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10 Quick Zoom Meeting Tricks to Use Zoom Like A Pro

By Joey Ricard - September 15, 2020


Zoom Meeting Tricks to Use Zoom Like A Pro

Are you someone who regularly attends zoom meetings?

Since the remote working is becoming the new normal these days, be it interviews or business meetings, client calls, or regular team meetings- zoom probably has become a daily part of our working lives. Even zoom is making the weekend hangout with your best buddies a lot easier when you can’t meet them physically.

Here is a list of a few smart, essential, and handy zoom meeting tricks that can make your zoom sessions a lot efficient, refreshing, and funnier at times. You can use these tricks and can use zoom like a pro to its full potential.


Zoom Meeting Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know


Hide The Real Mess with Virtual Backgrounds


Don’t want your co-workers to peek into your home while you’re on a Zoom call?

Well, then why not transport yourself to the city skyline or beach or maybe outer space!

With Zoom’s Virtual Background feature, you can simply create your own Zoom background by using images of your choosing or looping videos. This is one of the easy and fun Zoom tips for participants to set the mood right for any Zoom call.


Have Isolated Discussions in Breakout Rooms


Need to take a break from a big meeting and discuss some important things with your team members to report back to the meeting?

In such scenarios, Zoom’s Breakout Rooms can be your savior.

Similar to an in-person meeting, the breakout rooms let participants split the meeting in smaller rooms, boosting spontaneous collaboration.


Save Yourself from The Awkwardness of Silent Meetings


Being in a meeting where no one is talking is probably the most awkward Zoom meeting scene. So, why not utilize the Waiting Room feature, another one of the smart Zoom hacks and tricks for participants!

If you are the organizer of a Zoom meeting, you can enable a waiting room for attendees to sign in early and wait there until you are starting the call and initiating the meeting.


Protect Your Zoom Calls from Getting Hacked


Do you get pissed off as Zoom calls keep on getting hacked

Here are the ‘protect-your-call’ Zoom tips for participants: lock your meetings, share your unique passwords with only those attending the meeting, utilize the waiting room, opt for host-only screen sharing, and voila!

No more Zoom-bombing. 


Record Your Meetings to Never Miss Key Points


Worried about forgetting the key points discussed in a Zoom meeting? Then why not record it?

The recording option is one of the fun ways to use Zoom better for saving virtual interviews, meetings, discussions, and classes for future reference.

Yes, while paid members get to record and save their Zoom meetings to the cloud and on their mobile phones; both paid and free Zoom subscribers can simply record their Zoom meetings to their computers/laptops. 


Utilize The Annotation Tool to Better Explain Things


Have you always felt the need for a visual aid to better explain complex ideas during a Zoom meeting?

Well, then using Zoom’s annotation tool as a built-in whiteboard can work wonders to virtually mark up the board and explain things better.

Plus, if you’re a notetaker then this hack can also help you to take notes during meetings either for yourself or everyone.

This Zoom tricks funny activities can also be great to spice up even the most boring virtual interactions as you can use them for quickly drawing up funny doodles for your buddies during a Zoom call.


Say Good-Bye to Scruffy Appearances


Don’t have time or will to fix your looks and put on some makeup before you join a Zoom meeting? 

With Zoom’s Touch Up feature, one of the many smart Zoom meeting tricks, you can look presentable instantly.

Be it improving the lighting or evening out your skin, with this one click Zoom hack, your unwillingness towards tidying up your appearance can easily be covered.


See Everyone On the Same Screen with Gallery View


Want to watch everyone you’re talking to on your screen together? 

Whether you’re chatting with your buddies or on a work call, with Zoom’s Gallery View feature, you can do that too. It is one of the many essential Zoom tricks for students as well as professionals who wish to see everyone in a class or meeting at once.

If the number of attendees goes above 49, you can move between multiple pages with a maximum of 49 attendees being one page at once.


Never Miss a Meeting – Thanks To Zoom Meeting Reminders!


By turning on the Meeting Reminder option in Zoom’s meeting settings, one of the handy meeting related Zoom hacks and tricks for participants, you can ensure never missing an important meeting.


Enjoy The Zoom-Slack Integration


With Work-From-Home or Remote Working mode on, Slack turns out to be one of the most essential and widely used business communication platforms. And now, Zoom can be integrated with Slack.

Yes, with Zoom-Slack integration, now you can begin your Zoom meetings straight from slack. Isn’t it smart!

At Klizo Solutions, we are very much fond of this zoom feature! It has undoubtedly made our overall work process a lot easier and smoother.

Working from a comfy couch at home and enjoying virtual happy hours with friends are becoming the new norms of normal life.

If Zoom is the name of your daily virtual communication medium with your friends, colleagues, and employers, then do try these fun ways to use Zoom as they will certainly make your Zoom experience more amusing and effective.

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

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