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SeedERP for High-Risk Businesses- Case Study Analysis

By Joey Ricard - August 3, 2021


SeedERP for high-risk businesses- case study Klizo Solutions

Over the past few years, various high-risk business industries have witnessed exponential growth. Take the cannabis industry or the gaming industry for example. Even the popularity of nutraceuticals is growing.

However, despite the possibilities of growth, high-risk retailers continue to suffer as not only launching but even navigating its processes becomes extremely complex, given the strict market regulations, technological requirements, and reluctance of traditional financial institutions to cooperate. And that’s where SeedERP, a smart retail platform we’ve created for businesses, especially the high-risk retailers, comes in.

Are you into the cannabis business or planning to venture into adult entertainment or any other high-risk business industry? Then this article is exactly what you need to read right now! 


SeedERP – Mystery Unfolded



Are you familiar with what ERP is or what it stands for?

Well, ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning. In simpler words, it is a type of software that companies or organizations use to manage accounting, risk management, and supply chain operations, project management, supply chain operations, and other day-to-day activities related to managing a business.

Now, what does an ERP do? Well, as you’ve already guessed from its definition, this software platform “integrates multiple business management functions into one complete system”. Yes, it’s a consolidated process of assembling and organizing business data, using an integrated software suite.

Now, you must be wondering what makes SeedERP special, right?

Well, well, well, are you into delivery services? Or eCommerce? Then, what I’m going to tell you now can make you super happy. Because you’re about to find out all about an exceptional platform that is dedicated to growing an efficient and profitable business online, even for the high-risk ones.

SeedERP is one platform that lets you sign up with payment processors, create inventory, launch a website or online store, manage your subscribers and customers, and market your website through the unified platform. Yes, our SeedERP allows merchants with maintaining compliance, optimizing processes, and managing unique operations in the most hassle-free way. 


SeedERP  – One Smart Solution To A Multitude Of Problems


SeedERP for High-risk Businesses- Case Study Analysis

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When it comes to selling high-risk products like CBD, adult web content or sexual favors, CBD or hemp products, E-cigarettes or Vape, nutraceuticals, etc. there are certain challenges that retailers have to face.

For example, one of the biggest problems that CBD companies often face is finding the right retail technology solution that can support their high-risk business processes. Then there are the market regulations that a cannabis retailer needs to meet to continue with its business processes uninterruptedly.

Or, take the industry of nutraceuticals for example that often faces extreme difficulty in finding a credit card processor due to its high chargebacks. Even the adult entertainment industry, despite being so lucrative, fails to receive the service of traditional and mainstream financial institutions.

But all these challenges can be easily dealt with when you choose SeedERP as your partner for your high-risk businesses. Whether your business ideals are in hemp products or cannabis or escort services or firearms, SeedERP provides you with the most streamlined solutions about which we are going to discuss in the next section.


Perks Of Using SeedERP Platform


As more and more states are legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana, it’s time to learn about the perks of choosing a cannabis-based ERP solution, i.e. SeedERP a first-of-its-kind smart eCommerce solution, exclusively made to support high-risk merchants like cannabis retailers


Lets You Build An eCommerce Store Fast


Do you know that SeedERP comes with a website builder? Yes, using this website builder you can create and launch a fully functional online store, that too with an integrated payment gateway, in no time. Plus, the website builder also features some amazing intuitive tools using which you can quickly and easily design your online store the way you want.

Plus, to make sure that SeedERP stays as user-friendly as possible, you start getting expert assistance to all your doubts and queries, right from the moment when you sign up for SeedERP.


Lets You Create Merchant Accounts With Ease


SeedERP also makes sure that cannabis retailers get improved payment processors. How? Well, it comes with a built-in application process that lets you create merchant accounts without any difficulty at all, that too with the comparatively lower transaction charges. 


Helps To Remain Complaint


SeedERP helps cannabis retailers handle the regulatory compliance-related complexities by attenuating the consequences and risks of non-compliance with law-enforcement agencies, state regulators, and auditors.


Helps To Maintain Traceability


The centralized database of SeedERP lets you track and trace compliance all over the supply chain, from seed to sale. Yes, it offers adaptability to the changing requirements and laws.


Gives You Selling Access To Diverse Locations


SeedERP has integrated its processing solution and payment gateway with different sales channels such as point-of-sale systems or eCommerce. This means it lets you develop a nice distribution model that can help you boost direct-to-consumer sales and offers you the versatility of selling your products to diverse locations and jurisdictions. 


Lets You Manage Cultivation


Our SeedERP solution comes integrated with CMS or a cultivation management system that lets you easily monitor, track and record every plant by using unique identifiers.


Provides Inventory Control


The robust features and functionalities of SeedERP let you properly manage your inventory, which is crucial for any business, especially something as high-risk as the cannabis business. The secure inventory system that SeedERP comes with helps you mitigate not only the regulatory risks but also the risks of theft. 


Helps With Creating Brand Awareness And Managing Customers


Using SeedERP, you can easily create a network of interactive billboards that can help you enhance brand awareness as well as boost traffic. Plus, it has a built-in CRM (customer relationship management) that lets you keep proper track of each customer, no matter whether they come from some other sales channels or your website.

SeedERP also offers you all the necessary tools to manage finance as well as your customers along with tracking sales and producing accurate reports. Using the tools you can also improve your efforts of keeping them engaged.

Last but not the least, SeedERP platform is not just for the online retailers of CBD products, but for both eCommerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores to sell cannabis products without any disruptions in between the business processes. 


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Tech Stack for SeedERP 


At Klizo Solutions, we have used the following tech stack to build this amazing platform. Let’s take a look at the advanced technologies that have been used to build SeedERP.

  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap 4
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • Vue.js
  • API driven


A Smart Retail Solution For A Multitude of Industries


We are kind of familiar with vending machines in our daily life, right? But have you heard about cannabis vending machines?

Don’t look shocked as SeedERP rocks with its CBD vending machines. Yes, we are proud to inform you that SeedERP has also pioneered the world’s first-ever development of a smart CBD vending machine that uses automated ID verification. Considered to be the most advanced and automated form of cannabis retail system, the cannabis vending machines are ideal for dispensaries selling medical marijuana. 


weed vending machine - banner image


But wait, SeedERP is not meant for only the CBD or hemp industry. Whether it’s high risk or not, we offer our vending machine services to any and every industry that wants to ensure faster fulfillment of customers’ requirements, increased revenue generation as well as expanded reach to different locations.

Thinking about expanding your innovative chocolate business through vending machines? Need a high-risk payment processor for your toy business? Even if they don’t fall in the category of “high-risk” businesses, SeedERP is for you too! 


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Wrapping Up


We provide the industry peace of mind so that they can grow their business and process transactions without the fear of being shut down.” ~ Joseph Ricard (Co-founder of SeedERP)


We, Klizo Solutions, are here with our SeedERP software to provide you the tools that you need to get your job done perfectly and take your “high-risk” business beyond the boundaries. No more worrying over the risks of being “shut down”. With us, you can process your business transactions effortlessly and have the peace of mind you’ve been long bereft of due to being in a high-risk business industry.

Excited to start working with us? Click here to connect with us today and get your first 14 days of SeedERP trial for free!

Author Joey Ricard

Joey Ricard

Klizo Solutions was founded by Joseph Ricard, a serial entrepreneur from America who has spent over ten years working in India, developing innovative tech solutions, building good teams, and admirable processes. And today, he has a team of over 50 super-talented people with him and various high-level technologies developed in multiple frameworks to his credit.