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Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is continuing to innovate multiple industries. If you have an interest in the global ledger, and enjoy open source projects like hyperledger, apply!

Job Description

Do you know Hyperledger? We currently have one well versed blockchain developer, and 4 others learning and developing with it every day. We have over 2 years experience with hyperledger. We are looking for good blockchain developers to join our growing team. Blockchain is not only used to create cryptocurrency (like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.), which we may make our own token soon, but its used to create distributed tokenized networks. This can be used to encrypt information into a better secure process.

Here at Klizo Solutions, we have a development team of about 25 people. We plan on doubling over the couple months and want to build out a strong blockchain team. We just opened a new office Kolkata, and are looking for good talents that can work with our current seniors that are managing the project.

In our team we have Python developers, Angular developers; people working with Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Mobile developers, and Smart Retail Tech. You will be working with a smart fun group.

Expected responsibilities:

  • Assist with the project, help find creative solutions to resolve issues
  • Help build APIs or new tools that further out on the current open source projects
  • Enjoys working with opensource projects in around the blockchain community
  • Understands the idea of a distributed system, and abides by these policies


  • You need to know Hyperledger, and some of their tools
  • Burrow, Fabric, Grid, Indy (we currently are building on), Iroha, Sawtooth, etc.
  • Also if you have experience with Sovrin or with Civic
  • Implement decentralized platform/wallet applications (IBM Hyperledger, AWS Services, Webhooks and Bindings, Interoperability with Hyperledger, Private/Public Blockchain, Smart Contracts)
  • Implement open source software
  • Experience with using source code control
  • Take on responsibility for the development of a complete system.
  • Provide effort estimates and prioritize activities.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate ideas clearly and work in a team environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Has worked with Hyperledger applications, like Indy, Sawtooth, or Fabric.
  • Prefers working in a startup ecosystem, including with founders, startup accelerators.
  • Understand emerging blockchain technologies (WebAuthn, FIDO2, Webcrypto API, PKI.js, COWL)
  • Develop Smart Contracts using Solidity language
  • APIs and SKDs for third-party developers using JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Excellent written, documentation, and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate technical knowledge and information with others.

Programming languages that will help you get involved:

  • Java | Python | iOS | NodeJS | .Net | Rust

Now, if you do not know this technology yet, but are dying to learn, and really want to work with our team; this is the best team you will probably find within 2000km. Apply online, but if you are really interested, you can email us at blockchain@klizos [dot] com your resume and a letter telling us why we should bring you into the team. You have to be a strong programmer or developer to pick this up.

Job Type: Full-time

Looking for a rewarding and opportunity-filled career with us?

We have a team of over 40 people, and we develop high level technology in multiple frameworks.

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