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Social Media Manager

About the job

Do you have a creative mind and a love for numbers? Do you think you can be the prima donna on social media applying some cool and enticing social media hacks? Then you might be the one we’re looking forward to saying ‘Welcome Onboard!’

We are looking for creative minds to join our team as a social media specialist, who will help to come up with and implement our Social Media strategy to increase our online brand presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts.

Detailed Job Description 

We are looking for FULL-TIME REMOTE POSITIONS for social media specialists with a solid understanding of how each social media channel (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) works and how to optimize content so that it is engaging on those channels. You will be responsible for joining relevant conversations on behalf of the brand and “soft selling” the product/service by providing support to the existing and prospective clients.

If you are eager to learn about innovative technologies and can come up with your alluring strategies, and enjoy thinking out new ways or “hacks” to scale companies, Klizo Solutions can be the best working place for you. You will work directly with the founder, who has developed and grown over 15 online businesses worldwide.

Technologies you will learn:

– Email Drip Sequences

– How Data Compiling Works

– Hootsuite vs Buffer

– Creating Facebook Marketing Campaigns

– Creating Google CPC campaigns

Even if you are new to this space but excited about exploring this job profile, please do connect with us.

A Quick Sneak Peek to Klizo Solutions

Klizos is your go-to technology partner, founded by Joseph Ricard. We create amazing apps and tech in an enterprise environment.

Our founder is from America. He founded multiple startups in various countries. At one point, he even created a music app that was one of the largest in the Philippines and Italy. Joseph invented one of the first Cannabis Vending machines (Yes, you’re thinking it right! Crazy stuff!) It’s legal in America. (1 minute of silence for those who were getting too excited thinking about us having vending machines here, in India!)

With Klizo Solutions, being a cannabis-friendly company, you get a chance to work in interesting industries like cannabis, psychedelics, and more.

We are currently integrating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, and have created multiple advanced applications powered by Blockchain and Crypto.

If you have an interest or passion in technology and innovation, then Klizo Solutions might be the right place for you to get on board! Simply sit back at home, relax, maybe enjoy your munchies at your comfort, listen to your favorite music while working with us! You will experience a dream-come-true work culture, here at Klizos. If you are fun, and enjoy a fun workspace, and also like to come up with smart social media managing hacks, then please reach out to us and apply!

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement, and manage our social media strategy
  • Manage and oversee social media content
  • Measure the success of every social media campaign
  • Help develop reports that deliver data analysis and metrics
  • Define the most important social media KPIs
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies
  • Work with writers and designers to ensure content is informative and appealing
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Sales teams
  • Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization
  • Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network
  • Provide constructive feedback

And if you can come up with cool and interesting blurbs to engage the audience, that will be like a cherry on the top!

Qualifications and Skills

  • Task-oriented
  • Proficient in multiple social media / marketing platforms (Not all required, but some examples are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Google)
  • Focused and organized
  • Creative and enjoy testing out ideas
  • Have pretty good knowledge of grammar and know how to spellcheck


  • 5-day working in a week
  • On-time salary every month
  • We take care of people that are growing and adding value to the company
  • Cool and approachable management, not like the usual ones

Shifts we are hiring for 

You are expected to work a 9-hour shift with a 1-hour break. Our office and team are available 24/7 and we have 6 shifts that we are currently hiring for. Please check out the shifts below and apply for your preferred shift!

This position would be a full-time remote position. You will be online and working one of these various shifts typically:

Shift A1: Monday – Friday 12pm – 9pm
Shift A2: Monday – Friday 4am – 1pm
Shift A3: Monday – Friday 8pm – 5am
Shift B1: Thursday – Monday 12pm – 9 pm
Shift B2: Thursday – Monday 4am – 1pm
Shift B3: Thursday – Monday 8pm – 5am

Job Type: Full-time

Looking for a rewarding and opportunity-filled career with us?

We have a team of over 40 people, and we develop high level technology in multiple frameworks.

Please drop your resume here!

Our Team

We have over 50+ incredible people in our family, dedicated to Design, Development and Deployment.

Our company was founded by a serial entrepreneur who has spent over 10 years building technology products in India. This has led our company focus to be product based and not project based. We look at you as a partner, and we deliver products that shine. We take pride in what we do.