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How to Make Web Design UX Ready for This Holiday Season

By Joey Ricard - October 22, 2020


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Is your web design UX all set for the upcoming holiday season?


Holiday-ready web design UX example by Verizon

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After all, the holidays will be here knocking at your door, before you even know it. And after months of lockdown, Covid fear and panic, finally these holidays will be all about family, friends, and shopping of course. 

Yes, both consumers and businesses are gearing up for the holiday season like never before and are eager to start the new year on a positive note.

In case you own a business and have high hopes to recover the lost revenues due to the Covid outbreak during this holiday season, then know that you got to give your website design a festive makeover. 


Tips to Make Your Web Design UX Festive-Ready


An impactful and cheerful web design UX will naturally attract more potential customers. So, here is what you can do to prepare your website for the holiday shopping season.


Update Content and Make Design Adjustments


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Outdated product information and website content don’t really work when it comes to attracting your target audience to your season-specific services or products. If your website lacks holiday-related content, it’ll fail to stir up feelings of festivity among the audience and won’t encourage sales during the holidays.

In case you’re wondering how you can do that, then worry not as professional web design services list season-specific content strategy to boost desire among the audience to convert.

From highlighting holiday-related products on your product pages or home page to creating holiday gift categories to guide your website visitors to items they are looking for or might be interested in buying for the holidays can be excellent ways of refreshing your existing website content.

While adapting a website copy that justly explains to the visitors why it is your products or services they need, don’t forget to keep your website navigation system and layout simple and clean. 

From using some festive font styles and colors to featuring holiday-themed imagery and banners with holiday cheers, all these design adjustments can make your web design UX perfect for the holidays.

Remember, the more clutter-free and neat your website will look, the easier it will add holiday sparkle to it, without having to overdo any.

After all, along with describing why your products are ideal for them, you need to maintain a simplistic and clutter-free website layout, just like any brick and mortar store; so visitors can easily go through your products and enjoy a smooth online shopping experience.


Add Holiday Theme to Landing Pages


Holiday-ready web design UX example by John-Lewis

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Giving your website a festive facelift doesn’t mean overusing colors and including loud holiday clipart. To make your website ready for the holiday season, creating engaging and unique landing pages for holiday special products can be a great idea.

Don’t fret over the website design services cost; rather focus on creating landing pages that can truly reflect your brand message and look appealing and cheerful at the same time.  To reflect the essence of the season, you can even ask your designers to add some relevant holiday elements such as snowflakes or stars (for Christmas vibes) here and there.

Until unless you’re not overdoing it, holiday-themed landing pages can serve as an effective web designing hack for promoting user engagement and user interest in your website.

While adding the holiday vibes, don’t forget to keep the process simple and smooth once the visitors decide to convert into buyers. Include sharing buttons in the landing pages encouraging them to share their shopping experience with your website with their friends and family through various social media channels.


Use Relevant Holiday Keywords For SEO


Holiday-ready web design UX example by Container Store

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Another way you can take your website design UX to the next level is by inserting keywords and phrases that more accurately describes your holiday special products.

Using relevant holiday keywords can also help users to find holiday items on your website more easily.

Look for website design services, and make sure your website content and products contain the right SEO keywords that will boost your site’s ranking in the SERPs as well as engage more users by quickly showing exactly what they are looking for.


Offer Free Shipping and Updated Delivery Info


Holiday-ready web design UX example by Nordstrorm

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Want to decrease cart abandonment and boost sales during this holiday season?

Well, then offering free shipping can do the trick. Even if you can’t do it yourself, with different types of web design services being available now, adding and highlighting a free shipping option on your site won’t be a big deal.

Yes, during the holiday season online shopping can get complicated due to the shipping charges and can make the online shoppers abandon the shopping-cart instantly.

But when you’ll offer Free Shipping during the festivities, it will not only act as a visual promotion on your site but also encourage the visitors to buy more from your site and check out sooner.

Plus, offering your customers updated delivery information can also help with boosting conversion rates.

From informing your customers of your modified business hours or day to day operational changes to making them aware of the Covid safety measures you’re taking can reassure them that purchasing from you this holiday is a wise decision they have made.


Optimize the Mobile Site


Studies show that almost 89% of consumer activity happens on mobile applications.

So, if you haven’t made your business website mobile-friendly yet or don’t have your business app available for mobile yet, then do it right away, before the holiday season begins.

No matter how much updated content you add to your website unless your website is mobile responsive, even hiring the best website design services won’t do any good to your business. Last year on Black Friday, mobile shopping witnessed an unbelievable increase. This year too, mobile-friendly websites and mobile business apps are expected to experience maximum consumer rush.

Plus, making your website mobile-responsive isn’t something that can be done overnight. It requires redesigning. So, when there’s still time, why not give your best to grab the attention of consumers who shop through mobile sites and apps!


Provide Multiple Payment Options


Have you ever considered hiring web design services for small businesses to add multiple payment options to your website? If not, then now is the time to do so as it can certainly boost your chances to convert more during the days of year-end festivities.

Today’s online shoppers desire flexibility when it comes to paying online.

Modern consumers are more about paying with credit cards. And with the holiday shopping season near, people are expected to rely more on credit solutions than ever.

Even a comScore study clearly shows that PayPal performed 82% higher than all other payment types and 60% higher than any other digital wallet in 2018.

Plus, testing has also suggested that if online businesses include PayPal Credit as their website’s Express Checkout Method along with a light promotional message, the website RPV or Revenue Per Visitor increases.

Deploying this combination during the holiday season can make potential customers more likely to purchase from you. With multiple payment options becoming commonplace in today’s online shopping experience, including the best ones boosts the audience’s preference for your website.


Add the Holiday Charms with Klizo Solutions


With the holiday season ahead, now is the time to update the web design UX of your site. And to help you achieve the perfect festive website look, we, Klizo Solutions, are just a click away.

Our excellent web design services can give your site the much-needed festive facelift that can ensure a satisfying user experience as well as the holiday season vibes.

Since this year shoppers are expected to be more eager to send gifts to their near and dear ones as the pandemic has forced them to not see each other all year.

So, now is the opportunity for businesses to make their web design UX more appealing than ever. And we are right here to assist you in grabbing the attention of the festive crowd and boosting your sales.

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