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Bionic Reading – Taking The Reading Experience To A Higher Dimension!

By Joey Ricard - May 31, 2022


bionic reading

Do you find your attention drifting when trying to read through a big block of text? If yes, then Bionic Reading can be your savior from now on!

We see new AI-powered tools coming up every day to speed up the designing and editing processes, be it for books, apps, or websites. However, no tech to advance the speed of reading texts! It takes the same damn time it always took!

I know there are e-readers and apps where you can fit hundreds of books. But to read them, the time required remains the same!

But what if I tell you that now there is a low-tech solution that can speed up your reading? What if I tell you that you can finally get through all the books waiting to be read on your e-reader faster than ever?

Well, it is time you say hello to Bionic Reading which has taken the internet by storm this week and for all the good reasons!


What Is Bionic Reading?

The Bionic Reading system is the latest method of using font weights to speed up the reading process by guiding the eyes. The term bionic refers to a combination of biology and electronics, making the name apt for a new reading tool that lets one read at the biological speed of the brain instead of the eyes. Do not confuse it with bionics meaning the study of mechanical systems functioning like living organisms.


bionic reading


In this method, the brain reads a text faster than the eyes do. It is a new innovative reading system that claims to help every slow reader, including people suffering from ADHD, dyslexia, and other forms of learning disabilities, to read faster.

Even Juan Buis, a tech journalist turned UX designer and content strategist has supported how Bionic Reading feels like “unlocking 100% of your brain”.


The Origin

Renato Casutt, a typography designer from Switzerland, has discovered Bionic Reading. But the discovery of this reading method is not driven by any purpose but by accident. 

As the Swiss designer had said, while working on a book written in a foreign language, he realized that he could relate the words in a foreign language to words in his own language when he sectioned off parts of the words.

He discovered that just by making the initial parts of the words bold, it is possible to allow the eyes to focus only on the bolded part, whereas the brain quickly fills the rest of the word. According to him, “Bionic Reading supports the reader; as long as one is willing to be guided”.


How Does Bionic Reading Work?

In the bionic method, the texts are revised by highlighting a concise part of each word or bolding the initial letters of each word to create artificial fixation points. Now, these fixation points in the text guide the eyes through the text, making the brain remember the previously learned words easily and quickly. 

And as your eyes focus on the bolded letters of the words, your brain automatically completes the rest. This reading process saves time because we all know that brains read faster than the eyes.


reading app


According to Cassutt, this method reduces straining the eyes without interfering with retaining the understanding of the words, allowing us to read and understand with less effort and more quickly. Even those who do not read often can read faster with Bionic Reading as it draws the eyes to the keywords. It also helps busy brains by utilizing the power of fonts and design.


Why Is Bionic Reading Worth Trying?

As per the reports by the Dyslexia Center of Utah, 20% of the population, or one out of every five students, suffer from some form of language-based learning disabilities, meaning they struggle with reading. But after launching the Bionic Reading system, feedback from the audience has indicated that dyslexic people immediately understood the content right the first time they went through them, which was otherwise impossible without Bionic Reading. 


Bionic Reading


And people can read bionic books on their existing e-reading apps and devices right away. Presently Bionic Reading is available as a Software as a Service or SaaS and Application Programming Interface or API. So, anyone can enjoy a speedy reading experience and feel the difference from usual book reading.

Plus, no need to learn anything to start reading in the bionic method. A bionic-formatted book is compatible with your present e-reading solutions. So, it is all about reading made easy for everyone. No wonder why the internet went gaga over this innovative reading system!

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Bionic Reading Vs. Speed Reading!

Bionic reading is not the first-ever reading system designed to help people read faster. There are other methods and apps for readers that support people as they read.

One such method is speed reading. In this process, sentences and phrases on a page get recognized and absorbed rapidly. But the inventor of Bionic Reading says that his reading system is not the same as speed reading.


bionic reading


For example, like speed reading, Bionic Reading does not require learning. It happens intuitively, and everyone can read using this method, irrespective of whether one can read faster or has dyslexia or any other form of language-based learning disability.

People who want not just a fast reading experience but also a focused experience can find bionic reading extremely helpful. This innovative reading system may not be revolutionary but certainly is evolutionary! After all, it enhances your reading experience and takes it to a higher dimension that you never thought could even happen.


The Challenges

Though the internet is obsessed with Bionic Reading, it is not free of challenges. While there are questions about whether it will make sense for shorter texts, doubts are surfacing regarding the elegance of the regularly bolded syllables. Plus, there is also an issue regarding how this bolding of the initial letters in words would go with the existing use of bolded texts, which we use to emphasize certain words or parts of texts.

But despite the doubts and challenges, this is for sure that this innovative reading system is helping people read their ebook super fast and can surely help people skim-read websites and quickly find the information they are looking for. 


Happy Bionic Reading!

Think the concept of bionic reading can make its way into general designs? Well, surely it will. After all, this advanced method also offers opportunities for designers working with type as they strive to achieve readability and accessibility through their designs. Plus, the limitless possibilities of its use make bionic reading more interesting. 

Are you feeling amazed by the difference between the innovative bionic reading and the regular text? Then, don’t stop here! Cause, not only Bionic reading, there are other awesome updates, too, that can help you make your web design more attractive!

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