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10 Proven Ways To Keep Visitors Viewing Your Website Longer

By Joey Ricard - June 1, 2023


keep visitors viewing your website longer

What is the most feared nightmare for a website owner?

It’s visitors leaving your website seconds after visiting without taking the desired action, right?

But there are ways to keep visitors viewing your website longer and prevent this worst nightmare from becoming a reality.

Your website is critical to your business – whether its purpose is to sell your products directly to people or generate leads online.

But none of these is possible if your users don’t stick around on your website long enough to take action, convert or buy!

Lesser time on your website means the visitors are less likely to remember you. That’s why you need to do things that can keep visitors viewing your website longer.

Wondering what are those things that can keep your visitors glued to your website?

Then let’s jump in and discover the top ten proven ways to keep visitors viewing your website longer and make them come back!

keep visitors viewing your website longer

Make The Entry Points Clear

Imagine you are looking for a delicious pizza recipe online. You click on a link that says, “The Best Pizza Recipe In 10 Minutes”, and you land on a page that has nothing to do with pizza and instead tries to sell you some random products or services!

How would you feel? Frustrated? Annoyed? Betrayed? 

You would probably leave that website instantly and never come back again!

This can happen to your website when it lacks clear and relevant entry points!

Entry points serve as gateways to your website. They help to get traffic to your website. They are the pages or posts visitors land on or see when they find you through search engines, social media, or click on a link to your website from another source.

Vague and misleading entry points confuse and mislead visitors, repel them, and damage your reputation.

how to increase website traffic

But when your entry points are clear and relevant, they match the visitors’ intent and interest, capture their attention and curiosity and encourage them to explore your website further, making their session with your website longer while increasing the chance of conversions.

So, write your entry points in a way that reflects the content and value of your website and attracts the right kind of visitors looking for what you offer.


Integrate Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere! And it’s time you implement it in your website, if haven’t already, to make it more interactive, engaging, and efficient enough to keep visitors viewing your website longer!

AI can help you improve your website performance, customer experience, and content quality, making the visitors glued to your website and boosting conversion rates.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence

No matter the industry you’re in, you can benefit from the power of AI to enhance your online presence. 

  • AI can recommend the best and most relevant products to your visitors based on their browsing behavior and preferences (like it does for Amazon).
  • AI-powered search on your website can provide more accurate and personalized results to your visitors (like it does for Google).
  • AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data and use that information to create a highly personalized experience for your visitors.
  • AI chatbots can provide helpful customer service in real-time through Live Chat and generate leads or sales (like it does for Sephora and Starbucks)
  • AI can generate engaging and relevant content that appeals to your audience and boosts your SEO ranking (like it does for The New York Times)


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Take the graphic design platform Canva for example. It has launched different AI tools, such as Magic Write, Magic Edit, etc., to make the platform preferable to more users for creating stunning designs.

And that’s not it! Now there are B2B platforms like CompilerX powered by AI that mines email, contacts, and company information for any target company 10x faster than any normal b2b data compiling site. Its AI-powered extension can instantly generate emails dedicated to Cold Email Campaigns Content.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence

Embrace AI now and make interacting with your visitors more interactive, gathering and analyzing data more effective, personalizing user experience, and forming long-term strategies based on better insights.


Make Your Content Compelling And Scannable

Quality content has always been a great way to keep visitors viewing your website longer.

So make sure the content you provide on your website, whether for describing your products or as articles, is always relevant, informative, and truly valuable to your target audience.

get traffic to your website

When your website provides your visitors with the information they find useful or care about, they are more likely to stay on your website to read your content and return for more in the future. 

A good read is something that readers don’t forget. They crave more and end up visiting the source of that informative and engaging writing again! 

HubSpot is one fine example of keeping visitors viewing their website longer by constantly creating compelling, informative, and relevant content.

Also, make your content easily scalable as it makes the content easy to consume.


Make Your Content Compelling And Scannable

Most readers scan content to pick up the most important words, phrases, or lines. They rarely read the entire content!


Offer Relevant Content Suggestions

Does your website contain a lot of content? Then, make it a point to encourage your visitors to check those out as much as possible. 

To do so, since holding the visitors’ attention is not that easy, you need to give them a little push.

Most readers scan content to pick up the most important words, phrases, or lines. They rarely read the entire content! Offer Relevant Content Suggestions Does your website contain a lot of content? Then, make it a point to encourage your visitors to check those out as much as possible. To do so, since holding the visitors’ attention is not that easy, you need to give them a little push.

Offer content suggestions to your website visitors to keep them reading. Presenting the visitors with related content suggestions is a smart and effective way for making them stay longer.

For example, display the most popular content of your website, and show them content relevant to what they are presently reading.

This way, you can not only reduce the chances of your visitors switching to another site for something else to read but also expose them to your content as much as possible.


Add Clear Call To Actions

Well-designed and well-written CTAs or Call-to-Action buttons help to keep visitors viewing your website longer and boost conversions!

A good CTA instantly gives a clear context about what will happen next and clarifies what the users should expect. It tells the users what you want them to do next.





Make Your Content Compelling And Scannable

Visitors tend to leave your website once they find the information they are looking for. But with appropriate CTAs in place, you can give the visitors a reason to stay on your website and take the actions you want them to!

From Buy Now to Contact Us, from Sign Up to Download, you can add any call to action that aligns with your goal while motivating the visitors or creating a sense of urgency to take action. Having no clear CTAs on your website means leaving your visitors clueless on your website.


Feature Engaging And Interactive Visuals

To keep your visitors longer on your website, you must engage them. And what can be a better way to grab their attention and make them stay on your website than using stellar visuals??

Engaging and relevant visuals can make your website more attractive, memorable, and emotional for your visitors. They can convey your message to the visitors more efficiently and effectively than text alone can!

Take Airbnb, for example, which features engaging and high-quality visuals showcasing its properties and destinations to keep visitors on its website longer.

how to increase website traffic

From images to videos, animations, infographics, charts, and icons – various visual elements are there that you can add to enhance your website’s look and feel! Ignoring visuals makes your website look lifeless, dull, and cluttered with texts, texts, and only texts!

get traffic to your website

Plus, studies show that 66% of people prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service than to read about it. So, including explainer videos or product videos on your website, or the how-to-videos, can be a great way to get your visitors to spend more time on your website!


Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is not just good practice. In today’s digital world, it’s a necessity for websites to stay in the game and engage visitors.

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A mobile responsive website design that adjusts to any screen size and device is a must if you want to reach and retain more users online. It helps to –

  • Improve the user experience by making the website easy to use and navigate on any device.
  • Improve the SEO ranking and visibility by following Google’s guidelines and recommendations.
  • Enhance the accessibility factor by allowing users with different abilities and preferences to access the website content.
  • Prevent losing visitors to your competitors who have better mobile websites.
  • Boost your conversion rate and revenue by making it easier for mobile users to take action.get traffic to your website

Mobile devices are the most popular way to access the web today. Not having a mobile-optimized website means you’re still stuck in the era of telegraphy (long-distance transmission of messages using symbolic codes) when the world has moved on to Telegram


Improve Page Loading Speed

Long-loading pages are simply website killers! The longer it takes your web pages to load, the greater number of visitors you lose!

But a fast-loading website never fails to keep visitors viewing your website longer, as it improves the user experience and satisfaction. 

According to Google, 53% of users leave a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. 

Plus, a fast-loading website also helps you rank higher on the SERPs, as page speed is one of the key ranking factors that Google considers.

A delay of just 1 second in page load time results in a 7% reduction in conversions.

The loading speed of your website is usually influenced by factors such as your hosting provider, website design, image sizes, code quality, and caching settings. Ignoring any of these can make your website slow enough to cause frustration among your visitors and make them leave your website instantly! 

So the best option to ensure a fast-loading website is to hire a reliable website development and web designing partner.

Web Development

We have helped quite a few clients reduce their website load time, and, as a result, they have witnessed a huge improvement in their conversion rates.


Make Navigation Easy And Add A Search Bar

When you visit a website, you want to find what you are looking for without wasting time or getting lost. And that is why good navigation and a search bar are crucial for a website. 

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Good navigation and a search bar make things easily findable on your website. Here’s how they help to keep visitors viewing your website longer:

  • Logical and intuitive navigation helps users navigate your website pages and sections easily and gives them a clear sense of where they are and where they can go from there. 
  • Simplified navigation gives your website a consistent and professional look, which helps to build trust and credibility with your visitors.
  • A search bar lets your users find what they need in a snap (as quick as that of Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet Snap), saving them from scrolling through endless pages or menus and giving them instant results based on their keywords or queries. 
  • Featuring a search bar on your website also helps you learn more about your users’ preferences and needs, so you can tailor your content to match their interests.
  • Both good navigation and a search bar reduce the chances of visitors leaving your website too soon. Visitors who can easily access and search your website are more likely to find value in your content, products, or services and take action accordingly.

Clean navigation and a search bar in your website are not just nice-to-have features but essential elements for creating an outstanding website that attracts and retains visitors.


Dissuade Visitors From Leaving Using Exit Pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups are little boxes or website overlays that pop up on the screen when visitors seem like they are about to leave a website or attempt to navigate away from the website by moving their cursor to the closing tab or top of the screen.

Usually, they make an offer or special discount or encourage signup for newsletters or promote intriguing content, etc., to draw the visitors back to the site before they close their navigation window.

Web Development pop up

These exit-intent pop-ups work great for catching visitors before they exit your website and turning them into leads and sales. Studies show that exit pop-ups can convert an additional 2-4% of your website visitors!


Want To Keep Visitors Viewing Your Website Longer?

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So what are you waiting for? 

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