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Guide 101: How to Use LinkedIn Hashtags In Right Way

By Joey Ricard - April 28, 2021


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LinkedIn is one of the largest growing platforms focused especially on the professional lives of people. With over 500 million active members spread across 200 countries globally, it can serve you a plethora of opportunities if you use it in the right way. Your LinkedIn profile should serve as your professional identity and that is why you must optimize it accordingly. And with the right LinkedIn hashtags, you can do it! 

In today’s digital world, having a strong presence in LinkedIn is inevitable. With LinkedIn, you will get access to connections and content that would not be possible offline. But, the question that arises is “Are you optimizing your profile correctly? Is your content getting enough reach?”. If the answer is no, then it might be time for you to incorporate LinkedIn hashtags in your post. 

Well, you must be familiar with using hashtags in your regular social media sites like Instagram and Twitter because that’s the thing there. But, using them on LinkedIn might never cross your mind because you are not sure whether it is the right thing to do or not. 

Yes, using hashtags in LinkedIn is quite important and if used correctly, it can help you a lot. LinkedIn rolled out its hashtag feature in 2018. But, the hashtag sphere of LinkedIn is a lot more different than what we use in our other social networking sites. Although it is not huge as Facebook, a report by Hubspot states that LinkedIn is capable of generating 277% more leads than any other platform. Hence, it is an extremely effective choice to market your profile properly on LinkedIn.

When LinkedIn came into the spotlight, many people thought that it would fade away and would not be of much help either. But, on the contrary, it actually exploded and consistently growing. Thanks to LinkedIn, many people have gotten opportunities that changed their lives. Especially, since the Covid-19 pandemic started, the engagement rate on LinkedIn has increased by at least 50% within the span of one year.  


LinkedIn Hashtags: How Do You Make It Work?


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Well, we are sure that we do not have to define hashtags for you because you are already quite familiar with them. In short, they are a marketer’s master key that can unlock any locked doors and help them boost their content by a lot. 

In this day and age, utilizing the power and capability of hashtags is not that difficult. Your posts need to stand out from the crowd to get enough attention. Incorporating hashtags into your content is extremely useful as they are used by the algorithm to promote it so that the content reaches the relevant audience. 

Apart from all the wonderful features that LinkedIn has, hashtags are a wonderful extension to it. You can use them on articles, posts, company profiles, personal profiles, and even in your bio. Hashtags are a great tool that can be used by anyone and everyone to boost their reach and engagement on LinkedIn.

With the proper inclusion of hashtags in your posts, the reach of your content and posts will increase by a lot. Also, if you manage to curate content that triggers the interests of your followers then the hashtags will step up and activate the push notifications for your followers. Once your posts are trending, they will be seen by more and more people deliberately boosting the reach of your profile. 

It is also a great way to increase brand awareness and visibility. People who don’t know about your brand will also get to know about it and might take an interest in it. This situation is a win-win situation for B2B marketers as it would help them stay ahead of the competition and make a mark for themselves. Not only individuals but companies looking to expand their profiles more will be benefitted equally from this 


The Right Method To Use LinkedIn Hashtags


Now, we have already discussed that using LinkedIn hashtags is different from using them on Instagram or Twitter. You cannot randomly put a bunch of hashtags and expect it to do well. It not only looks unprofessional but also looks cluttered and haphazard. 

LinkedIn content needs to be as neat and as crisp as possible. Well, you don’t have to be so nervous thinking about how to use LinkedIn hashtags correctly. Just keep in mind the following few tips and you will be good to go. 


How to use LinkedIn Hashtags Infographic - Klizo Solutions


Add Some Context To Your Hashtags


First things first, do not keep your hashtags dangling in the middle of nowhere. There should be at least some context to it. Even if the main focus is on the graphic that you are sharing, add a nice caption to it and then add a couple of hashtags to it.

Hashtags cannot replace your original descriptions or anything for that matter. They are just an additional tool to increase the reach of your posts. Therefore, you should never miss on adding a call-to-action and some sort of description (even if it is a one-liner) to your content.

You can add the hashtags at the end of the post or in between your descriptions- as long as it makes sense and sounds logical. Another smart way to find out the perfect hashtags is by listing down your keywords and see which one of them works as a hashtag. 

A very terrible mistake that people make is hashtagging every single word in the said caption. Do not do that. That is not only meaningless but also considered spam and would be of no use. 

You should keep your objectives in mind while adding hashtags and not jump into a competition that will only pull you down. 


Take LinkedIn’s Suggestions Seriously


The next step would be to consider LinkedIn’s suggestions seriously. This means whenever you are about to upload something, LinkedIn will automatically provide you some suggestive hashtags related to your topic.

If the hashtags look appropriate for the posts then include them in your post. These hashtags have a very high chance of getting your content a higher reach.


Punctuate Properly 


Punctuations are an important part of writing texts but including them in hashtags is totally irrelevant. If you use symbols or spaces in the hashtag, it will disrupt the link.

This means you cannot include any commas, apostrophes, hyphens, etc in your hashtags. Here are some key pointers that you should keep in mind:


  • Do not include spaces in your hashtags.
  • Group hashtags with multiple words together. For example, instead of #monday motivation, write #Mondaymotivation.
  • Try to title case the hashtag. This helps in improving readability and helps the hashtags to be read correctly.
  • Do not add any punctuations or symbols in a hashtag. Grammar Nazis may have a lot of problems but you need to do it right.
  • But include commas or semicolons when you are using multiple hashtags. For example, #red#blue#green is not the correct way but #red, #blue, #green is the proper way of using it. This helps in separating and segregating your hashtags.
  • There should not be any spelling errors in your hashtags as it will not work then. Make sure to proofread those tags before posting the content. 


Don’t Add Too Many LinkedIn Hashtags


Well, LinkedIn technically has no limitations to the number of hashtags that you can add but please do not overdo it. Adding too many hashtags will only clutter it up and do no good.

According to our research and analysis, we would recommend adding five hashtags at max. Using a lot of hashtags can also push the algorithm to mark your content as spam. 


Start Following LinkedIn Hashtags


Instagram already has the option of following hashtags which helps you to discover more content posted under that hashtag. LinkedIn also has the same option.

In fact, following LinkedIn hashtags might be a lot more relevant and helpful. If we look at this from the perspective of marketers, then it helps to break the limited spectrum and make the content available to a wider range of people.

It would also help you discover content ideas and help you curate some awesome posts for the future. 


Your LinkedIn Hashtags Should Be Public


If your LinkedIn profile is for business purposes then it is highly recommended that you make it public. All you have to do is edit the privacy settings and make them visible to the public. 

This effortlessly boosts the reach of your LinkedIn hashtags and makes them accessible to all the members of LinkedIn. 


Define Your Niche


Every business has its designated niche and it is important to use hashtags related to those genres. 

Brands need to define their own genre to get access to the targeted audience. Look for hashtags specific to your industry and incorporate them into your posts.


Analyze Your Posts


Take advantage of LinkedIn’s analytic feature and identify the posts which did the best. Check what hashtags you used and try incorporating them into your posts often.

There might be particular hashtags that did well consistently and it is time for you to take them seriously. 


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Wrapping Up


We can conclude from this article that it is time to start incorporating LinkedIn hashtags into your posts if you still haven’t.

Make sure you are using hashtags smartly and following the above strategies as well. If you want to build your brand presence on social networking platforms, then let the experts help you.

Connect with us at Klizo Solutions today and our team of professionals will do the needful. 

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