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10 Most Resilient and Secure Jobs During Covid-19

By Joey Ricard - October 22, 2020


Most resilient and secure jobs during COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the global economy in utter chaos. 

With countries experiencing an unprecedented and sudden recession, travel, airline, leisure, and hospitality, retail are some of the industries that have experienced layoffs. 

But some jobs stood strong and came out winners despite the pandemic led uncertainties in the job sectors. 

Today, in our article, let’s talk about such most resilient and secure jobs during Covid-19, where employees neither have had to worry about losing their jobs nor losing working hours. 


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List of the Most Secure Jobs During Covid-19


#1 Medical and Social Care


secure jobs during covid-19 1


During the COVID pandemic, doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners or registered nurses, pathologists, physical therapy assistants, health care professionals, and medical assistants were in high demand. 

To help the vulnerable and sick during the pandemic, these professions were the most sought-after ones. And this high demand is there to last even in the coming years. Even the need for veterinarians to care for pets and animals will be constantly there. 

secure jobs during covid-19 2

Though one can’t qualify instantly for these professions as they need years of study and training; still, to get a job in this sector one can certainly opt for a support staff role or work as volunteers. 

Considering the growing demand for medical professionals, according to popular job portals, compatible industries like social care providers are looking for more staff to hire. 


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Even with many doctors’ offices canceling check-up appointments routine patient visits at home, services like home health aides and personal care aid that offer in-home care prove to be a resilient job. 

At a difficult time when people are unable to visit doctors or health check-up facilities as easily and frequently as before, personal care aides are turning out to be crucial, especially for isolated individuals.


#2 eCommerce Industry


10 Most Resilient and Secure Jobs During Covid-19 1


Brands and companies that have understood the importance of moving their business online and done so before the Covid-19 outbreak, have not only survived the pandemic but also have enjoyed increased sales. 

Even those businesses that have decided to go online during the pandemic have saved themselves from shut-downs and job-cuts. Yes, we are talking about the eCommerce industry that is believed to rule the post-COVID world. 


secure jobs during covid-19 5


Even a few months back, before COVID, online shopping was not considered as reliable by most people above the age of 65. 

And now, almost overnight, buying things online has become the new normal and wisest thing to do. According to reports, Covid-19 is believed to boost the shift from physical stores to eCommerce buying by five years. With more people being housebound to prevent the spread of coronavirus, eCommerce is gaining importance rapidly among people of all ages. 

Take the sales reports of Amazon for example. While its worldwide sales have increased by 18% due to the pandemic; its sales in North America alone have witnessed a 29% boost. 

And that’s not it, according to Fresh Relevance, the evolving pandemic has led to a 60% revenue boost in March for online retail. Even the grocery sales have increased 8% compared to last year’s slow growth i.e. only 1%. 

The eCommerce businesses dealing with games and toys, food and drink, vaping, and tobacco have also witnessed a rise in their revenues during the pandemic. So, it’s pretty much obvious that jobs here are resilient as these businesses are doing well.

Jobs associated with online services like pharma, video conferencing, streaming, manufacturers, and retailers of fitness and home gym equipment and food delivery services have also been steady and secure.


#3 Distribution and Delivery Jobs


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The COVID lockdown restrictions have forced people to stay inside their homes. Though many states and countries have finally started with the step-by-step unlocking; how much time will be needed to get back to the pre-COVID normalcy, is still unknown. 

And it is these restrictions of staying indoors and risks of going out that has dramatically increased the need for delivery specialists. And as a result, new jobs have been and are being created in the distribution and delivery field.


secure jobs during covid-19 7


During COVID-19, people kept on buying essentials online which required delivery persons more than ever. Now, as more and more retailers are shifting online, it says a lot about the changed buying behavior and habits of people i.e. they now prefer shopping online more than ever. 

Well, depending on this changed customer behavior and online ventures of businesses makes it certain that the demand in the distributor and delivery sector is only likely to increase.


#4 Software Development and IT Sector


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According to the reports of News & World, software development tops the list of best jobs in 2020. 

The COVID pandemic has further increased the demand for this job as more and more businesses and services are venturing online. Even companies that rely on cloud computing for their services are looking for a remote workforce of software developers more than ever now. 

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Yes, the COVID outbreak has created uncertainties regarding job opportunities for many tech professionals but not for software developers. The economic downturn is expected to have very little to no impact on skilled and expert programmers, developers, and coders.


#5 Statistician and Research Analysts


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While the job of a statistician is to compile and analyze the data; a research analyst serves as a problem solver. 

The healthcare industry and government agencies constantly require the help of statisticians to develop ideal treatment decisions and public health policies. 


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Similarly, operations analyst researchers also work for the government, healthcare, and other businesses to help their employers take the right and informed decision-related to supply chains, pandemics, and the present coronavirus outbreak. 

Considering the importance of their roles in avoiding and dealing with a crisis, these two job sectors did not experience any significant job cuts.


#6 Digital Marketing

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Instead of layoffs, those working in the digital marketing sector have received salary hikes even during Covid-19. Wondering how it is possible? 

Well, with brands and businesses going online with their products and services, creating easy-to-use mobile apps for their businesses, the need for digital marketing experts have only increased.

The more other businesses strive to ensure maximum audience attention, the more demanding becomes the job of digital marketing professionals. After all, it is they who are responsible for developing and materializing the online advertising and marketing campaigns for brands and businesses to promote their services and products to the mass. 

10 Most Resilient and Secure Jobs During Covid-19 2

With the eCommerce industry booming during COVID, jobs associated with digital marketing such as social media marketing specialist, content writer, graphic designer, SEO expert, logo designer, etc. has withstood the economic downfall successfully. 

After all, as brands want to create a solid impression on the online audience; it’s the digital marketing specialists who help in establishing and enhancing brand awareness with the digital space.


#7 The Tech Industry


10 Most Resilient and Secure Jobs During Covid-19 3


Thanks to its adaptation to the remote work culture, the tech industry has kept on creating opportunities for skilled professionals, even during the lockdown. Though compared to other job sectors, the WFH policy was already a norm in the tech industry; the pandemic has forced it to explore the full potential of WFH or remote working. 

Being a trusted and reputed software development company in Kolkata, We, at Klizo Solutions too, have hired a lot of fresh talents and experienced minds from all over the world. Since we are encouraging remote working more than anything in this situation, onboarding talents from different parts of the world has become easier for us. 

Yes, this outbreak has not only created a great demand for various tech roles but also new opportunities in the challenging job market. 

This changed work culture has also paved the path for the women’s workforce to become a part of the tech industry. While earlier, most of the female workforce used to switch to a non-core engineering role after 8-10 years; now, the WFH switch is letting more women put their tech skills to the right use.


#8 Tutoring and Teaching


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Schools are closed all across the world to keep the children safe from infectious coronavirus. But no reports of major job cuts in this sector have been reported till now. Do you know why? Because, sooner or later, children will return to in-person classrooms and teachers with the right qualifications and skills will be required.

Well, it can’t be denied that those teaching in government schools have greater job security than those in private schools or nurseries. 

During the lockdown, the time away from school has increased the demand for proper tutoring and teaching. With families and working parents struggling to provide necessary homeschooling to children, online teaching and tutoring have outstripped the supply. 

So, those looking for a long-term career switch or short-term teaching opportunities, have found online teaching to be an extremely flexible job option.


#9 Fitness and Exercise Coaching


10 Most Resilient and Secure Jobs During Covid-19 4


Personal training becomes impossible when you can’t see your trainer. Though the lockdown has forced gyms and fitness training centers to shut down, people interested in fitness and workouts have opted for online exercise classes. 

Staying indoor for months has actually made online training sessions and courses popular. Plus, the outbreak of this pandemic has made people more aware of the importance of exercising for good physical as well as mental health.

So, those fitness and training professionals and studios who understood the need to utilize various online platforms for coaching didn’t have to worry about losing their jobs. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, fitness studios and trainers have continued their classes online, and as a result, has gained an increase in their clientele. 

There are many examples where trainers have gained more popularity during lockdown through their online fitness courses than before.


#10 Online Business Opportunities


Last but not least, the numerous business opportunities online that have grown more than ever during the pandemic is another resilient job sector. 

Though it does require time to build wider and stronger business connections and for some, it serves as a temporary or additional source of income; but it can’t be denied that online businesses have taken a big step towards success during the COVID situation.

Especially women have turned to online entrepreneurship now more than ever. 

While the layoffs have forced many to look for other job options, the flexibility and comfort of working from home and the ability to set your charges, terms, and rates have made the online business a steady job option to many. 

Allowing people to follow their passion, to advance quickly, to accommodate work to the needs of their families, and to have more control over what they are doing, online businesses have become a stable alternative to traditional jobs.


Wrapping Up


Since the Great Depression, this is the first time that the US has witnessed more than 40 million people filing for unemployment benefits.

In India, the unemployment rate has increased around 24% since April 2020, as per reports

But then again, there are the above-mentioned ‘durable’ occupations that have provided maximum job security and have observed relatively few layoffs even amidst the COVID breakout.

Automation, agility, and scalability are the new mantra for making a business or organization succeed in this present challenging scenario. Even a pandemic like Covid-19 could not affect these jobs. 

So, if the COVID outbreak has made you lose your job, then why not try your luck in these sectors if you possess the needed skills. You never know, you might find your dream career in one of these!

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

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