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Laravel PHP And SaaS – Why Are They A Perfect Match?

By Joey Ricard - June 7, 2022


Laravel PHP

Developing SaaS applications is challenging! Especially when it comes to working on the architecture and ecosystem of the SaaS product, developers face plenty of challenges. And the ultimate solution to overcome these challenges is selecting a framework that will be both robust and powerful. That is where Laravel PHP comes in and becomes the best partner for SaaS application development!

The framework you choose to develop a SaaS application becomes the key determinant of how great the final product will be, both feature-wise and performance-wise. And over the years, Laravel has become a preferred framework for developing large-scale applications aimed at a large user pool with several features that require robust performance from the application backend. So, Laravel automatically becomes the most efficient framework choice for developing SaaS( Software as a Service) applications,

Not convinced? Then read this article to learn more about what makes Laravel and SaaS a perfect match. But first, let us give you a quick brief of Laravel and SaaS!



Laravel, a web application framework with elegant and innovative syntax, provides a system where developers need not bother themselves with building a product from scratch. Laravel PHP seeks to save developers from the pain of app development by simplifying the most common tasks used in web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and catching. Plus, it is the most starred PHP framework on GitHub, with over 56,000 developers around the globe and popular as Laravel for large-scale applications.


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Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS (Software as a Service) are multi-user cloud-based applications that provide users with various features. SaaS is a software distribution model where a third-party provider hosts an application. It is a cloud-based system that businesses of all sizes and types use today. Since SaaS allows users to access programs over the internet, downloading or installing any app or program on their devices is not required.


Reasons Laravel PHP Is The Best Choice For SaaS

According to Statista, SaaS market revenue has grown from $15 billion to $157 billion in a decade. Given the popularity and perks of SaaS applications, businesses are now eager to learn how to develop a perfect SaaS application as it is not a straightforward process. And that is when Laravel comes into the picture. Laravel Spark and Laravel Envoyer are examples of SaaS applications built on Laravel.

Laravel is the perfect choice for SaaS projects as it is pre-equipped with all the components for building modules like payments, admin dashboards, and subscriptions. This framework simplifies operations for the Laravel SaaS product, such as deal-based offers and trials.


Easy Customizability

By using a version control system like Git, the development team can work on customizing the product features without thinking about code maintenance issues.

Plus, optimization is another dimension of customization. And we know that Laravel PHP comes preloaded and optimized with features like internal caching and autoload optimization. So, developers can utilize all these components with custom code to add value to the SaaS product.


Modular App Structure Support

Laravel is an MVC framework that supports the developers, enabling them to develop modules (separately with single or multiple features) that can be plugged into the main application. So, Laravel naturally goes perfect for SaaS applications.


Laravel PHP


Great Security Facility

Security is always one of the biggest concerns in developing a SaaS application. And this is probably all the more reason you need to consider Laravel. Yes, the Laravel PHP comes with an exceptional security facility. Be it about secured routing, password hashing, HTTP authentication, or AES encryption, Laravel takes care of everything.


Third-Party Tool Integration

While building Laravel SaaS applications, developers often want to connect third-party APIs (popular choices are image processing APIs, payment gateways, and analytics) that should work together and produce data views for the users.


Blade Templating Engine

Laravel comes with a templating engine named “Blade”. The best thing about the blade engine is that it enables you to use the plain PHP code in the blade views, which makes the code easier to understand. In short, Blade is a simple yet unique templating engine with lots of functions like shortcuts to control structures, template inheritance, subviews, etc.


In-built Libraries

The unique object-oriented libraries, and the other in-built libraries, make Laravel PHP the most preferred and suitable for backend and SaaS products.


Database Migration

The database migration feature of Laravel enables developers to build a completely fresh database. It also allows you to update your database from the pre-existing version to the latest without much hassle. So, for developing a SaaS application, the question should be, why not Laravel!


Managing Revenue

Revenues are unquestionably an essential aspect of all SaaS product operations. And Laravel is the perfect framework for SaaS products for the ease of adding payment collection and processing components, Laravel offers to the platform. Laravel PHP supports all SaaS revenue models.

For example, Laravel Cashier is a Laravel SaaS package that provides a robust yet simple option for setting up subscription-based revenue collection product components. It is the end-to-end recurring process management and revenue collection component, with general user management capabilities and digital invoicing. With this, SaaS products can create customized payment collection components that can take care of single-shot and recurring revenue models.


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Single Window view

To understand why Laravel PHP and SaaS are made for each other, let us consider another vital aspect shared by almost every SaaS product, i.e., the dashboard. Dashboards lie at the heart of SaaS product design. All information from all touchpoints in the application architecture gets displayed to the users through a dashboard.

In many cases, all users see is a dashboard that provides all the options and settings that the user will need to use the SaaS product. Now, a Laravel PHP-SaaS combination works excellent because of the presence of the in-built dashboards.


Wrapping Up

SaaS is the modern and innovative way of using and accessing software products on the web. It is how users are and will likely use software products in the coming years. And Laravel PHPhelps organize and simplify SaaS app development.

This framework allows developers to create awesome SaaS app features using the large package of its in-built library maintained by Laravel devs globally. Laravel not just offers the most optimized technology but also serves as the most stable framework for SaaS app development.

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