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Drip Email Marketing Campaign Guide 101

By Joey Ricard - December 10, 2020


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Do you know what drip email marketing campaign ideas can do to your marketing efforts? 

Well, these automated marketing emails can connect you with your users and customers in a relevant, targeted, and timely manner that can motivate them to commit to your CTAs or Call to action.

With email marketing believed to generate up to $40 for each dollar spent, business owners and marketers all around the world rely on email for marketing ROI. But, do all email campaigns perform this high? No, not all. But those email marketing campaigns certainly succeed, that incorporate drip email strategy.

Check out this blog to find out all about how a drip-email campaign can boost your conversion rate and how you can create a successful drip email campaign and more. 

We are going to discuss here:

  1. Drip Email Marketing Campaign Benefits
  2. Best Practices to Create an Ideal Drip Email Marketing Campaign
  3. Introducing Drip Email Marketing Tool Built by Klizo Solutions


The Benefits of Drip Email Marketing Campaign


Drip email marketing campaign benefits - Infographic


Yes, it is through an email drip marketing campaign that the right balance between keeping your subscribers engaged and list-building can be struck to make your email marketing strategy an effective and successful one. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of drip email marketing as observed by setting up an email drip campaign KPI.


It Engages Better

Compared to standard email campaigns, drip email campaigns let you engage your customers as well as prospects more efficiently. Since drip emails are triggered based on actions performed by users, hence due to their relevance, they have a higher chance of user response. While the open rate of normal emails is only around 14.6%; in drip emails, the open rate gets 58.7%.

Whether a user is purchasing a new product or extending the subscription, thanks to drip email templates as they engage the customers during both the new buy or renewal process.


Lesser Efforts Are Required


Another fantastic thing about email drip email marketing is that it requires less effort considering the better engagement and higher revenue it provides. Well, firstly, drip emails neither require your constant attention nor too much time to create and send. And secondly, the lengthy legwork of getting your users interested isn’t there as you’re sending relevant emails to those who are already interested which means a shorter sales cycle and faster conversion.

However, for an effective drip campaign template, drip email campaigns need monitoring and testing and must not be confused as a ‘set it and forget it’ strategy.


It Offers Relevant Content


The more relevant the content you offer to the users, the greater the chance of keeping them engaged. And drip email marketing allows you to do exactly this.

Yes, when you know where your leads i.e. prospects or customers, exactly fit in your sales cycle, sending them content that is specially tailored for them to motivate them to proceed to the next step becomes easier. Therefore, through drip emails, you get to ensure that your email recipients receive information that is relevant to them and expose them to ideas of what they might want to do next.


It Creates a Marketing Funnel That Nurtures Leads


At times, there can be scenarios when your potential customers may not want to buy from you. These leads may be more interested in knowing about your products, services, and business in detail before they determine a purchase.

In such cases, incorporating drip email templates in your email marketing strategy means boosting sales conversion through multiple automated emails. Yes, it helps you nurture your leads by better communicating the advantages of your products and services, addressing a prospect’s probable queries, and answering potential questions. 


It Increases Brand Awareness


Drip email marketing helps you to build customer relationships that are crucial for your brand’s success. Sending relevant emails simply keeps your brand in the mind of your prospects. So, when it comes to purchasing or referring products and services to others, your brand is more likely to be on your prospect’s minds. By letting your potential customers know about you and establishing trust through drip emails, you can boost the chances of them selecting you when they are finally ready to purchase.


It Reengages and Reduces Cart Abandonment


With time, contacts often tend to become inactive. Inactive contacts never look at your emails. With automated email drip campaigns, you can not only reach out to your lead but also re-engage inactive contacts. For example, “Hey, we miss you” type drip emails can motivate your inactive users to engage with your brand again on different platforms.

Plus, following an effective drip campaign template to create drip emails for those who have abandoned their carts at the last moment, can help in instilling curiosity and interest in them again so that this time they make a purchase and don’t end up abandoning the carts.


Best Practices to Create an Ideal Drip Email Marketing Campaign


drip email marketing best practices - infographic


To make your drip email marketing campaigns successful, here are the email drip campaign best practices to follow:


Ensure Timely Communication


Timely and consistent communication is essential for building connections and trust. When you send your drip emails to your users at certain regular intervals, depending upon the actions taken by your users, they motivate taking action.

What you need to understand is that maintaining a smooth drip email flow means maintaining contact while leaving your email base wanting for more at the same time. Sending automated emails too often cannot only make your email marketing strategy look aggressive and forceful but can also make your prospect unsubscribe. Give your audience time to breathe and digest the content you’ve already sent before sending them another. 


Diversify Relevant Content


Sending your email base different yet relevant content can only help you better understand what works best. Experimenting with content, switching up variables such as your emails’ subject lines or CTAs can help you determine what type of content proves to be more effective on what part of your email recipients and implement such changes accordingly.


Segment Your Contact List


Breaking your contact list into smaller not just based on their email addresses and names but based on their interests, locations, email preferences, etc., helps in providing your contacts with more relevant content. Segmenting your contact list simply means creating highly personalized content for your leads as well as your customers.


Follow Best Email Writing Tips


When writing a drip email, practicing certain email writing recommendations is always beneficial. Some of these basic email writing tips are:

  • Make sure to write valuable and significant content.
  • Avoid big blocks of text as they are intimidating.
  • Keep your drip emails short yet engaging.
  • Get personal, share non-business related info
  • Make the subject lines of your emails compelling
  • Introduce exclusive offers or set deadlines to create urgency
  • Feature interesting CTAs.


Connect to Other Channels


There is nothing more effective in boosting engagement than making all your advertising channels work together. So, marketing or dripping out content in multiple channels is necessary. For example, when you add “Follow us on Facebook” at the end of your drip emails, it makes people aware of your brand’s presence on that platform or channel as well. 


Test Your Drip Email Campaign


Just because you are utilizing automated emails as part of your email marketing strategy doesn’t mean you should neglect them. Rather, make it a point to test your drip campaigns occasionally to fine-tune them. Readjusting and reevaluating your email content, your email base segments from time to time are necessary for increasing conversion as well as engagement.


Drip Email Marketing Tool Built by KLIZO


With normal HTML emails, email marketing campaigns function more like messages broadcasted in one way only. Usually, they are ideal for introducing special offers, deals, and discounts. But the way drip email marketing campaigns function today is completely different.

With traditional drip emails, you get to test out a series of emails, where the first educate you about the industry, the second the new changes impacting the industry, the third email informing you about specific products or services, and the fourth one asking to take any action and it goes on.

With sequences in drip mails, the system can test out a series of drip emails that may branch into different sequences based on the industry the email recipients work in or their locations. These different sequences help you test and understand the drip emails’ conversion rate.

But we, Klizo Solutions, have taken the drip emails with sequences one step further. With our drip email marketing tool, you can create variations of the sequence content. It simply lets you test out the content variations where the content is changed in multiple sections allowing you to immediately identify the right mixture of components which makes an email highly converting.

Yes, when you apply our drip email tool to your email marketing campaigns, you get to analyze your content, the sequences, and the variations. We even plan to improve it further where our clients can do cross-compare content interactions with outside data variables by using our data compiler, CompilerX. It allows you to identify your client and then build email lists that are hyper-focused on exactly what your target audience is. 


CompilerX by Klizo Solutions


CompilerX lets you get access to information at your fingertips. You can have a look and sign up for the early BETA


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Plan Your Next Drip Email Campaign Today with Klizo Solutions!


When implemented correctly, email drip campaign best practices can prove to be extremely rewarding for your business. 

Get in touch with Klizo Solutions today to take your customers and subscribers on an engaging journey and make your drip email ideas into a high-converting campaign.

By delivering the relevant messages at the right time to the right people, our expert developers can help you incorporate the best email drip campaign ideas in your email marketing strategies that work in boosting your sales.

We are just a call away to help your drip email marketing campaign leave a long-lasting impact on your leads as well as your customers.

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