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React Native

React Native is a growing framework. If you are interested in learning new things and working with a strong mobile app development team, we are the company for you!

Job Description

Job Summary

React Native Developer

We currently have our application built in Android Native. We were originally going to product PWAs, but we believe that the best way is to focus on React Native.

We have a couple mobile applications that we are building.

You can take a look at our full technology solution here to see how it all interacts:

We have 2 developers right now that are building our app in React Native, but we want to shift our tablet app from being native Android, to React Native.

We also have a couple other applications that we are building.

We would like a Lead React Native developer.

You should have experience in APIs (Facebook, Google, Twitter, OAuth). You should be familiar with firebase on Google cloud services.

We have a really good developer around web services that can be a resource to help build out the web services you need, and we have really good Laravel and PHP developers that can help for integration.

You need to be very good at JavaScript.

We will have you working with two other people in the team as well, and we plan on bringing in more React Native developers. We want to see about developing on iOS, Android, and possible a couple other platforms.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • A technical leader, an early adopter of technology.
  • Critical thinker, ready to debate the merits of technology approaches, application designs, and business plans.
  • Self-starter, with strong sense of ownership on internal and client startups.
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with a focus on details.
  • Passionate about creating innovative products for software startups.
  • You are always learning, and looking to level up your game.
  • You come motivated to make our company, community, and world more enjoyable and more efficient.
  • Updating React Native development
  • Developing a project structure from Team Lead or Project Manager
  • Organizing tasks in Jira or similar PM tool
  • Pushing development to Github
  • Bug Testing on all platforms
  • Assisting others on their development projects

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • Expert understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, RESTful APIs, HTTP, SSL
  • Experience creating/writing RESTful web services using Web API.
  • Experience writing SQL for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming.
  • Experience with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and JQuery a plus.
  • Experience working with React, React Native, and Node.js
  • Experience working in scrum development environment.
  • Knowledge of Github and Jira


  • Transportation provided
  • Additional Training available and may be required
  • Bonuses based on performance

Job Type: Full-time

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Our Team

We have over 50+ incredible people in our family, dedicated to Design, Development and Deployment.

Our company was founded by a serial entrepreneur who has spent over 10 years building technology products in India. This has led our company focus to be product based and not project based. We look at you as a partner, and we deliver products that shine. We take pride in what we do.