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10 Buzz Marketing Hacks For A Successful Product Launch On Social Media

By Joey Ricard - August 31, 2022


product launch on social media

All set for your new product launch on social media? Good!

But is your target audience excited about your upcoming products? No? Then, oops!!

Creating a buzz around a new product launch is a must these days for it to sell!

The whole point behind creating a product is to sell it. If you can’t make your product visible to prospective buyers, it won’t sell. And that is where the importance of buzz building lies!

Even if you have fantastic ideas for product launch on social media, launching a product and generating buzz around it is often more challenging and nerve-wracking than creating one!

Given the worldwide popularity of social media platforms, from marketers to PR companies, everyone relies on social media for product endorsement and market launch of new products. 

So, today, we‘ll tell you about the top 10 buzz-generating social media hacks to make the market launch of your new product successful!


Buzz Marketing – What It Is!

Buzz marketing is a marketing technique where brands rely on their consumers to boost brand awareness about a new service, product, or any initiative via word-of-mouth. Widely used by marketing teams to generate buzz around a new service or product launch on social media, here, social media users do the heavy lifting of spreading the word.

Connecting buzz marketing often with different marketing stunts and promotions, marketers encourage consumers to share their thoughts about the new product with those around them through social media.


product launch social media


Remember, just as buzz marketing can help you make your product launch on social media successful, it can ruin your brand reputation if gone wrong. So make sure the product or service you’re promoting lives up to the hype you are trying to create when opting for buzz marketing. 

If the product fails to match the anticipation of the target audience, their trust in your brand will be broken. And as a result, you will be less likely to engage them for future product launches.

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Buzz-Generating Tactics For A Product Launch On Social Media 

Apart from making catchy product launch social media posts, there are many tactics you can use to make your buzz marketing campaign successful on social media. While some help to build anticipation, some create a sense of scarcity and a fear of missing out (FOMO). 

To get your audience excited for your upcoming product launch and create buzz around it, here are some tactics that guarantee effective results!


Know Your Audience

Who are these people you are trying to reach? Do you know what they want? Well, if not, then before you market your product, make it a point to know your target audience and understand your buyer persona to make your buzz marketing campaign for product launch on social media successful!

Once you know the needs and requirements of your audience, you can create your social media content accordingly. So it can influence the buying decision of your target audience and increase your brand’s exposure.


Stay Engaged Online

From memes to trends, or other online fads, their popularity lasts for a short time. But what if I tell you that you can utilize these fleeting trends and fads to create buzz around your product launch on social media?

Reactive content marketing keeps you engaged with events and news on time! When you react to an event, story, or news when they are in trend, you can generate controversy or excitement to grab attention and attract more audience to your brand.


Drop Teasers

Yes, we know how tough it is to launch a product and get the word out there for the same. But buzz building can be a powerful tool to grab attention and build anticipation for your product launch. And launching a teaser of your product is a smart way of creating buzz.

Let us take Amazon as an example. In 2016, to launch their newest product, The Echo, Amazon dropped three teaser ads to build anticipation among the audience about it. Releasing teasers before you do the full-fledged product launch can certainly increase curiosity among the audience!


Put Negative Buzz To Use

As a brand, you need to build strong relationships with new customers, bloggers, and other sources as it helps generate positive buzz. But wait, did we tell you that you can also put the negative buzz to some good use? 

Yes, you can leverage the critical press to your brand’s advantage and creatively spin the negative buzz to create controversial buzz marketing around your product launch on social media.


Stimulate Early Adopters

To ensure the most successful reception from the audience, brands often struggle to determine the most effective and sustainable new product launch strategy. But has anyone told you that you can always opt for early adopters to build word-of-mouth about your brand and product launch and ensure a positive reception of your new product?

Early adopters are people who try out your new products before it gets launched in the market for the masses to use. These people are highly active in different communities like forums, message boards, review sites, etc. So when you give your products to early adopters for testing and reviewing, it promotes your product and sparks the audience’s wish to purchase it once you launch it. 

A form of exclusive buzz marketing for product launch on social media, this tactic adds exclusivity to your product and spreads word-of-mouth faster.


product launch on social media


Use Branded Hashtags

Another effective solution to how to launch a brand on social media and generate buzz can be creating catchy hashtags and using them in every content related to your new product launch. 

Branded or personalized hashtags curate conversations and help your product to stand apart from others. Using dedicated hashtags as a part of your product launch plan can also spread the reach of your events, allow people to share about your brand/product, and help your target audience reach you.


Utilize Social Media Ads

Your social media marketing campaigns must go viral to generate buzz. So, run your ad campaigns on different social media platforms to boost the virality factor of your campaign. Social media being a part of people’s daily life today, there’s a high chance for your product launch social media posts to go viral and get shared by many people.

To make your product launch strategy successful, make sure the content of your buzz marketing campaigns appeals to your target audience, are unique, and you share them at the right time.


Get Influencers Onboard

A brand’s association with influencers for product promotion is nothing new. But this influencer marketing can also come in handy for the buzz generation around your product launch on social media.

When your product launch videos or images feature the audience’s favorite bloggers or influencers, it automatically interests the audience more. Even to make your ad campaigns go viral, influencer marketing works effectively.


Use Automation

Automation can contribute a great deal to your product launch marketing plan and buzz generation strategies. Yes, automated messages can help create buzz around your new product. Wondering how?

First, create a message matching your brand, product, and campaign in advance. Then using automation, schedule your message for your target audience at a specified and suitable time. Whether through automated emails or scheduled messages, you achieve greater success when you reach your audience at the right time!


Create Product Scarcity

Lastly, creating brand-induced product scarcity can also help to create buzz around your product. For example, limited period offers, flash sales, etc., work great to create demand for the limited availability of a product and increase its demand in the market.

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Wrapping Up

To succeed in creating buzz around your product launch on social media, creating hype, scarcity, and spreading word-of-mouth is the key. Plus, other methods like partnering with influencers, organizing interactive events, creating viral content, etc., can be equally effective. 

According to Harvard Business School, every year, around 30,000 new consumer products are launched. But almost 90% of them suffer product launch failure. The lack of buzz generation before a product launch is one of the main reasons behind this failure.

So, what’s your idea of generating buzz for promoting your brand and the market launch of your new product on social media?? No matter what it is, we can surely add more to it! Yes, for professional guidance on product launch on social media and creating buzz before a product launch, get in touch with us!

At Klizo Solutions, we have a dedicated social media marketing team who can make your branding and marketing campaigns successful and rewarding!

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