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Top Mobile App UX Design Trends for 2020 And Beyond

By Joey Ricard - September 17, 2020


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Are you aware of the latest mobile UX trends in 2020? Well, if not, then it’s high time that you know about them as to develop a mobile app that can connect your brand with your users, your mobile app’s UX design must be up-to-date. 

After all, UX or user experience design is a crucial aspect of any successful mobile application. It simply determines how effortlessly or seamlessly users can access an app. It is the soul of your brand that not only reflects your values, ideas, and corporate identity but also attracts and impresses customers as a super effective marketing tool. 

Since the landscape of mobile UX is constantly changing, here are this year’s trending mobile UX design principles to ensure the success of your mobile apps.


App UX Design Trends to Lead 2020 and Beyond


Data-Driven Design


A mobile app design that is backed by various user analysis data is referred to as a data-driven design. It consists of surveys featuring different questions. Some of the biggest perks of adopting such a mobile UX design with the help of a mobile UI design company are:

  • It helps you better understand your target audience or users
  • It determines whether your app is on the right track or not
  • It uplifts your app design by adding objectivity to it
  • It reveals the pain points of your users
  • It makes your app more flexible and dynamic

When you get to know which are the areas that receive maximum user engagement or what are the functionalities or information your target audience is looking for, you simply get one step closer to success.

Therefore, no matter what mobile app UI/UX design services you opt for, just make sure you follow this UX design trend to have detailed insights into your audience’s interaction with your app.


Password-Less Login


Considering the different apps people use regularly, remembering passwords for each one of them can not only be difficult but annoying too. So, the process of password-less login is sure to trend not only in 2020 but in the coming years too.

Thanks to the mobile app UX design tools, passwordless authentication is soon to take over the phone number or email ID login process. Be it fingerprint scanning or biometrical recognition, facial identification, or pattern detection, this trending mobile UX design hints days beyond typical password login.


Buttonless Design


Gone are the days of using physical buttons in mobiles to perform any action. Now is the time for buttonless app designs that not only free up screen space and give the users access to more data; but also take the use of gestures to another level through liquid swiping.

Want your users to experience the freedom of effortless liquid swiping? Our designers provide various mobile UI/UX design services and can create stunning app designs that come with digital buttons.  


Voice Interactions


Voice-powered mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among users due to their preciseness, feasibility, and quick query results. Allowing the users to interact with mobile phones through voice commands, this technology is not only time saving but also action influencing.

The advantages that voice-powered virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa offer, tells a lot about how voice-enabled UX designs are expected to get popular in the coming years. 


Dark Theme


Dark theme is another one of the trending mobile app design guidelines that can boost the appearance of your app as well as attract more users. Dark theme is nothing but a low-light user interface where contents can be seen mostly on darker surfaces. The two major UX benefits of incorporating the dark theme in any mobile app are:

  • It does not strain the eyes as the screen’s brightness can be modified as per the present light conditions.
  • It saves battery power as in a dark theme the use of light pixels is reduced.

Along with boosting user experience by enhancing readability and legibility, the dark theme also adds a sharper, sleeker and aesthetic look to an app. 




In 2020, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are forecasted to become a part of people’s everyday life. Be it the cutting-edge AR or the already popular VR, both technologies are images adding a more functional and fresh look to the daily regime of users by integrating the digital components into the real world.

With eCommerce. mHealth, real estate, media, entertainment, education, online banking construction, and engineering sectors already starting to utilize these advanced techs, it’s your cue to contact a mobile app design services provider and take your mobile apps UX to a whole new ‘reality’ level.


Cutting A Long Story Short…


So now that you know about the top mobile app design trends of 2020, develop and update your mobile app accordingly.

If you lack the insights to build mobile apps that follow the latest and best trending mobile app design guidelines, contact Klizo Solutions today.

A renowned mobile app design company in Kolkata, our expert developers know exactly how to create a user-friendly mobile app design that can win user confidence as well as boost the number of mobile apps by improving customer satisfaction.

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