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Boost Your Workplace Productivity And Efficiency With Keystroke Technology

By Joey Ricard - August 24, 2023


Discover what keystroke technology

Have you heard about what happened to an employee of Insurance Australia Group (IAG) a few days back?

Well, Suzie Cheikho, a long-serving consultant at IAG got sacked in February 2023 for not typing enough while working on WFH mode.

You must be wondering how the insurance firm monitored the work-from-home performance and productivity of the employee, since in the work-from-home system there’s no realistic way of tracking whether the employees are working.

At least that’s what you and many others might have thought! But, thanks to the Keystroke technology, the Australian firm was able to pinpoint the inefficiency of the employee whom they fired.

Wondering what this keystroke technology is? Or, how can you as an organization benefit from it? 

Then don’t stop and continue reading as we’ll tell you everything here in this article!


What is Keystroke Technology?

Keystroke technology refers to recording or analyzing the keystrokes made on a keyboard.

It can be used for various purposes, such as monitoring workforce efficiency, security, verification, authentication, monitoring productivity and use behavior, identification, education, or research. It can help employers discover how much their employees are working. It is a general term that covers any technology that records or analyzes the keystrokes on a keyboard.

keystroke technology

When used effectively, this technology can help you secure your data and systems, comply with relevant regulations and standards, and optimize your work processes and outcomes. It can also provide valuable insights into employee performance and enable feedback and training opportunities.

The keystroke technology can include keystroke logging as well as other applications, such as keystroke dynamics, about which we have elaborated next.


Different Ways The Keystroke Technology Is Used

Depending on the goal and type, the keystroke technology can be used in different ways. Two of the most common methods are:

  1. Keystroke Logging

Keystroke technology brings us to keystroke logging, also known as keyboard capturing or keylogging, which refers to the act of logging or recording the keys struck on a keyboard by a user, usually covertly.

Here, the person typing on a keyboard is usually unaware that his/her actions are being monitored, and the person operating the key-logging program retrieves the recorded keylogging data.

Keylogging or keystroke recording can either be hardware or software.

  • Hardware Based Keylogging

Here, the keystroke technology is integrated into devices that are attached to the keyboard or the computer and record the keystrokes made by the user. 

They can store the keystrokes in a memory chip, transmit them wirelessly, or connect to another device.

  • Software-Based Keylogging

Here, the keystroke technology is used in programs that run in the background of a computer and capture the keystrokes made by the user.

These programs or software can store the keystrokes in a file, send them to a remote server, or display them on the screen.

Check out this quick comparison between Hardware keylogger and software keylogger for better understanding:


keystroke technology

  1. Keystroke Dynamics

Keystroke dynamics, a subset of keystroke technology, uses how a person types on a keyboard to identify or verify his or her identity. It analyzes the rhythm, speed, pressure, and patterns of a user’s typing and compares them with a stored profile of the user.

Unlike keystroke technology, which helps to analyze the patterns and rhythms of the keystrokes made by a user and encompasses any kind of keystroke recording or analysis, keystroke dynamics focuses more on the behavioral biometric aspects of typing, i.e., measuring the unique and distinctive behavior of a person.

keystroke technology

Some of the common applications of this specific type of keystroke technology in organizations are:

  • Enhancing Security: Organizations can utilize keystroke dynamics as a form of two-factor authentication, along with user ID and password, to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems. 

For example, TypingDNA provides an API that can match typing patterns and verify users for online logins, password resets, fraud prevention, and user behavior analytics.

  • Monitoring Compliance: You can use keystroke dynamics to track and analyze whether users are following security procedures or license agreements. 

For example, there are software solutions that can detect if users are sharing passwords or accounts or if they are using the software in an unauthorized manner by comparing their keystroke patterns with the genuine account owners.

  • Improving Productivity: Keystroke dynamics can help measure and improve the productivity and performance of employees by analyzing their typing speed, accuracy, and habits.

For example, some software solutions can provide feedback and training to help your employees improve their typing skills or identify areas of improvement or stress.


Benefits Of Using Keystroke Technology In Your Workplace

Let us get back to what happened to Suzie Cheikho first before we delve deeper into how keystroke technology, i.e., keystroke recognition, keystroke tracking, and keystroke monitoring, can benefit your organization and help you improve your workplace productivity and efficiency.


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“On February 20, 2023, Suzie Cheikho, a former consultant with Insurance Australia Group (IAG), was terminated after 18 years of service due to her poor productivity and performance. 

IAG used keystroke technology to monitor and collect her typing data, which served as evidence for her dismissal. Cheikho challenged her firing at the Fair Work Commission (FWC), but her claim was denied as the FWC found that she failed to meet her work obligations and caused a fine for IAG.

A keystroke logger monitored Cheikho’s work for 49 days from October to December 2022. The logger data showed that she often missed her work hours, started late, and finished early. She also had very low keystroke activity, with zero keystrokes for many hours and a low average of 54 strokes/hour.”

So you see, using the keystroke technology, the Australian company managed to keep track of an employee’s productivity and was able to detect her inefficiencies.

Now, let’s talk about what utilizing this tech can mean for your organization:


Increased Productivity And Performance

Keystroke technology lets you monitor the productivity, performance, and efficiency of employees (especially those who work from home or remotely) and measure and improve the productivity and performance of your employees and contractors by tracking and analyzing their keystroke activities.

It can provide insights into the time spent on different tasks, applications, websites, and documents, as well as the quality and accuracy of the work output. It can be a solid tech for identifying training needs, skill gaps, best practices, and feedback opportunities.


Enhanced Security And Authentication

Implementing this technology can also help you detect and prevent any potential threats or fraud by tracking the activities and actions of your employees.

For example, using the subset of keystroke technology, i.e., keystroke dynamics, you can form two-factor authentication, along with user ID and password, to verify the identity of a user logging into a system or service. It can verify the identity of a user based on their typing patterns, such as speed, rhythm, pressure, and errors, and enhance the security and privacy of your organization’s data and resources.

It can also be used to detect and prevent malicious activities, such as data theft, sabotage, or fraud, by monitoring and alerting on suspicious or out-of-policy keystrokes.


Improved Compliance And Auditing

Keystroke technology can help your organization comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as data privacy, information security, and industry standards, by providing evidence of user actions and accountability.

It can also facilitate after-the-fact investigations and forensic analysis by enabling administrators and auditors to search and review the keystroke data in case of any incidents or violations.


Proper Investigation And Prosecution Of Cyber Crimes

This technology can assist law enforcement agencies in investigating and prosecuting cyber crimes or other crimes that involve computers or keyboards and can also help protect and secure sensitive information and data by preventing unauthorized access, data leakage, misuse, fraud, or theft of the organization’s information or assets.


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