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9 Warning Signs to Know- Am I in the Wrong Job?

By Joey Ricard - November 16, 2020


am i in the wrong job - warning signs

Is your career desperately screaming for a change?

“Am I in the wrong job?” – is this thought bothering you every now and then?

Well, your obvious answer may be a ‘no’. But what if you’re simply unaware or too naive to notice the warning signs! 


Maybe there’s something not right at work that you’re ignoring constantly; assuming it to be just a phase.

Maybe you just hate to do the things you’re asked to do in your job but have made peace with it just because it pays. 

Maybe the first thing that comes to your mind during the weekdays is when the office hours will end and you’ll be out.


Well, all these ‘May Be’s can mean that you need to switch your present career right away.


“Am I in the Wrong Job?” – Warning Signs to Clear Your Doubts


Check out the following warning signs that might be telling you that you’re stuck in a wrong job and you need to quit your job now!


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#1 Calling In Sick Too Often


Do you take sick leaves more than you’re supposed to? If you’re really sick, then that’s a different case. But if you aren’t really physically unwell and it’s just that you are feeling sick of showing up at your workplace, then it may be a sign that you’re in the wrong job.

Wanting to be anywhere else but at your job can mean that either you need a vacation badly or it’s a career change knocking on the door. And you got to answer the door ASAP; because it’ll only get worse.

Being unhappy at work can make you feel not only miserable and less healthy; but less productive too.


#2 Not Growing In Your Present Job


Do you feel like your present job fails to provide you with opportunities to grow? 

Do you often feel that you’re not learning anything new in your present career; even the skills you have already aren’t being put to proper use?

Then consider this to be a red flag for you’re certainly stuck in a wrong job and need to move on soon.

If the career you’re in is right for you, there must be plenty of opportunities to thrive and learn new skills. The job you’re doing must offer you room enough for desired growth within the company.

Feeling stagnant or being in the same place where you were three years ago can only mean you’re in the wrong field.

So, if this is the case, make it a point to reevaluate your present job field and try to determine what other career options can be more suitable for you. 


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#3 Ignoring Other Areas Of Your Job


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You need not ace every aspect of your job. But it doesn’t mean that you avoid or simply blow off any task that you’re not naturally skilled for.

When in a workplace, there are times when you need to take care of some other aspects of the job apart from what you’re most deft in, even if you don’t always enjoy them.

Everyone has to do some tasks they don’t find interesting. But you need to check with yourself whether these tasks are making you suffer professionally and personally. 

For example, if you don’t feel good in your sales-oriented job because you have to spin the truth now and then; it might sabotage your success in the long run in this particular career.

Resisting or figuring out excuses to avoid taking care of other areas of your job that you find to be against your goals or values can also mean that you need to consider another career.


#4 Your Body Is Giving You Signs


Have you ever felt that your body is protesting in its way to the things your present career demands from you?

When your body starts complaining often it’s a telltale sign that you’re in the wrong career.

For example, your back pains a lot, you suffer from chest pain, migraines, headaches, or even suffer from digestive issues. 

Well, when your job isn’t in proper alignment with who you really are, or what your actual strengths are; the body starts giving signs.

Though people often tend to ignore these signs, by either blaming it on aging or considering it to be normal; but these signs need attention too. And the best way to tend to when your body talks are by considering a career switch.


#5 Your Work And Life Balance Is Ruined


Is your work taking a toll on your personal life? 

Are you unable to spend time with your near and dear ones because of continuous work pressure?

Have you forgotten when was the last time you spent some time for yourself?

If you’re experiencing these scenarios, you are in the wrong career.

Yes, professionalism is undoubtedly important for a successful career; but certainly not at the cost of your personal life. If your work pressure prevents you from being who you really are or enjoying your life then try to get out of it as soon as possible. 

Forcefully trying to fit in and considering the ruined work and life balance to be normal can only mentally exhaust you and can lead to developing health issues as well.

Remember, even if you enjoy what you do, your work must not interfere with your personal life and personal time.


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#6 You Are Simply Bored


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Another sign that might need a career change badly is that you are bored in your present job. If you are lacking passion for what you’re doing, or you just keep on doing things at work as a routine; you should consider switching your present career.

When you are in the right career, you don’t just spend your days, months, and years at work on auto-pilot mode. When you enjoy your job, you see opportunities to grow in it, you become passionate about what you’re doing, you feel excited about your achievements, and try working hard to fulfill your goals while pursuing that career.

If you are mentally checked out of whatever work you’re doing, if you’re unable to re-energize yourself even after taking holidays or treating yourself with weekend getaways; know that there’s something seriously wrong with your career choice.


#7 You Are Getting Stressed, Mentally Exhausted


Mental exhaustion is a silent sign that the present career you’re in is not right for you. 

Feeling tired after a long day at work or occasionally getting exhausted due to long commutes and other work-related commitments is pretty normal for every working person. But, in case you’re returning home being emotionally drained or mentally exhausted every day, you need to consider this seriously.

Developing feelings like you could not do anything about your career or you haven’t accomplished anything do occur to even those who are satisfied in their careers. After all, we are all humans and a bad day at work can occur to anybody.

But if these feelings are something you carry with you most of the time, if the thoughts of failure prevent you from having a good night’s sleep regularly; you are probably mismatched with whatever job you’re doing.


#8 You’re Focusing More On Your Hobbies


Are you spending more time pursuing your hobbies lately than you should? 

Well, pursuing creative ventures is never a bad decision; rather should be encouraged; but not as a substitute for something else. 

If you’re finding your present career irritating and boring which is making you look for various adventure activities to engage in, then you are in a bad career that neither offers you support nor engages you.

Replacing the troubles you’re having in your present career with finding new obsessions and hobbies cannot help you in the long run. You need to reevaluate your present career status and start considering other job options where you’ll be focused, engaged, and passionate. 


#9 You Aren’t Being Yourself Anymore


Do you find yourself to act or behave in ways that are totally out of your character and rather embarrassing or shocking! Trust us, this could be an indicator that your current career is no good fit for you.

Being stuck in a wrong career often makes people feel like they are lesser versions of themselves. As a result of which not only do they act differently such as lashing out at people around them but also suffer mentally as they keep on wondering what’s exactly wrong with them.

And it is their career that is wrong.

If you’re unable to express yourself beyond your work persona, if you can’t be who you are or can’t show the enthusiasm or sense of humor you have, your performance, your attitude, and your actions in your workplace are bound to deteriorate.


Ending Note


The feeling of being stuck somewhere you don’t belong is always terrible. And when it’s your career, you need to make sure that you put an end to this suffering as soon as possible.

But then again, finding the right job isn’t easy. So, you have to be strong and think positive until you’re able to settle in the right career.

After all, unless you feel inspired by what you do, you won’t be motivated to give your best. Plus, to be happy in your life, your work-life needs to be in sync too, which can only be possible when you’re in the right career.

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