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Smart and Effective Tips on Instagram Marketing 2020

By Joey Ricard - October 7, 2020


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With more than 800 million users every month and almost 60 million photos being posted daily, Instagram has become the ultimate platform for brands and businesses to highlight their products and services. 

But is opening an Instagram profile is enough to start Instagram marketing 2020, generate leads, and engage the target audience? The answer is NO.

To achieve your business goals through a popular social media platform like Instagram, you do need a solid marketing strategy. 

Since the dynamics of such social media channels keeps on changing, you got to keep up with the latest marketing hacks to make your marketing campaign on Instagram a success, with or without the help of social media marketing services packages.

If you want to want to find out what are the most trending and effective Instagram marketing 2020 tips, then check out these smart tricks now. 


Opt for Business Profile


Before thinking anything else about how to market your brand on Instagram or which social media marketing services India to hire, just switch to a business account first.

Yes, if you’re a business on Instagram, this is undoubtedly the first thing you need to do ASAP as with a business account it becomes easier to help users find you, run ads and promote your page, etc. Plus, having a business account on Instagram also connects you to your business page on Facebook which makes sharing content from Instagram to Facebook easier.

Even for cycling customers from Instagram to your other social profiles like Facebook becomes possible with just a quick and easy switching of your account type. Plus, just like your business website, a business account allows your followers to get in touch with you by just clicking on the contact button on your Instagram page.


Optimize Your Insta Bio


The small area that you have right under your name on your Instagram page is known as the Instagram bio. This is the first thing that a user sees when they visit your profile. therefore, you must build your Instagram bio in such an informative, and captivating way that it doesn’t fail to engage those landing on your profile.

 Some of the major things to include in your Instagram bio to boost engagement are a concise and proper description of your brand/product/services, one or two lines on the content you intend to offer, contact details, the URL where you want to drive your Instagram traffic to, and a link of your social media page. 

You can utilize simple engagement tricks while building your bio such as using emoticons in sync with your brand language and content to make your bio more fun and easily relatable. Otherwise, you can directly look for social media marketing services near me for developing an effective bio and maintaining the engagement factor of your Instagram handle. 


Utilize Free Instagram Tools


Instagram’s business profiles are the same as that of the business profiles on Facebook. There are certain free tools for you once you switch to a business account, and it’ll be a folly not to make the right use of these free Instagram analytical tools.

Also referred to as Insights, the analytical tools of Instagram offer various stats about how your posts are performing, such as the reach of your posts, the impression they are having on the audience. 

From accessing the engagement data triggered by your posts to breaking down the demographics of your followers to get information about their gender, age, most active hours, and location, the insight tools provide you all.

When you get specific insights like which were your top posts for a particular time, or which posts engaged the maximum number of comments, understanding how your users are interacting with your content becomes easier. Yes, there are various social media marketing services packages available for tracking your Instagram account’s performance. But the insights on Instagram are free tools utilizing which you can change your content accordingly and boost audience engagement. 


Use Instagram Stories to Generate Leads


Want to generate leads on Instagram? Then Instagram stories can be one of Instagram best practices 2020 to do so.

Similar to Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories aren’t like Instagram feed or Instagram posts. Coming in slideshow format, they appear in a small area right on top of the news and feed and vanish after 24 hours. However, you can always save your Instagram Stories to your device and reuse them later.

Well, the real benefit of Stories is that they help brands to experiment with different types of content. Yes, the contents you post in stories neither need to be as high-quality as your regular Instagram posts nor do they need to align with the aesthetics of your brand. From photos to videos of different kinds like live videos, rewind videos, short videos, or Boomerangs you can post anything that can help you promote your brand and generate leads.

And the best thing is that there is no limit to how many costs or contents you can add in your daily Story which means unlimited efforts to reach out to mobile users since Stories are available only on the Instagram mobile app.


Connect with Instagram Influencers


Have you thought about partnering with Instagram influencers? If not, then go for it, ASAP, as partnering with Instagram influencers is one of the most effective Instagram tips and tricks 2020 to reach potential customers on the platform. It is also a faster way to reach a wider audience. 

Users trust the influential people they follow which makes them buy products and services that they see in the feeds of their influencers. Well, when you partner with the right influencer you can get your business or brand right in front of those users.

Apart from exposing your brand to more potential customers, directing sales, and other short-term gains, an influencer campaign has more benefits to offer. Yes, when it comes to creating a lasting brand impression and awareness on the minds of a new audience, that also fast, building relationships with influencers works magic. Take the example of Coca-Cola joining one of the top Instagram influencers, Selena Gomez.


Use Contents Generated by Users


Do you know theirs is a way to create amazing content for your Instagram profile, without relying on stock photos or much hard work? Yes, using the content submitted by your followers can work effectively in creating great Instagram posts and audience engagement.

Whether it’s a hundred or thousand or more, you already have a certain number of Instagram followers right! Now what you can do is leverage your followers or your audience to generate relevant and useful content for you. Wondering how on earth that can be possible?

Well, users tend to enjoy user-generated photos more than they enjoy those created by you. Plus, user-generated content is always unpredictable and authentic. Understanding the importance of using user-generated content in brand marketing, more and more businesses like jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, etc. are using photos posted by users.

Take the example of the Instagram page of MAC. This reputed cosmetic brand uses user-generated content to show off their products.


Use Content Calendar


There are many different types of social media marketing services to opt for. However, no matter what type of service you choose for marketing your brand and business over different social platforms, any marketing professional will acknowledge the importance of using a content calendar. When it’s about ensuring maximum output from your Instagram profile, then know that being consistent in publishing content is of great significance. And a content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar, helps you to do so without fail.

Keeping your posting schedule always on track, a content calendar lets you plan ahead and automate your content publishing process at a time when your audience is most active. It serves more like a strategy without which the potentials that Instagram has for brand marketing remains unexplored. Especially, when you don’t know what to post, the content calendar helps you as a reference for leads.

However, don’t forget that just as maintaining regularity is crucial for your Instagram posts to succeed, so is the quality of the content. If the content that you plan to post is fresh and different, contains the right mix of formats and types such as infographics, quotes, memes, images, videos, etc., when posted in a scheduled manner, they do perform well and engage.


Incorporate Branded and Relevant Hashtags


Using relevant hashtags with your Instagram content to give your marketing efforts the much-needed extra boost to is another great Instagram marketing 2020 trick. Interactive hashtags also work great in creating instant engagement.

While the right hashtags help you reach the relevant audience along with increasing your content’s reach; interactive hashtags help with user-generated content where users use the hashtags created by you and eventually end up searching through the posts related to your brand.

Creating branded hashtags or hashtags associated with your brand or products or services with the help of social media marketing services for small businesses acts as free advertising for your brand as every time someone uses the hashtag, it’ll be your brand that his or her followers will be exposed to. 

Remember to refrain from using all the 30-allowed hashtags on every Instagram post you make.  This not only makes your posts look spammy but also doesn’t always work to boost your odds of winning. Picking 3 to 10 relevant and different hashtags every time rather works great for maximizing your content’s reach.


Post Product Teasers


Do you know you can increase your sales through Instagram by posting your product teasers?

Yes, when it comes to advertising your products, Instagram is the right place. All you have to do is play your cards right i.e. gently urge people to purchase your products and don’t annoy them with repeated ads, and voila! Your product teasers can actually boost your sales. 

Remember, product teasers are meant to be simple and gentle introductions of your products and not being too pushy. Though it is indeed one of the effective Instagram tips and tricks 2020 for marketing your products, it doesn’t necessarily mean selling products directly or forcefully. These laid-back ads simply tease the users with sneak peeks into your products such as discounts, images, etc., to go ahead and start buying. 

 For example, the product teasers of Starbucks announcing about their seasonal drinks and offers not only get them thousands of likes which is free advertising but also engages more audiences as they share, comment, and react to the teasers. 


Leverage IGTV


Built by Instagram, the stand-alone video application IGTV serves as an Instagram application functionality. It simply lets the users share videos with time limitations between 15 seconds to 10 minutes. However, if you’re a high-value user, then your time limit jumps from just 10 minutes to a long 60 minutes.

Therefore, this video application can be a great way of sharing valuable video content that you find difficult to post Instagram due to being longer than Instagram’s established time limits.

By choosing the right social media marketing services India, you can leverage IGTV to boost audience engagement and promote your brand by creating amazing planned and well-thought-out videos featuring your products, how-to contents, Q&A sessions with followers, behind the scenes, small video podcast, etc.


Hire Klizo Solution as Your Social Media Marketing Guide 


Last but not the least, for maximum brand recognition, effective brand promotion, and impressive lead generation, contact Klizo Solutions, a widely trusted social media marketing agency, right away. No, this is no joke. When you have the right social media marketing guidance, there is no stopping your brand or business from achieving the desired audience reach.

To make sure that all these effective brand marketing tips are utilized correctly, you might need a professional who will overlook all these, while you stay busy focusing more on your business. And that’s where our social media marketing experts come in.

No matter how many different types of social media marketing services your business requires, at Klizo Solutions, you get them all. So, if you need social media marketing assistance of any kind or thinking of hiring a helping hand to take care of your business marketing on Instagram or any other platforms; let us help you. Give us a call and get rid of all your social media marketing worries. 

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