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Python Developer

We are looking for strong Python Developers. We work in some pretty cool data aggregation technology, blockchain, facial recognition, and others. This is where you grow as a developer. 

Job Description

Are you a good python developer?  You should have experience in writing and testing code, debugging programs and integrating applications with third-party web services. We have web applications built in Django, we have worked with libraries like TensorFlow, OpenCV, PyTorch, and Selenium. We work in an MVC model using repo controls like bitbucket. Depending on your level of knowledge in Python, you may work on more complex technologies.

We have some pretty good Python Developers. Some currently are working in data aggregation, some working in blockchain applications that do identity management. We also work on some other blockchain technologies and will also be working closer with some crypto currency companies as well. If you are looking to push your python knowledge to the limit and work with some great people, then apply. 

About Klizo Solutions:

Here at Klizo Solutions, we have a development team of about 40 people. We plan on adding 10-15 more employees over the next 6-8 months. Because of COVID, and because it allows our company as whole to be safe, we are currently hiring and working full-time remotely. Most large companies are even making this a permanent move. Until COVID is no longer a discussion point, we will continue to think about what makes sense for our employees health and wellbeing first. 

In our team we have Python developers, Angular developers; people working with Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Mobile developers, and Smart Retail Tech. You will be working with a smart fun group. We use Slack to communicate, and we have calls, screen shares, and work with online collaboration tools to learn and grow. 

Position Details:

You will be working closely with other developers. We have a few fun projects; Smart Retail Vending machines, BLE verification with Raspberry Pis, Data aggregators and compilers, or coding in the blockchain like hyperledger. Depending on where your strengths are, and how you can apply to a project, you will be assigned to work with teams. This is a fast paced environment full of new technologies, challenges, and ways to grow as a developer. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Working closely with mobile developers and other python developers in a remote collaboration environment
  • Work with Product Management to understand, analyze and implement product requirements
  • Follow proven design patterns with clean, write readable code, and proper component design
  • Helping test, rebuild, and troubleshoot code
  • Optimize code, and find bugs or errors 
  • Extend and optimize current software architecture
  • Adapt to a fast-paced collaborative environment
  • Evaluate and identify appropriate technology choices
  • Produce high-quality software on schedule


Technical Skills and Desired Experience:

  • 3+ years of demonstrable software design and development experience in modern Python development
  • Has a BTech or BSc in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field of study.
  • Ability to work remotely, self motivated, and able to focus
  • Experience with Python based server-side Web MVC Frameworks (such as Django, Flask, Web2py), MySQL, MSSQL and/or MongoDB
  • Previous deep hands-on programming experiences in two or more of the following programming languages: C#, C/C++, Java, NodeJS, JavaScript, Go, Python
  • Hands on experience with RESTful web services and software troubleshooting within an integrated development environment.
  • Knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, design patterns, databases, operating systems, and debugging
  • Working experience with Git
  • Experience with development of CRM, mobile app, and financial applications preferred

Knowledge, Skills & Attributes

  • Experience building and debugging complex, high performance server-side software
  • Knowledge with web site design languages, including HTML, CSS, and javascript
  • Knowledge developing in a python web framework, such as django or flask
  • Experience with developing web applications with SOA, RESTful, and/or MVC architecture
  • Deep experience designing modular, object-oriented programming
  • Experience developing for mobile platforms
  • Experience developing across Windows/UNIX
  • Self motivated, ability to focus at home, and organized

BONUS knowledge Areas:

  • Experience with hyperledger
  • Knowledge in IoT, Balena, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino
  • Familiar with Machine Learning techniques for anomaly detection
  • Experience supporting a multi-site development organization.
  • Experience building data pipelines, data warehouses, analytics platforms
  • Knowledge of database design both RDB and NoSQL DBs
  • Knowledge of MongoDB
  • BitBucket, Visual Studio
  • Team Leader Experience
  • Documentation of SOW properly
  • Knowledge in Github
  • Using project management tools like Jira/Basecamp/FreedBase/etc


  • Bonuses based on performance
  • Additional training will be available and may be required

Job Type: Full-time



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