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5 Ways You Can Identify The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Brand’s Success

By Joey Ricard - July 20, 2023


social media platforms for brand

You have a great brand. Now, you want to grow and promote it over social media. Great!

But do you know where to start? Should it be Facebook or Instagram? Is it Twitter or Linkedin? Or, maybe YouTube? 

Do you know which social media platform should you use to reach your target audience and grow your business online?

There are so many social media platforms for brands out there, each with unique features, benefits, and challenges. You can’t just pick one social media platform at random and hope for the best. You need to find the right fit, i.e., the right social media platforms for your brand.

After all, every social media platform is popular among a particular set of users. Each platform has its way of interacting with the audience. And when you, as a business, invest in the right social media platforms, it ensures the success of your marketing efforts and brings you great returns on your investment.

But how to make the appropriate selection? How to decide whether should you invest in Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, or some other social media platforms for your brand to make it grow online?

In this article, we’ll show you five ways to determine which social media platform is best for marketing your brand. Whether you’re a new or an established business, these tips will help you make an informed and strategic decision. Let’s dive in!

social media platforms for your brand

Identify Who Your Audience Is

First and foremost, to determine the right social media platforms for your brand you need to pinpoint your audience. And to do so, you need to be as specific as possible, as it will make the decision-making process a lot easier. 

Some of the best ways to create a profile of your target audience can be finding the answers to these questions:


  • Who are your typical customers?
  • Are they mostly female or male?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their education level or income?
  • Outside your service/products, what else interests them?

You can use audience demographics to find out these details about your visitors. Plus, demographics also tell you where your audience is more likely to hang out and the type of content they prefer.


Know The Nature Of Your Business

The social media platform that will work best for you also depends on the type of your business. 

Yes, whether your business is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), i.e., the nature of your business has a role to play in helping you understand which social media platforms for your brand are the best!

For example, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram help B2C companies gain more visibility and interact and engage with customers. On the contrary, for B2B companies, LinkedIn is more effective for building personal connections with potential clients.

5 Ways You Can Identify The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Brand’s Success 1
Then there are worldwide popular social media platforms like YouTube that any business can utilize to add authenticity to their brand.


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Define Your Goal

Next, building a brand on social media requires you to define your goal for your target audience.

Driving your sales is your primary goal. But do not forget that there are differences between different social media platforms. 

And to get the best of social media platforms for your brand, you must work on your creative goals for social media. 

Determine whether you want to develop good relations with the audience, offer customer support, or achieve greater brand recognition only. 

For example, Netflix used Twitter to handle its customer service issues for 13+ years until it pulled the plugs of @Netflixhelps last year in June. In March 2009, @Netflixhelps sent out their first tweet to inform the customers of a subtitle issue with the DVD release of the horror movie “Let the Right One In”. The tweet said:

brand building through social media,

Align Your Choice With Your Goals

Once you profile your audience and refine your goals as per the demographics, the next step is finding the audience. And to achieve this, you need to find out which platform your target audience uses and whether it meets your goal.

Inspired by brand building through social media, don’t start with all the popular social media platforms at once. Select a few social media platforms for your brand that align with your business goals and work on those.

Take a look at the user demographics on different platforms to find out whether your target audience comes there or not and how active they are there. 

For example, young people these days have a Facebook profile. But studies show that they are more active on Instagram and TikTok. Therefore, research about those platforms, the type of content that works on them, the types of businesses that platform is ideal for, etc.


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Research Your Competitors

Last but not least, conducting a thorough competitive analysis can help you discover what your competitors are up to.

social media marketing strategies


Researching about your top competitors, such as what social media platforms they are using, what type of content they are posting, or the number of users they are engaging, etc., can also help make up your mind about which social media platforms for your brand should you use. 

Once you find out which social media platforms are yielding the best results for your competitors, do not hesitate to invest in them.


End Note

Social media platforms for brands are one of the most effective marketing methods at a brand’s disposal today. 93% of marketers worldwide are already using social media for brand marketing.

But you must pick the right ones and use the right strategies to reach and grow your audience. Or else, no matter how suitable the platform is for your brand to flourish and grow, you will have zero outcomes!

And that’s where we, Klizo Solutions, come in as your one-stop shop for all your social media branding, marketing, and promotion needs.

Be it choosing the right platform for your online business or creating effective social media marketing strategies and delivering results, as a professional social media marketing partner, we excel in all these! 

The clock is ticking! The competition is increasing! Do not waste more time experimenting with what works for your brand and what does not.

Reach your target audience and establish your brand online now with fail-proof branding and social media marketing solutions that only WE can provide! Let’s get started now!

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