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Laravel and Vuejs – Why This Couple Is Getting Popular For Building Web Apps?

By Joey Ricard - August 4, 2022


Laravel and VueJS

Do you want your apps to deliver more ease of use and sophistication to your users? Do you want to ensure optimum productivity and pace in your app development process? 

Then using more groundbreaking and promising techs and approaches does make sense. And using Laravel and VueJS for your app development is undoubtedly one of the smartest approaches!

Laravel is a PHP framework. VueJS is a Javascript framework. So it is obvious to wonder about the point of full stack web development with Laravel and Vue JS, two frameworks from different programming languages!


Laravel and VueJS


But wait, there is more to it than what meets the eyes! There is more than one reason to combine Laravel with VueJS.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you about those in case you belong to those wondering, ” why use VueJS with Laravel?”


All Changes Happen On The Front End

Modern-day applications on the internet are event-driven. They are developed to ensure that the users have a smooth experience as if they are using applications installed on their computers.

When you combine Laravel and VueJS, you ensure a seamless experience for the users as they never have to reload a page again. VueJS lets you build the front-end of your app in a way that never needs a reload, even when an update is made!


Building An Outstanding Event-driven App

Need to build a full-scale event-driven application that can manage all activities in the front-end? Then build Vue JS in Laravel! Then, you can use the composable components VueJS provides any way you want.

The Laravel 9 VueJS 3 couple lets you change the user interface by just switching the components. So, you no longer need to reload the page!

The exceptional performance and speed of VueJS also ensure that you can make the changes in your front-end fast and smoothly, without consuming much computer resources.


Developing Complex Front-End Pages

Does your application consist of parts that demand frequent updating? Then you need to run your front-end entirely on JavaScript, VueJS, to be specific. And this means opting for building Laravel and Vue JS web apps!

Unlike other JavaScript libraries that lack a virtual DOM, VueJS employs VDOM. Not having a virtual DOM is the cause behind the performance issues. So when you develop your app with Vuejs Laravel 9, your system knows which components need to be updated.

VueJS’ agreeability with state managers such as Vuex, Flux, and Redux helps handle the data flow in the most complex applications. The one-way data binding model of VueJS makes state management easier in complex apps.


Laravel and VueJS


Easy To Use, Easy To Learn

Take any Laravel Vue sample project, and you will see that VueJS not only works very well with Laravel but is also very easy to use. Using Vue feels like you are writing in JavaScript. The simple application built using plain JavaScript will be valid in VueJS.

Even previous familiarity with JavaScript can help you get going with Vue. You are less likely to face any difficulty building a non-trivial application using Vue after just one day of going through the documentation if you have previous familiarity with JavaScript.

Based on the requirement of your application, you can process your CSS External with JavaScript or keep it. You can also apply style changes to components on the go. Rest assured, when it is a combination of Laravel and VueJS, it will not affect other components.


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Building Single-Page Applications

What do you think is the greatest thing to have taken place in the last decade? For many, including us, it is the SPAs or single-page applications. Trust me! The way SPAs have opened up web applications to the audiences, nothing ever did!

Many users living outside of Europe and America face challenges accessing the internet. Considering this fact, SPAs work great for them as they deliver a rich web experience.

When you opt for a Laravel VueJS project to build your single-page application, all the application assets load at once, and most of them get cached. Plus, everything your application does as your users engage with it needs data that requires low bandwidth to fulfill.


Laravel and VueJS


Issuing PHP-Based Database Queries

VueJS is no different than all the other frameworks when employing virtual DOM. Like others, VueJS employs VDOM, where the representation of the user interface gets stored in the memory in the form of data structures in JavaScript.

We know that Laravel offers the Eloquent ORM, a progressive PHP implementation of simple and beautiful ActiveRecord patterns that help developers issue database queries using the PHP syntax. Combining Laravel and VueJS together, developers can issue database queries using PHP syntax.


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Ready For The Power Couple, Laravel And VueJS?

These two frameworks, Laravel 9 Vue js 3, separately have some of the finest web applications to their credit. Both of them have some of the most exceptional features to offer. Now, imagine what wonders you can build by combining VueJS and Laravel!

But things are always easier said than done!

Combining the two powerful frameworks, Laravel and VueJS, in one project may not be as easy as you think and requires a team of great talent and expertise. And that is where we, Klizo Solutions, come in!

A reputed Laravel development company and a trusted provider of custom solutions, we house an experienced team of expert developers who can build the most sophisticated and flawlessly functioning robust and scalable applications for you, be it JavaScript or PHP framework.

Connect with us today to find out how you can enjoy the best of both worlds, Laravel and VueJS!

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