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Weed Vending Machine is a Reality in 2021

By Joey Ricard - January 18, 2021


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We all know what vending machines are, right?

At least once in our life most of us have come across a vending machine to get some food or beverages. If not snacks and soda, we’ve used these automated machines to get tickets, candies, cigarettes, and even lottery tickets. Even emergency contraception and condom vending machines are pretty common these days. Yes, yes, vending machines have been there since the ’80s.

But guess what, there’s the weed vending machine in town now!

In the 21st century, a pot vending machine is very much real just as much as any candy or soda vending machine is. 

Thinking about whether you can get your hands on some marijuana through this vending machine anytime you want? Or, doubting whether it’s “all that glitters is not gold” thing and of not much use?

Well, gold or not, it’s indeed weed. And when it’s a weed vending machine, it’s enough to get you intrigued. So just dive in and find out all about this crazy REALITY!


What is a Pot or Weed Vending Machine?

The very idea behind a vending machine is to provide instantly. And the same goes for weed machines too. Only the difference here is that along with getting instantly ready to use weeds, you get a variety of medical marijuana options to choose from based on flavor, effects, texture, benefits, and potency.

Here, take a look at something cool we have built!



Remember, these cannabis vending machines are meant to provide you medical marijuana, and are meant to help those looking for acquiring medical marijuana the easy way. (One-minute silence for those who intended to acquire marijuana from these machines for “other” purposes; LOL) 


weed vending machine by Klizos


How Cannabis Vending Machines Can Help with Cannabis Dealings

Now that you’re aware of what a pot vending machine is, do you need someone to remind you how this machine can play a pivotal role in boosting cannabis dealings, or what its benefits are? Then, we are happy to be that ‘someone’ and enlighten you with the many perks of this outstanding technological innovation.

And we are not just talking after doing some research on the internet! We actually have the in-hand experience to work in this domain, have the expertise to build something cool like This an advanced automated retail system for dispensaries. So, from our experience, we have shared the following benefits. You can take a quick look at the infographic below. We have covered all the points in detail after that. 


weed vending machine benefits - INFOGRAPHIC


Instant Easy Access

Are you suffering from an illness to which medical marijuana holds the relief if not the cure? Then, the last thing you want as a medical marijuana user is to search for dispensaries that sell marijuana.

Given the underlying health condition, stress can further worsen your illness sensations. And trust me, looking for a dispensary can be strenuous as well as stressful.

But with marijuana vending machines, acquiring weed that you need to treat your illness can be as easy and convenient as possible.


No More Standing In Lines

Are you tired of waiting in the long queues in the medical stores to get your weed for medical purposes? 

Well, bid adieu to those irritating and time-consuming waiting. With weed machines, no more long waits in dispensaries as you can get the type of medical weed you need instantly from the vending machines along with an enhanced product selection experience.


Reduced Wait Times

Yes, you can always buy medical marijuana online. But it’s not that you will place the order and get it delivered to you in just a few seconds. It takes time. But that’s not the case with pot machines. You can get your marijuana in right when you visit your nearest pot machines.


Limited Social Contact or Contactless Dealings

Given the pandemic situation, contactless delivery is trending. From groceries to essential stuff, people are trying to limit social contact as much as possible. Then why should the ‘contactless’ part be compromised in the case of marijuana!

Well, with marijuana machines, contactless dealings have become possible. For example, there are several high-tech, self-checkout weed machines in selected Colorado dispensaries that eliminate the need for a person-to-person or one-on-one interaction with the budtender.


Availability in Remote Areas

A medical marijuana patient doesn’t need to reside in a prime location with numerous dispensaries nearby selling marijuana. There are those too who reside at a remote location where finding a dispensary that sells medical marijuana is similar to finding water in the Sahara!

Well, then again, the pot machines turn out to be an effective and convenient means of getting marijuana to those who desperately need it. By installing pot machines at remote locations, you can reach out to those who otherwise have a hard time acquiring marijuana for medical purposes.


Quick, Easy, and Secure Payment

Pot machine rocks in ensuring efficient and secure transactions, too. For a self-service secure payment, everything that a vending machine needs to have, pot machines have them. 

Components like biometrics, card, and cash components, printers, etc., not only help to simplify the payment process; but also turn the vending machine into a full marijuana POS system. Plus, the pot machines being ADA compliant, offer universal services to one and all. Some machines even accept bitcoin as payment. 


Smooth Identity Verification

The primary purpose of pot machines is to provide medical marijuana patients with a whole new level of comfortability and ease of weed purchase. As a result, various technological improvements have been made to enhance their experience with the vending machine. And as a result, along with other benefits, patients get smooth and quick identity verification.

For example, a patient with a medical marijuana card has to swipe the card as well as his/her driving license card onto the identifying surface of the vending machine. And voila! The pot machines will instantly become aware of the past eligibility requirements. 

About utilizing this face pay technology in the cannabis industry, here’s a video, our CEO Joseph Ricard explaining the working principles.



Apart from the provided information, patients can also opt for easy purchases through the face recognition option. The camera, installed in pot vending machines, will analyze the biometrics of the patients, integrating the AI-enabled face recognition technology. In this way, a patient will be able to create an account that will make his/her future purchases from a vending machine easier and smooth.

Remember, presently pot vending machines are capable of checking the identification cards of the customers and not the medical IDs yet. 


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Wrapping Up

There have been some reports of discontinuing the vending machines for marijuana that were once installed by retailers. No, not because they were proved to be inconvenient or failed to serve the purpose. The reason was poorly developed software that resulted in frequent technical glitches and poor transaction speed. 

According to the marketing director, Brett Friel, of KindPeople dispensary in Santa Cruz, a weed vending machine needs to be “flawless” to ensure a positive user experience and long-term success. And that’s where we, Klizo Solutions, come in.

Are you into the weed business and want to sell medical marijuana through pot vending machines? Then a bug-free, top-class software that integrates the latest emerging and futuristic technologies like face pay integration is a must for you. And that’s exactly what we offer.

We have a satisfied clientele base for whom our METRC-certified developers have built high-risk payment processors and third party seed to sale tracking systems. We have years of working experience with many of the leading Crypto companies and have helped them with integrating Cryptocurrencies like CannabisCoin, PotCoin. We are also responsible for developing eCommerce systems like SeedERP that have allowed people to sell CBD and other Hemp products without any difficulty at all. 


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Now that pot vending machines are no longer a distant dream but a reality, want to be a part of it? Connect with us, a cannabis software development company, today and rule the cannabis retail industry through the latest tech-integrated marijuana vending machines!

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

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