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9 Hottest Logo Design Trends To Look Out For in 2022

By Joey Ricard - March 22, 2022


logo design trends

Are you starting a new business and want a logo that will attract people? Or, are you planning on rebranding and need a refreshing logo that can best represent your brand? No matter the reasons, considering the logo design trends of 2022 is a must if you want a killer logo for your business!

We often hear that first impressions are not the last. But it is not applicable in business, especially for logos. When it comes to logos, the first impression matters very much. One look at your logo can either attract the customers or throw them off, making it a do-or-die situation. 

Logos are the representation of a company. A logo makes the audience identify the company and the people behind it. And every year, the best logo design trends take over the industry, making companies redo their logos accordingly.

From Google to Microsoft, Pinterest to Airbnb, Spotify, eBay, etc., have changed their logo looks and implemented the latest logo trends. Aren’t you eager to take your brand level up by a notch, too? If yes, then let’s check out the following logo design trends that will rule the logo game in 2022!


Best logo design


Retro Logo Designs

The revival of the retro style 80’s logos was one of the prominent 2020 logo design trends. And in 2022, this retro effect is very likely to return. This trend can add a distinct appeal to any brand and offer a completely different look. It can work great for creating simple, trendy, adorable, and expressive retro logo designs that will stand out in today’s digital world.

Image Source: Burger King
Image Source: King

So, if you think that the glory of retro logo designs is a thing of the past, think again! In 2022, you might want to experiment with this logo design style. Take a look at beer and bourbon, UnderDoggs, and you’ll understand the charm of this trend. Even brands like Burger King have opted for a retro logo design to remind people that they have been in the industry for decades, which is a pretty cool application of this logo design.

Logos With Thin Lines

Simple and minimalistic logos are likely to be in trend this year. Naturally, it will boost the use of thin lines in logo designs, making it one of the graphic design trends 2022!

Believe it or not, 2022 is the year of the impact of digital media on designs. And you can find the best examples of it in the ultra-thin line logos, known for their abstract look and sleekness.

Following the footsteps of minimalism, this logo design creates a complex yet elegant look for brands. Not to mention, the smart use of linear elements and shapes is already taking the logo design industry by storm. So, be ready to see more and more logos characterized by thin and lighter lines in 2022 by brands wanting to portray elegance, luxury, and sophistication.


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Geometric Logos

Do you think geometric logos are complex? Then you are wrong! They do not make a logo look complex but simplify even the most complicated images. No matter how small a logo you wish to create, as long as you implement geometric logo design, your logo can be simple and easily recognizable at the same time. Geometric logo design combines the basics with boldness and helps you experiment with different geometric shapes and colors to create an amusing and memorable logo.

logo design trends

When it comes to designing, less is more. And that is why more and more large companies, even Google and KIA, are opting for basic geometric shapes to redesign their logos. After all, businesses today seek to boost brand awareness and reinforce their presence through logos. The customers have a hard time remembering a complex logo. But thanks to geometric design, using different shapes, lines, and dots, simplistic logos can be created that are easy to remember and ensure maximum impact. 


Bold Wordmark Designs

When it comes to the logo design trend that rose in 2021 and stayed to rule, bold wordmark design is one of them. Yes, many of the best logos 2021 have already used this trend.

Those who are “simplicity is the best” kind of person and want to incorporate nothing but their brand name in their logo, the bold wordmark is the logo design trend you need to consider. Companies like H&M, Zara, Via, Coca-Cola, etc., already use this trend in their design.

Here, only the name of your brand gets used as the logo. But the logo names are used in different and customizable font styles. Lately, this logo design is getting popular rapidly, helping businesses represent themselves and their simplicity with utmost grace and professionalism. It also generates a confident vibe that makes your brand logo look secure.


logo design trends


Negative Space

In designing and art, negative space refers to the white space used between and within pictures and letters to form a new image. The use of negative space in logos helps them become visually fascinating and artistically versatile. It was already one of the top logo design trends 2021. But in 2022, negative space in logo design will reach a whole new level.

source &

Appropriate use of negative space in your logo designs can turn your logos into compelling visuals and help you convey hidden or dual meanings. Negative space serves as a blank canvas that you can fill in the way you want to best present your brand to the audience. 

Negative space can work wonders for those who want to maintain a sense of continuity in their logos without sticking to one solid theme. Companies or organizations that have already cleverly utilized this trend to make their logos more memorable and versatile are FedEx and World Wildlife Fund.


Nature Design

There is something about the nature-inspired logos that draws attention in no time. It helps them feel calm and relaxed. At the same time, such logo designs take little to no time to make people invest their trust in your brand. And another good thing about this logo design trend is that it was one of the 2021 brand design trends,

So, if you are thinking about making your logo serve as an effective marketing strategy in 2022 to attract potential clients or customers, then trying this logo design trend is a must. It can provide the audience the much-needed harmony and relaxation, which is hard to find amongst the hustle and bustle of our chaotic lives. If you are confused about which design trend to choose, then close your eyes and let yourself get inspired by nature!


Raw & Flawed Logos

Hand-drawn and imperfect logos are already popular among individuals and brands who prefer authenticity and originality in design. The unevenness, the symmetry shading techniques like contour shading, and cross-hatching of design make this type of logo design alluring.

The rustic appearance it bestows to brands and the way it stuns the customers are the two main factors making it one of the top logo design trends 2022. You can see an example of it in the logo of Mutiny Recordings.


3D Isometric Logos

3D isometric logo designs have been in trend for quite a while now, And it looks like 2022 will be more about them! Businesses love the realistic way this design adds the perfect amount of depth and shadow to a logo and helps them depict their brand and business. So, yes, 2022 logo design 3D is worth keeping an eye on for those who want to make sure that the essence of their company does not get lost when designing a logo.

 An example of Isometric 3D logo Image Source:
An example of Isometric 3D logo Image Source:

You can also rebrand your existing logo and give it an isometric/3D look by editing it a little bit. By adding some highlights, fixing the contrast, shading it properly, and a sharp edge to it, you can completely transform your logo and make it look as dynamic as possible.


The Old Classic

The combination of black and white is an old classic design that will never go out of the market. It is an evergreen trend no matter the field you use it in. This logo design gives a very fancy, classy, and nostalgic vibe that goes with almost every kind of business. Therefore, you can never really go wrong with the black and white trend in logo designing. 

Apart from these nine logo design trends that we think will take over 2022 and become visible in every nook and corner of the business world, there are other logo design trends, too! Some of them are:

  • Cartoon logos
  • Holographic logos
  • Neon logos
  • Tall logos
  • Scribbles & sketches
  • Blurred logos
  • Saturated colors & gradients


Leverage The Excellent Logo Design Trends!

A lot of effort goes into creating a perfect brand logo. After all, a logo has the potential to build a solid brand identity. Hence, everyone wants a kickass logo to ensure a timeless brand impression and identity. But given the constantly changing logo design trends, is it possible? Well, with Klizo Solutions, yes, it is!


Best logo design


If you want a stellar logo design for your business and haven’t found a compatible partner to get the work done, then ping us now! We house a creative team of expert and talented logo designers who know how to implement the latest logo design trends and deliver funky and zestful logos!

So, connect with us today and get your business a logo that stays relevant and feels fresh for a long time!

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