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Why Laravel PHP Framework is Right for Businesses

By Joey Ricard - October 27, 2020


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Are you thinking of getting an online presence for your business? Or looking for the best PHP framework to work with for your next web development project? 

If flexibility and consistency are your two favorite things, then building it on the Laravel technology stack might just do the trick for you! 

When it comes to the web application development domain, there are a plethora of frameworks out there. Then why are we specifically talking about Laravel? That is what you are going to find out here. This article is going to highlight why opting for the Laravel PHP framework is the right choice for businesses. 

However, before digging deeper into the reasons, here are some market insights on Laravel usage.


Market Stats for Laravel PHP Framework Usage 


Laravel PHP framework usage stats

Image Source: BuiltWith Trends 


According to the report by BuiltWith Trends, presently, 459,818 live websites are built on this technology. If you are thinking about whether choosing Laravel for your industry domain would be a good idea or not, here is another report by Similar Tech


Laravel PHP framework usage stats


In the image above you can see that for varied industry verticals Laravel PHP framework is used. No wonder why businesses are keen to hire Laravel developers these days. 


Impressive Feature List of Laravel PHP Framework


Let’s take a look at Laravel latest features and its benefits that have made this framework globally popular in the web development domain. 


#1 Impressive User Authentication Technique


Can you think of a modern-day application without top-notch user authentication? No, right? And Laravel comes with such amazing user authentication techniques that implementing it in the web applications becomes a breeze for the Laravel developers. 

More interestingly, you can extend, add, or modify any functionalities of the components depending on your changing business logic at any time. Implementing user authentication in an application through different social networking platforms like Twitter or Facebook becomes seamless with the Laravel framework. 


#2 Object-oriented Libraries Make the App Development Process Easier


Another reason why most web developers prefer to use Laravel is its pre-installed object-oriented libraries. The Authentication Library is extremely useful for the developers. Other striking features that make Laravel different from other PHP frameworks are


  • Password reset
  • Encryption
  • Bcrypt hashing
  • CSRF protection, etc.


#3 MVC Support


Looking for such a framework that would guarantee transparency between the logic and presentation? Then you should definitely opt for Laravel that supports MVC architecture. 

With plenty of inbuilt functionalities and enhanced documentation, the MVC architecture helps to augment your web app’s performance. No wonder why businesses today are showing great interest to work with Laravel. 


#4 Blade Templating Engine Makes Coding Easier 


Laravel offers an amazing templating engine, The Blade. It is super intuitive and helps Laravel developers in clean coding. Also, this engine works pretty well with the MVC architecture of Laravel. Template inheritance is possible with Blade that ensures better coding while creating a web application. 


#5 Automated Package Discovery


Laravel version 5.5 has introduced this new feature. This feature can automatically spot any packages a user wishes to install. Moreover, Laravel developers have the option to disable the feature for the specific ones. Thus, working with packages and installing the required ones become extremely hassle-free for the Laravel experts.


#6 Artisan Commands


Developers simply love this feature offered by Laravel. Creating controller, model, database seeder, etc. becomes significantly easier with Artisan commands. By automating most of the tasks, this command-line interface makes coding in the Laravel environment and developing a feature-rich web application process absolutely easier.  This elegant feature offered by Laravel makes it far better than most of the other available PHP web development frameworks. 


Other Cool Laravel Features to Build Better Web Applications


Well, apart from the above-mentioned features, here are some other interesting features that set Laravel apart from other frameworks. 


  • Super easy notification emails
  • The Eloquent ORM
  • Detailed and easier documentation
  • A vast and active Laravel community
  • Smooth database migration and more.


Laravel can truly help you to get top-notch feature-packed web applications when it is used to its maximum potential. Obviously, Laravel developers and experts can guide you and assist you in that.

So, if you have any project in your mind that you want to start or thinking of migrating your ongoing project to the Laravel environment, you can get in touch with any trusted company like us that would let you hire dedicated Laravel developers within your budget. 

At Klizo Solutions, we house a team of highly skilled Laravel experts with sheer expertise on this framework. We let you hire Laravel developer in India at a cost that won’t drain your pocket!

Our Laravel experts have experience in building intriguing and futuristic eCommerce solutions for diverse industries that include the Cannabis and Hemp industry as well. 

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

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