of AutoGPT creates different AI agents to complete specific tasks. 

These agents include a task creation agent, a task prioritization agent, and a task execution agent. They communicate with each other and with the user interface and categorize their actions into four groups: thoughts, reasoning, planning, and criticism. 

AI Agent

These AI agents can perform tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending emails, making purchases, and doing analysis. However, they are only as powerful as the access given to them through an API.

AutoGPT is basically “GPT paired with a companion robot” that tells OpenAI GPT what to do to achieve the user’s goals.


What’s Causing All The Buzz About AutoGPT?

The remarkable abilities and the implications AutoGPT holds for the future of artificial intelligence are why everyone is so excited about AutoGPT!

Given its crazy ability to achieve goals through its own reasoning, the AI community is hailing AutoGPT as a groundbreaking advancement closer to the level of human cognition. 

Some experts are calling AutoGPT the first true glimpse of AGI, or artificial general intelligence. 


Its ability to work with minimal human intervention could lead to a revolutionary shift in how we work, boosting our productivity and improving efficiency. 

From lightning-fast internet access to top-notch long and short-term memory management (it can recall or store relevant information to execute given tasks), the impressive GPT-4 for text generation, ability to learn from its own experiences, AutoGPT is simply incredible!

Plus, with the added benefits of file storage and summarization, thanks to GPT-3.5, this powerhouse AI Agent truly has it all!


Whether it’s boosting your net worth or boosting your Twitter following, developing and managing multiple businesses, share your goal with AutoGPT, and it will help you achieve it! But to implement the solutions, you must be a pro at programming like us!

Of course, like any app, there are limitations. The creators of Auto-GPT are upfront about its potential shortcomings in complex real-world business scenarios. From its being too expensive to its chances of getting stuck in a loop and the possibility of data breaches, AutoGPT is not free from flaws.


How To Explore The Power Of AutoGPT?

Since other AI Agents like AgentGPT are still in their beta form and not connected to the Internet or other services presently, to feel how powerful the AI Agents are, AutoGPT is your best option. 

Though it’s a bit more complex than its successors, check out this visual representation of the steps to follow to set up AutoGPT and start using it.

ChatGPT vs AutoGPT

What Is ChatGPT?

Launched by the AI research and deployment company, OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot specializing in providing detailed responses to complex user prompts. 

ChatGPT vs AutoGPT
This AI language model generates text based on the input given by the users. Within five days after its release, ChatGPT had more than one million users due to its amazing applications.

ChatGPT vs AutoGPT



Both AutoGPT and ChatGPT can assist you to get things done. Yes, both AI models share certain similarities in their training methods and underlying architecture.

ChatGPT vs AutoGPT similarity

But they have different strengths, purposes, and applications. When it comes to ChatGPT vs AutoGPT, they have a lot of technical differences between them, the main difference being autonomy.

Yes, AutoGPT can autonomously develop and manage businesses such as creating websites, writing articles, generating logos, and marketing products, while ChatGPT is designed for conversational AI.

AutoGPT has internet access, which means it can surf the web, validate whether a source is legitimate and access any platform. When it comes to how to use AutoGPT, you must understand that you need enough programming knowledge to use it. Yes, anyone can access ChatGPT through a browser. But to access AutoGPT, you will need specific software and familiarity with Python.

AutoGPT can generate images if users have API access to Dall-E as it uses Dall-E, and this AI tool is focused on specific tasks. It also has TTS (Text To Speech) integration and allows adding different voices to a speech by connecting it to Eleven Labs (AI Speech Software).


ChatGPT vs AutoGPT similarity


On the contrary, anyone can use ChatGPT as it is designed as a conversational  AI for general purposes. It generates responses to user input in a conversational context. The image generation feature is currently unavailable in ChatGPT-4 even though it is multimodal input-wise. The GPT-4 model that ChatGPT uses is trained on data till September 2021. It can’t access websites or online platforms. Hence it can’t offer real-time insights.


Perks Of AutoGPT Over ChatGPT

We know that ChatGPT needs specific prompts to carry out what it needs to do and how it can do it. Therefore, in situations where human input is crucial to determine the prompts, ChatGPT can be more useful than AutoGPT as it can ensure accuracy. Plus, anyone can use it. So, when it comes to ease of use and easy accessibility, ChatGPT is a better option than AutoGPT.

ChatGPT vs AutoGPT similarity

However, AutoGPT generates prompts on its own to achieve the given goal. It can access search engines and websites as required to gather data to complete the given tasks. It can make decisions on its own. It doesn’t need users to give numerous prompts to get tasks done. This autonomous functioning of AutoGPT, with little human intervention, makes AutoGPT a more efficient and cutting-edge AI tool and more powerful than ChatGPT.

Wrapping Up

AutoGPT is the first most advanced, ambitious, and innovative AI application that has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with Artificial Intelligence.

This AI Agent is showing the world how AI can operate independently without human guidance. It has the potential to transform the world in ways we never imagined before.

But then again, you need solid programming knowledge and an API key to access it! Plus, this AI Agent is not free from errors or limitations. 

So, if you’re looking for AI-powered quality and innovative app development, web development, copywriting, or workflow automation solutions, connect with us!

At Klizo Solutions, we believe in implementing the latest technologies and tools to deliver future-proof solutions to our clients. 

We have already embraced the AI revolution! Have you?

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